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two spirits in one world

Chapter Five

January 4 2006

Nick slept little after his aunt Marsha dropped him off at his home. Kissing Todd and sucking his cock had excited him. But, he was very perplexed about the entire matter. He couldn’t be a homosexual, after all his religion taught that it was a choice. He didn’t choose to be attracted to Todd, nor did he intend to suck his cock. It just seemed to happen. At the time it seemed so right. “Oh God, I need to talk to someone,” he thought. “But who would understand?

Nick pretended to be sick that morning to avoid going to church. He just couldn’t go after what he had done to Todd. He wanted to see and be with Todd, but that didn’t seem to be an option either. What if he wanted to have sex with Todd, could he control himself? He tried to sleep and forget the entire incident, but he couldn’t. How could something that felt so good be wrong? “Ah”, he thought, “Marsha, I can talk to Marsha.No, not Marsha, she might not understand.” Marsha was his favorite aunt who was still single and a free spirit. She was more of his buddy than an elder. But, would she understand? “Think Nick,” he said to himself. “There must be someone.” Nick dozed off thinking of his dilemma.

The ringing of the phone woke Nick, and his first thought was not to answer. Then he decided it could be his parents checking on him. But, to his surprise it was Todd. “I didn’t expect you to answer,” Todd said. “I thought you’d be in church and that I’d get your machine. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out this afternoon.”

Ohno,” Nick thought in panic. “I can’t face him.” “What can I say?”

“Nick, are you there,” Todd asked with concern?

“Yeah,” Nick answered in a shaken voice. “I was just thinking about yesterday.”

“Wow, that was wonderful, Nick.” “I want to finish what I started before Marsha came,” Todd continued.

“Todd we can’t. It’s not right,” Nick declared.

“Nick, didn’t it feel good when we did it? Didn’t you like it,” Todd questioned? “I know I sure did.” “Besides, Grandma said that Cherokees thought nothing about it until the white men brought their religion to them.”

“Oh God, you told her, Todd,” Nick panicked. “Why did you tell her?”

“Nick, I can tell her everything,” Todd pointed out. “Besides I had to talk to somebody about it.”

“Yeah, I understand that,” Nick said. “I thought about talking to Marsha, but jut can’t do it right now. I wish I had a grandma like yours.”
“You know you can talk to her anytime, Nick,” Todd insisted. “You know that she has strong medicine.”

“I have to go, my parents are home,” Nick hurriedly said. “Bye.”

Before Todd could say bye, the Nick hung up.

Todd had an empty feeling following his conversation with Nick. He was sure that Nick would be as excited to see him as he was Nick. He had been so sure of his future with Nick after his discussion with his grandmother. Now he wasn’t so sure. Why did this have to be so damn complicated?

“Is Nick coming over?” His grandmother questioned.

“I don’t know, Ah-lee-see” (Grandmother), Todd answered. “Nick is awfully confused about this. He wanted to talk to someone, and I told him he should talk to you.”

“Give him time,” Alice instructed. “He has too much confusion and guilt from the yo-ne-ga a-s-ga-ya (white man) religion I know that he loves you the way you love him, but he has too much guilt. Remember I told you that you must live your life without fear and you must never be a-na-de-ho-s-di (ashamed) of what you are?”

“Yes, Ah-lee-see,” he responded. “I’m not ashamed.

You must also know that life will not be easy in the yo-ne-ga a-s-ga-ya world.” Alice explicated. “Even many of your own people will condemn you for being what you are. They have abandoned the Cherokee ways.”

“They call what I am, homosexual, gay, queer, fag, and all sorts of names, Ah-lee-see,” Todd informed his grandmother.

Yo-ne-ga a-s-ga-ya (white man) words,” Alice spat out.

Despite his being upset about Nick, Todd found himself laughing at his grandmother.

“Does e-ni-si (grandfather) know that I’m gay?” Todd questioned his grandmother.

“No Wah-yaw (Wolf), he’s too yo-ne-ga (white) to understand,” Alice joked. “But he too loves you and will always love you.”

Todd nodded in understanding; he knew that his grandfather was more Cherokee than white. But, he understood that his grandfather had accepted the white man’s way more readily than his grandmother. Todd loved his grandfather, but never felt the bonding with him that he did with his grandmother.

The day seemed to be never-ending and still Nick never came by or called. Todd was becoming upset with Nick for not calling, but then he remembered his grandmother saying, “Give him time.” In any case he would see Nick in school tomorrow.
Todd always met Nick at the school bus stop and decided to be there early so he could talk to him. However, Nick wasn’t there only arrived just as the bus was leaving. Todd scooted over to make room for Nick. However, Nick walked past without acknowledging Todd. “Give him time,” he heard his grandmother’s words.

Todd’s day at school was a miserable one that seemed to never end. When the final bell rang Todd got on his bus not know what to expect from Nick. Just as in the morning, Nick was the last to get on the bus. However, this time Todd didn’t bother to make room for him. It didn’t matter anyway since Nick sat three seats in front of Todd. Todd decided that when the bus arrived at their stop he would exit quickly before Nick could get away.

When the bus stopped Todd was already out of his seat and ready to exit before Nick realized that Todd was in front of him. Nick exited the bus and began to walk rapidly in the direction of his house when he heard, “Nick, wait.”

Nick began to walk more rapidly when he heard, “Nick, we have to talk. You can walk as fast as you want, but you know that I’m faster than you are. I’ll follow you all the way home if I have to.”

This got Nick’s attention and he suddenly stopped and turned angrily to Todd and harshly said, “What the hell do you want?”

“I was going to talk to you ass-hole, but now I’m not so sure,” Todd replied with equal harshness.

“Let’s go to my grandparent’s barn, and nobody can see us there,” Todd suggested. “I don’t like stand here on the side of the road with all the old busy bodies going by.”

Nick didn’t want this discussion with Todd, but agreed that if they must have it the privacy of the barn would be better. They walked in silence to the barn. And, when they were inside Nick said, “Talk.”

“Nick,” Todd began, “I love you and I know this is difficult for you.” “Grandma said that you were confused and felt guilty because of your religion. She said to give you time, but I want to be with you.”

“Why would your grandma say that I was confused and felt guilty?” Nick questioned.

“Because of your religion, Nick,” Todd explained and then continued, “They teach that being gay is a sin. Did you know that there is no Cherokee word for homosexual? Before the white man brought his religion they though nothing of a man having sex with another man.”

“No shit?” Nick stated with surprise.

“No shit,” Todd asserted.

“Maybe I should talk to your grandmother,” Nick agreed.

“Maybe you should, but first I think I owe you a blow job,” Todd said with a big smile.

Nick was taken aback but quickly recovered and took Todd in his arms and kissed him passionately. Todd pressed himself against Nick and could feel his hard cock. Todd soon had Nick’s jeans unbuttoned and released his cock. He had to take a moment to admire it. He admired the slight upward curve, the bulging veins, and the big smooth head.

Todd returned Nick’s kisses with equal passion to Nick’s kisses while maintaining his firm grip on Nick’s cock. Nick had managed to free Todd’s cock from the confines of his jeans also. He could feel the wetness of Todd’s pre-cum as he stroked his cock.

Todd dropped to his knees and took Nick’s cock in his mouth. Although he’d never sucked a cock before he knew what Nick had done to him felt incredible. He began slowly at first, taking just the head into his mouth. He licked it like it was an ice cream cone. He realized that it must have felt good to Nick when he heard a moan. He decided to deep-throat Nick the way Nick had done him. He was surprised and how good Nick’s cock felt as he pushed his way down to Nick’s pubes. He worked his mouth up and down Nick cock like an expert. He could tell that Nick was nearing climax as his breathing became more rapid and heavy. He felt the head of Nick’s cock expand in his mouth and then the taste of Nick’s cum filled his mouth. Nick’s climax came so unexpectedly that he had no choice but to swallow. To his surprise it went down his throat with ease.

Nick pulled Todd up to his lips and gave him another passionate kiss and said, “I do you too.”

“Me too what,” Todd questioned with puzzlement?

“I love you too Todd,” Nick declared.

“Nick, do you want to talk to my grandma,” Todd offered.

“Yeah I do,” Nick confirmed.

They found Alice in the kitchen cooking the evening meal. When they entered the room she smiled and said to Todd, “Go keep your e-ni-si (grandfather) company while I talk to your u-na-li-go-di (boyfriend).”

Todd blushed and wasn’t sure if Nick knew that his grandmother had referred to him as a boyfriend. He motioned for Nick to sit at the kitchen table while he went to find his grandfather watching TV.

“Nick,” Alice began as she emptied the cornbread batter into the cast iron skillet for baking, “I know that you and Todd love each other. I know that the Yo-ne-ga a-s-ga-ya religion teaches that it’s wrong to sleep with another man.” She suddenly realized that didn’t understand what she was saying when she was mixing Cherokee works with English. Nick didn’t understand Cherokee the same as Todd did. “The white man religion,” she explained. “I’m not trying to get you to abandon what your parents taught you about your God. But, if your God is a loving God as your go-we-li u-ha-ge-dv teaches you wouldn’t He love you as you are.”

Alice realized that Nick didn’t understand once more but she couldn’t think of the English word for Bible. She then placed her hands together and then opened them like a book. And Nick smiled and said, “Bible?”

“Yes Bible,” Alice smiled somewhat embarrassed that she forgot the word for Bible.

“Your Bible teaches many good things, but men have lost the meaning of much of it.” Alice explained. “Isn’t it strange that there is one book and a hundred different denominations? Which one is right? And they’re all trying to get to the same Heaven.”

Oh my God, she’s right,” Nick thought. “Mrs. Bushyhead you’re the first person to ever make sense of religion,” Nick said.

“Nick, call me Ah-lee-see or grandma like Todd does,” Alice requested.

“Oh, Al-lee-see I love you,” Nick proclaimed.

“Nick you must remember that you and Todd have to protect each other,” Alice stated with a state of solemnity. “Together you can protect each other, but apart you can be hurt by men who do not understand your kind of love. Do you know that there’s no Cherokee word for what you are?”

“Yes, Todd explained that to me,” Nick said.

“My medicine is strong, Nick,” Alice stated, “But you must be strong for me to help you. Remember all that I have told you. It’s like putting two sticks together they are hard to break. But, as one they break easily.”

“Now, go get Todd and you two wash up for supper,” Alice instructed.

“I should go home for dinner,” Nick stated.

“No, you can stay,” Alice insisted. “Go call your mother and tell her that I asked you to stay. Nick, you’ll always be welcome in our home, remember that.”

“Yes, Al-lee-see,” Nick beamed.

Todd knew that his grandmother had gotten through to Nick the minute he saw Nick’s face. He put his arm around Nick and asked, “Isn’t she wonderful?”

“Yes she certainly is,” Nick agreed.

After dinner Todd pulled Nick to the side and said, “Stay the night with me.”

“Tomorrow is a school day and I have no school clothes here,” Nick state. “Besides I would feel strange making love with your grandparents in the next room.”

“Hey I know,” Todd exclaimed “My mom is going to be in Oklahoma City and my dad is in Texas for a couple of weeks. We can sleep over at their house.” He then realized that he referred to his parent’s house as their house. He now spent most of his nights with his grandparents.

Nick readily agreed to the plan and was already looking forward to it. Then he asked, “When will they be home?”

“My dad won’t be back for several days and mom won’t be back until Tuesday,” Todd declared.

The week seemed like two to Todd, but finally Friday arrived. After school, Nick went home to get a change of clothes and agreed to meet Todd as soon as possible.

Todd rushed to the house to make sure there were clean sheets on his bed. It seemed like hours before Nick arrived, but Todd realized that it was less than one hour. He greeted Nick at the door with a long lingering kiss. He then took Nick’s hand and led him toward his bedroom.

He immediately began to undress Nick when Nick took his hands and looked him in the eyes and said, “Todd, honey how far do you want to take this?”

“What do you mean,” Todd questioned?

“So far we’ve only sucked each other,” Nick acknowledged. “I’ve heard about anal sex, but I’m not sure how. Should we do that?”

“Nick, neither of us knows shit about this kind of sex,” Todd declared, “But I’ sure we’ll figure it out. Let’s agree to be open and discuss what we want from each other, agree?”

“Agree,” Nick stated. “Let’s just do what comes natural.”

“So far it’s been wonderful and I can’t imagine it being any better,” Todd avowed.

Todd wanted to get Nick in his bed immediately, but wanted to watch him undress one piece of clothing at a time. Nick took off his shoes and then began to unbutton his shirt, and by the time the shirt was off Todd was already hard. Nick pulled his jeans and briefs down in one motion. When the jeans released his hard cock it slapped his firm abdomen. Todd reached for the gorgeous cock, but Nick pushed him back and said, “No, your turn.”

Todd smiled and then began a striptease for his boyfriend. He wished that he had the music to match his striptease. However, Nick seemed pleased with his performance. As soon as his last article of clothing came off Nick drew him into his arms. Nick’s mouth found Todd’s hungry mouth. He rolled on top of Todd and their hard cocks were rubbing against each other. Todd thought he was going to cum just from the friction and excitement. Nick kissed his neck and then found his hard nipples. This almost sent Todd over the edge. By the time Nick took Todd’s cock in his mouth Todd was so eager that he came almost immediately.

Nick kissed Todd’s body working his way back up to his mouth. “Fuck me, Nick,” Todd pleaded.

Nick, not knowing exactly how pushed his hard cock toward Todd’s ass. “No, it’s lower,” Todd giggled. Nick pushed Todd’s legs forward and then placed them on his shoulders. He pushed his hard cock into the entrance of Todd’s tight ass. But, it wasn’t going in. Suddenly Todd said, “I know, we need to lubricate it.”

“What with,” Nick questioned? “I’ll find something,” Todd declared. He searched the bathroom and didn’t see anything suitable so he went to the kitchen and found a can of cooking spray.

“What in the hell,” Nick questioned?

“It’s all I could find,” Todd apologized. “But, it will work.”

“Well I’ve had a Todd on my cock, but I’ve never had a Pam there before,” Nick laughed.

“This Pam is about to make Todd very happy though,” Todd joked.

Todd sprayed the cooking spray on Nick’s cock and then had nick spray the entrance of his ass. “Now try again,” he instructed. Nick mounted Todd again and this time found the entrance to his ass more easily. He pushed his cock into the tight ass slowly and he heard Todd moan. However, he wasn’t sure if it was from pain or pleasure.

“Baby, are you ok,” Nick questioned.

“Oh yes,” Todd assured him. “Just go slow until I adjust to your size.”

Nick slowly worked his cock into Todd’s tight hole. Soon with the assistance of “Pam” he had his cock all the way in. “Are you ok,” he questioned again?

“Yes, oh God yes,” Todd panted. “Fuck me Nick. Fuck me.”

Nick was happy to oblige his lover, and began with slow steady strokes. His mouth found Todd’s and Todd had his tongue in Nick’s mouth. With the excitement Nick forgot about the pain he may have been causing Todd and began to increase the rate and velocity his strokes. Soon he could hold back no longer and exploded in Todd’s ass. He dropped down to kiss his lover and discovered that Todd had climaxed again over both of their abdomens.

“Nick, that was incredible,” Todd proclaimed.

“No, you were incredible,” Nick countered.

“Then we were both incredible,” Todd said.

Todd pulled Nick into his arms saying, “I love you Nick Sixkiller.”

“And I love you too Todd Hawkins,” Nick responded.

Suddenly Todd remembered that they hadn’t eaten since their noon meal at school. “I’m hungry, are you?” he asked Nick.

“Did you hear my stomach growl?” Nick laughed.

Without bothering to get dressed, Todd left the comfort of Nick’s arms to find some food in the kitchen. He found some hamburger meat and decided that hamburgers would be perfect. As he was making the hamburger patties, he felt Nick’s arms around him and kisses on his neck. “Need any help?” Nick inquired.

“I’m sure I will after we eat,” Todd laughed. “But, for now you can start the gas grill out on the back patio.”

“You’re the cock, I mean cook,” Nick teased.

Maybe it was the ambiance he felt, but they agreed that those were the best burgers they’d ever had. They quickly cleaned the kitchen and were ready to return to the bedroom for some more lovemaking. They were both hard before they reached the bedroom door.

Todd took Nick into his arms and kissed him deeply. He pulled Nick onto the bed on top of himself. “This time I want you to fuck me Todd,” Nick requested.

With Pam’s assistance Todd penetrated Nick’s welcoming hole. With care Todd had his entire cock in. Nick moaned with both pain and pleasure. Soon he could feel Todd’s cock massaging his prostate. He never expected to receive pleasure himself from being fucked. Todd’s strokes became more rapid as he neared climax. To Nick’s surprise he climaxed himself before Todd reached his.

Following his climax Todd dropped down on Nick’s chest and kissed him with love and passion. They fell asleep from exhaustion following their lovemaking.

Nick awoke with a full bladder and needing to piss, but for a moment couldn’t figure where he was. Then he felt Todd move next to him and smiled thinking that he was in his own paradise. He quietly slipped out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. As he began to urinate Todd joined him and added his own stream while flashing a big smile to Nick and saying, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Nick responded.

Todd turned the shower on and, with little effort, pulled in with him. They wash each other in between much kissing and fondling. Todd admired Nick’s body while drying him off. Nick then reciprocated the favor by then drying Todd. Although Todd wasn’t muscular like Nick, he did have an athletic runner type body. As Nick turned him to dry his backside he admired Todd’s nice rounded bubble butt.

“Are you ready for breakfast,” Todd asked as he led Nick to the kitchen to see what he could find. His mother rarely cooked lately since he mostly lived with his grandparents. Todd found some cereal but discovered that the milk had exceeded its expiration date and was spoiled. There were no eggs or bacon either. He decided that they would just have toast. Before he could make the toast, his grandmother called telling him that she had breakfast ready for him and Nick.

“My grandma said to come to breakfast,” he informed Nick.

“No, I can’t go, I’d be too embarrassed,” Nick argued.

“Didn’t she tell you to never be ashamed,” Todd questioned?

“Yeah, she did,” Nick smiled.

Nick couldn’t remember when he’d had a better breakfast. Alice had prepared bacon, eggs, southern style fried potatoes, homemade biscuits, gravy, and homemade strawberry preserves. “Thank you Ah-lee-see, that was very good.”

“I thought you boys would need a good breakfast after your busy night,” Alice teased. She then laughed at Nick’s obvious embarrassment.

“Ah-lee-see I don’t tease you about your sex life with E-ni-si (Grandfather),” Todd intervened, although he couldn’t imagine his grandparents having sex.

“Ha, what sex life,” Alice laughed. “He’s too old”

Nick couldn’t imagine having this conversation with his parents, nonetheless his grandparents. Alice seemed nonchalant about sex and non judgmental. He could see why Todd loved her so much. He realized that she had strong medicine and knew that he could always ask her for guidance.


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