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cherokee morning song

Cherokee Morning Song

Chapter Three

“Dad, is it okay if we let Cody ride to and from school with us?” Jeremy asked on the way to school. “It would save him twenty minutes each way.”

“I don’t mind, but I want his parents to call me and say that it’s okay with them,” Allen said.

“I want to ride with you too,” Allison said when Jeremy told him that Allen said he could ride with them if his parents would call.

“Where do you live?” Jeremy asked.

“On the south side of town near the golf course,” Allison said.

“Allison, that’s out of our way,” Jeremy said. “Cody lives near me, and I don’t think Dad would drive all the way out there.”

“How do you get to school now?” Cody asked.

“My mom brings me,” Allison said. “She teaches at the middle school.”

“Good grief Allison, that’s right next to the high school,” Jeremy said. “I know Dad wouldn’t drive all the way to the golf course if you already have a ride.”

“Why do you think Allison wanted to ride to school with you?” Cody later asked.

“She wanted to be with you?”

“Why would she want to be with me?”

“She has a crush on you, Cody.”

“She does not.”

“She sure does. Have you seen how she looks at you?”

“I don’t know why she would have a crush on me.”

“Cody, don’t you ever look in the mirror? You’re good looking.”

“No better looking than you.”

“I’m too skinny, but you have muscles.”

“We could work out together if we had a way to get into town to the gym.”

“Maybe our dads would take turns driving us.”

“My dad works different hours, so that wouldn’t work.”

“We’ll think of something.”

Jeremy was watching TV and both parents were in the kitchen preparing dinner when the phone rang. “Jeremy, would you get that,” Allen called out from the kitchen.

“Hello,” He answered.

“Jeremy, we haven’t met, but I’m Cody’s dad, Mitch Downing,” He said. “May I speak to your dad?”

“Sure, could you hold on for a moment?”

Allen was taking the meat loaf out of the oven and Nancy was making a salad when Jeremy said, “Dad, Mitch Downing, Cody’s dad is on the phone.”

“Tell him I’ll be right there.”

“Dad will be right here.”

“Thank you Jeremy. I’m glad that you have made friends with Cody. He was terrified of going into town to the high school. He went to school out here through the eighth grade and then had to go to the high school since eighth grade is as far as they go here.”

“Here’s my dad now, bye Mr. Downing.”

“Bye, Jeremy.”

“Hello,” Allen said.

“Mr. Morgan, I’m Cody’s dad, Mitch Downing. Or since you’re a college professor, is it Dr. Morgan?”

“Just call me Allen.”

“Ok, if you’ll call me Mitch. Cody said that you offered him a ride to and from school if we were okay with it.”

“That’s right. We go right by your house any way.”

“Thanks, if you don’t mind, that would be a big help to us. The two younger kids are here by themselves for about fifteen minutes some days. I know that doesn’t sound like a long time, but that’s plenty of time for them to get into trouble.”

“Tell Cody that he can sleep twenty minutes late tomorrow.”

“I will and thank you again. Goodbye Dr. Mor…, Allen.”

“Goodbye Mitch.”

“This sure beats standing out on the road waiting for the bus,” Cody said when he jumped in the back seat of the car with Jeremy the next morning.

“Are you guys going to the football game Friday?” Cody asked Jeremy and Allison at lunch.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” Jeremy confessed.

“In this town everybody goes to the football games on Friday,” Cody said. “My whole family goes.”

“I’ll ask my parent’s,” Jeremy said. “Are you going, Allison?”

“I’m in the band, and I have to be there,” She said.

“You didn’t tell us you were in the band,” Cody said. “What do you play?”

“Flute,” She said. “I started playing when I was in fifth grade.”

“Jeremy is learning to play a Cherokee flute,” Cody said.

“I’m not sure if that is the same or not,” Allison said. “Maybe you could bring it and play someday.”

“Dad, are we going to the football game Friday?” Jeremy asked his dad before they had even pulled out of the pickup area at the high school.

“You’ve never been interested in going to a high school football game before,” Allen said.

“This is Oklahoma,” Cody said. “Everybody is interested in football here.”

“If you really want to go, we’ll go,” Allen said.

“I haven’t been to a football game in years,” Nancy said. “I think I’d like to go too.”

“Get there early because if you don’t you’ll have to park down at the university library and walk to the stadium,” Cody said.

When Friday came, the Morgan family was among the first to arrive at the stadium. “All that rushing around for nothing,” Nancy said as she looked around the nearly empty stadium that appeared too large for a high school game. “Why does the high school need a stadium this big anyway?”

“In case you hadn’t noticed, this is on the NSU campus,” Allen pointed out. “The university and the high school share the same stadium. When I was in high school here, the high school often drew as many fans as the university.”

“Jeremy, Jeremy,” Allison yelled out. “What are you doing here so early?”

“I might ask you the same thing,” Jeremy said. “But, Cody said to get here early to get parking.”

“I’m in the band, remember?” Allison said. “Oh, this is my parents, Tim and Melissa Hatfield.”

“This is my parents, Allen and Nancy Morgan,” Jeremy said as he realized that he never new Allison’s last name before.

After exchanging greetings, Nancy invited Allison’s parents to set with them. Soon the stadium began to fill and Cody and his parents arrived. “I’d like for you to meet my parents, Mitch and Kay Downing,” He said. “This is my little brother, Scott and little sister Molly.” After greetings, the Downing family joined the Morgan and Hatfield families.

“Come on Jeremy, let’s go sit in the student section,” Cody said.

“Me too,” Scott invited himself. Scott appeared to be a couple of years younger than Cody and Jeremy though had the features to be just as handsome. Molly was contented to sit between her parents.

“No Scott, remember we wouldn’t let Cody sit in the student until he was in high school, and that rule applies to you too,” Kay said.

“Aw Mom,” Scott protested.

Jeremy immediately felt sorry for him and said, “What if we promised to keep an eye on him?”

Scott looked at Jeremy with a thankful grin and then looked at his parents for an answer. “Alright, but you don’t leave your seat to go to the concessions or even the restroom without Cody or Jeremy going too,” Kay said. “Do you hear me?”

“Yes mom, come on Jeremy,” Scott said before his mother could change her mind.

The game was a lot more fun than Jeremy expected, and he only wanted to go because Cody would be attending. The stadium was nearly full and the Tigers were playing the Sapulpa Chieftains, a much larger Tulsa suburban school. At halftime, the score was tied 14-14. “Let’s go to the concessions,” Scott said at halftime.

“You two go, I want to see Allison and the band perform,” Jeremy said.

“The Sapulpa band will perform first,” Cody said. “We’ll have time. I need to piss really badly.”

The men’s restroom had the trough type urinals that could accommodate three easily or four if they didn’t mind being cozy. The three boys lined up with Jeremy in the middle and whipped out their penises. Jeremy stole a quick glance at Cody’s cock as he was pissing and noticed that it was a nice one, his size or larger. He quickly looked at Scott’s and thought, ‘The makings of a manly cock.’

While washing their hands, Cody said, “You two go on up and I’ll wait in line at the concessions. I know you wanted to see the band.”

After giving Cody some money and refreshment orders Jeremy and Scott made their way back up to find their seats. The Sapulpa band was completing their routine, and looked very good. The Tahlequah band next took the field and looked very good too. “They’ve won a lot of awards,” Scott said. “I would join the band when I get to high school, but I want to play football. I’m on the team at my school now.”

“Move your asses over,” Cody said as he brought the drinks and popcorn.

“If you didn’t have such a fat ass there would be room there,” Scott teased as he moved over on the bleacher. “Hey, I wanted a Coke and you got a Pepsi.”

“They don’t sell Cokes, just Pepsis,” Cody said.

Scott gave his brother that ‘You’re shitting me’ look. At that moment, Jeremy wished he had a little brother. It was almost as if Cody was reading his mind and asked, “Do you want a little brother?”

“I wouldn’t mind having a little brother like Scott,” Jeremy said.

“I’ll talk to Mom and Dad about sending him to live with you,” Cody joked.

“Jeremy would make a better brother than you,” Scott shot back. “You would never have asked to let me sit in the student section.”

“He doesn’t have to live with you,” Cody said.

Scott was determined to have the last word, but the football teams returned to the field to begin the second half. Their respective bands began playing their team’s fight song, trying to outdo the other.

With just over five minutes left in the game the Tigers were trailing the Chieftains 21-14. The Tigers drove 85 yards and scored with one and a half minutes left in the game. The Tigers lined up for the important extra point that would probably tie the game, sending it into overtime. A big lineman jumped up enough to get his hand on the ball, sending it right back to the kicker. The Tiger kicker did the only thing he knew to do, run. After several missed tackles, the kicker lunged into the end zone. The scoreboard read, Tigers 22, Chieftains 21. Now the Tiger defense just needed to hold the Chieftains for one and a half minutes. After two plays, the Chieftains were down to twenty-five s seconds, and still 50 yards from the end zone.

“We have this one won,” Scott said.

“There are still twenty-five seconds,” Cody said. “That’s still enough time to get within field goal range and kick a winning field goal.”

Almost as soon as Cody made the statement, the Sapulpa quarterback stepped back into the pocket and threw a pass to a receiver on the nine yard line, timeout Sapulpa. The kicking team lined up with three seconds left to attempt the field goal. The Tahlequah fans began to chant, “Block that kick, block that kick.”

A Tahlequah lineman somehow managed to block the kick and Tahlequah had won. The home crowd went wild. “Oh no, a penalty flag,” Scott said.

“Off sides, Tahlequah,” The PA announcer said. The visitor side went wild. Sapulpa got another kick with no time left on the clock. This time the kick wasn’t blocked and but the kick went right of the goal post, and Tahlequah won 22-21.

“That was an exciting game,” Nancy said on the way home.

“I was for sure that we had lost it,” Allen admitted.

Saturday after breakfast Jeremy got his bike out to ride to Annie’s for his flute lessons. Cody was out tossing a football to Scott when Jeremy rode by, “Jeremy, where are you going?” Cody asked.

“To Annie Wolf’s for my flute lesson,” Jeremy said. “Do you know Annie?

“Not really, is she the woman that lives down our road and across the highway?” Cody asked.

“Yeah, do you want to go?” Jeremy asked.

“I want to go,” Scott said.

“You’re restricted for that D you have in math, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” Scott admitted.

“Let me ask Dad,” Cody said.

Cody jumped on his bike indicating that Mitch had given him permission to go. The two rode in silence, enjoying the last days of summer. Annie was working in her garden when the boys arrived. “Annie, this is my friend, Cody.”

“Osiyo (hello),” Annie said.
“Osiyo,” Cody answered in Cherokee and then in English said, “Let us help you.”

“I’m only picking tomatoes,” I have more that I’ll ever use. You boys are taking tomatoes home with you.”

The boys joined in and helped Annie pick the juicy ripe tomatoes. After completing the task of tomato picking, Jeremy’s flute lessons began as they sat under the large shade tree. “Wow, you’re good,” Cody remarked.

“Yes, he is very good,” Annie agreed. “He can sing too.”

“I know, we’re in chorus together,” Cody said. “I’ve heard him sing Cherokee Morning Song, and he has been teaching it to me.”

“Jeremy, give me your flute and I’ll play it,” Annie said. “I want to hear you two sing it together.”

After hearing the song, Annie was silent for a few seconds and then said, “That was so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. You two must consider trying out for the Cherokee National Youth Choir.”

“I will if you will,” Cody said to Jeremy.

“Okay, we’ll ask our parents,” Jeremy agreed.

“What’s down there?” Cody asked as he pointed toward an old barn that was hardly standing.

“That was a barn at one time,” Annie answered. “I only have chickens and never saw a need to have it repaired.”

“Could we go look?” Jeremy asked.

“Yes, but don’t go inside,” Annie cautioned. “It could fall down on you.”

“Wow, look at the view,” Jeremy said as they walked behind the old barn toward a bluff overlooking the river valley below.

“It is beautiful,” Cody agreed. “That bluff is straight down.”

“Annie, have you seen the view from behind the barn?” Jeremy asked when they again joined Annie under the shade tree.

“Oh yes,” Annie said.

“I wonder why they built the barn there, it would be a beautiful place for the house,” Jeremy said.

“I suppose they weren’t interested in a view, and build near the road,” Annie said.

“You should build there,” Cody suggested.

“No, I’m too old,” Annie said. “Besides, that would cost money.”

“Who owns the land at the bottom of the bluff?” Jeremy asked.

“I do, my land goes all the way down across the river,” Annie said.

“How do you get down there?” Cody asked.

“There’s a deer trail where the hill isn’t so steep about a mile over there,” Annie said as she pointed toward the east. “There’s a gate to get in if you drive all the way over to River Road. I have the land down there leased to a man for pasture.”

“Would it be okay if Cody and I went down there?” Jeremy asked.

“Sure, but be careful going down the trail,” Annie again cautioned. “The trail is still steep, and you could fall and hurt yourselves.”

“Do you walk down the trail?” Cody asked.

“I did when I first moved here, but I’m too old now,” Annie said. “I drive there now. I only go there to gather wild greens and wild onions.”

“I’ve never had wild onions,” Jeremy said.

“My mom cooks them,” Cody said. “They’re good.”

“You can’t be Cherokee and not like wild onions and eggs, right Cody,” Annie said.

“That’s right, but he’s a California dude,” Cody teased.

“Maybe we could pick some,” Jeremy said.

“Not this time of the year,” Annie said. “They have gone to seed and are tough. You have to gather them in the very early spring when they are young and tender. If you boys will stay for lunch, I’ll cook you some that I have in the freezer. But, call your parents and let them know.”

“These are good,” Jeremy said as he ate the wild onions cooked with eggs. She had also cook pork chops, cornbread, and fried potatoes.

“These are even better than what my Mom cooks,” Cody said.

“I’m glad you boys enjoyed it,” Annie said as she got up to clear the table.

“Cody and I’ll do that,” Jeremy offered.

“Thank you, but I can do it,” Annie said.

“Let us do it,” Cody said as he took over the task. The two boys soon had the dishes washed and put away over Annie’s protest.

“Let’s walk down to the river tomorrow,” Jeremy said as they rode their bikes home.

“Yeah, we could take backpacks with sandwiches and drinks. Annie said it was a long walk.”

“I’ll ask my parents and you ask yours.”

“Okay and I’ll call you.”

Nancy reluctantly agreed to let Jeremy go after he promised he would take plenty of water and his cell phone. The two boys coordinated the food that would be taken. They ended up with enough food for half dozen boys. They rode their bikes to the deer trail and hid them in bushes. Annie was right about the trail being steep, but they didn’t mind.

Eventually they made their way down the trail to the river valley. “It would take a trained mountain climber to get up that,” Jeremy said as he looked up the bluff that was behind Annie’s barn.

They began making their way toward the river. Walking was now easy since they were walking through the pasture toward the river. “Is that the river?” Jeremy asked as they came through some river cane and willow trees.

“No, the river is on the other side of those trees,” Cody said. “I think it is an oxbow.”

“What’s an oxbow?

“It used to be part of the river and the river later changed courses. Let’s go in.”

“I didn’t bring anything to swim in.”

“We can skinny dip.”

“What if someone sees us?”

“Nobody will, the main river is on the other side of the trees.” Cody began undressing and said, “Come on, get em off.”

Cody had his shirt off and Jeremy began taking his off while admiring Cody’s chest. It was smooth, and muscular. It wasn’t bulging muscles, but more athletic like a swimmer. When Cody had his jeans off, Jeremy took a quick look at his manhood. He looked bigger than he did when they were peeing in the restroom at the game. He had a decent patch of dark back pubic hair.

Jeremy removed his own jeans and he was sure that Cody was checking him out. He decided that he and Cody were about the same size, the only difference was his pubic hair was even thicker and a little lighter in color than Cody.

Cody suddenly ran and jumped in the water and Jeremy followed. “This water is warmer than the river,” Cody said. “I guess because it has very little if any flow.”

They played in the water splashing each other and then began wrestling. Cody brushed against Jeremy and Jeremy was sure he felt Cody’s hard cock. It happened so briefly that he wasn’t sure. He knew he had an erection himself, but was careful to keep his lower body away from Cody. He lunged for Cody and missed, but his hand touched a hard cock.

“You have a hardon,” Jeremy teased.

“I’ll bet you do too,” Cody said as he grabbed Jeremy’s erection to confirm his suspicion.

Jeremy pulled Cody to him and kissed him. Cody kissed him back while stroking Jeremy’s hard cock. Without verbally communication, they left the water and spread the blanket that Nancy had insisted he take to spread their food on.

They kissed with even more passion with tongues exploring. Jeremy took Cody’s cock in his hand and began stroking it. He had never touched one other than his own before. It felt both hard and soft at the same thing. Cody began moaning and pumping his hips when he suddenly exploded all over his chest and abdomen.

Cody then did the same to Jeremy. Nobody had ever touched him there, except his parents when he was little. It felt wonderful having this handsome boy stroking his penis for him. He soon was moaning and shooting just as Cody had done. They kissed and held each other enjoying their closeness.

Finally, Cody said, “We had better get back in the water and wash this cum off.” Hand-in-hand they walked back into the water and took turns washing the stickiness off of each other.

“Let’s eat our lunch,” Cody said when they sat back on the blanket nude.

Nancy had made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for them since she felt that meat sandwiches would spoil in the heat. “That was good,” Jeremy said.

“Sure was, my mom sent some cookies that she made.”

“I wasn’t talking about the food.”

Cody face turned crimson at Jeremy’s mention of their making out session. “Shut up and eat your cookie.”

They decided not to go back in the water so they could put their clothes back on and head home. After a little more making out and then rehydrating themselves they began their hike back toward the hill and their bicycles. The climb back up the hill was much more difficult than going down, and they had to stop and rest before reaching the summit.

After reaching the top, they kissed some more then rode their bikes back towards Annie’s and then to home. Annie was sitting under her shade tree and they decided to stop and say hello. “I see that you two had a good time,” Annie said smiling.

Cody’s face was instant crimson. It didn’t bother Jeremy since he was so close to Annie and she already knew that he was gay.

“Everybody is going to know if you blush like that every time we make out,” Jeremy said as they rode on towards their homes.

“Do you worry about it?” Cody asked.

“Annie and my parents know that I’m gay.”

“I can’t tell anyone. You should hear my dad when he talks about ‘fags’.” Cody held up his fingers to indicate quotation marks.

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