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Chapter Nine

Well, I did it. Actually I talked and they sort of sat there. It was what a friend of mine from Tennessee called “a blinking moment.” They just blinked after I told them that I was gay. Their admonitions regarding myself and sex were the same as they always had been. They thought that I should wait until I met someone I wanted to spend my life with. Shyah! Right!

But then they asked if Alan and I were an "item" as they'd put it. I told them that Alan and I were good friends and becoming closer as the time went by. I think they read between the lines but were sort of uncomfortable asking whether or not their youngest was "involved" with the football team’s running back. I wasn’t. Yet. Man I was dying to. Oh, there was no question whether I wanted to or not, it was whether or not I could work up the nerve to push he and I further. Scared little son of a bitch, me.

Alan never asked what had upset me so much in the car after the movie and I didn’t want to say anything to him. I did tell him that I came out to my folks. That kind of threw him for a loop until I said that I didn’t mention him to them, though they had indeed asked. He wondered why I didn’t say we had a thing going between us. I told him that it was none of their business unless he wanted to tell them himself.

We actually talked a few times about what was going on between us and agreed that we could feel our friendship growing. It seemed sort of funny to say that he was my ‘boyfriend’ but I honestly started to feel that way. I made extremely sure I didn’t let on to anyone else because I was really concerned about his reputation. Sure I didn’t want the world to know that I dug hot man-ass, but I was more concerned about him. I guess that should have clued me in way back then how I truly felt for him. A lot of times he and I would ‘double date,’ or so it looked to the world. I’d usually take Deanna and he’d ask some girl out that he knew or was friends with. He never led them on; we just went out to have a fun time.

A couple of weeks into January the high school pageant rehearsals began. I had a friend named Adrianne Blaylock who was representing our senior class. There were other girls who represented all of the other grades as well, along with other nominees in the same grades. Adrianne had known that I played the piano (did I mention that I play the piano?) and wanted to know if I would accompany her singing “Send In The Clowns” as her talent for the competition. I won’t tell you whose version she sang, lest I get shit from my fellow author-buddy. Criminy, the grief I take.

The actual pageant wasn’t until mid-March, but all of the untalented girls apparently needed plenty of time to prepare for their lackluster participation. Adrianne really had a nice singing voice and I was so humbled to be asked to play for her. After one practice I received a strange request. I had played the song and while she sang you could hear a pin drop. Every time we practiced the other contestants and teachers who were present stopped what they were doing to watch and listen. There was always a pause for several seconds after I hit the last note before anyone applauded. That means that they really liked the performance and that always made me feel great to participate in her singing.

This particular afternoon the jazz band teacher happened to be there and he called me over to him.

“Hey piano man, come here a minute,” he said.

“Yessir?” I asked, walking towards him.

“Man, that was really, really nice. How come I’ve never heard you play before?”

I shrugged a bit and smiled. “I dunno.”

“I’d like you to join the jazz band, if you could.”

Wow! This guy always took the band to the state competitions at U.G.A. and won. The fact that he wanted me to play threw me for a loop.

“Um. I don’t know how to improvise,” I said, which is a lot of what modern jazz has.

“That’s okay, neither does our keyboard player,” and he laughed. That was b.s. because his piano player was terrific.

The band practiced during the same time I had study hall, so transferring classes was pretty easy. Many of the guys welcomed me as though they’d known me all of my life. There were two dudes in there, Scott and Philip, who were also in my physics and trig classes. In physics they sat on the row in front of me and I knew them from that. I also remembered Philip from way back in the seventh grade; I knew who he was but we’d never had any classes together. In trig class they sat together a few rows over. Scott played sax and Philip played the trombone. There was a really tall guy named Tim who played trumpet, and was actually a featured soloist in the marching band as well as the jazz band. Then there was a dude named Steve who played sax. Then there was Matt. This guy was one that I’d noticed for years, mainly because he was one of the few guys in school who could, and did, wear a mustache. Matt played the bassoon, or whatever that big ole fat-ass bass saxophone is called.

And last but not least, and one of the most reoccurring people in my life: Glen. Now here’s an interesting thing about my home boy. Glen and I, along with David who was in my Spanish class, also rode on the same bus when Glen and I were in the seventh grade. He lived in the neighborhood next to mine, which was the same one that David (from my Spanish class) lived in. I always remember him as being very quiet and I always thought he was stuck up. Isn’t that always the case? It’s not the ones blabbing about like yentas on speed (me) that we assume are stuck on themselves, it’s the quiet ones. Go figure!

I turned out to be basically a page turner for the guy who actually played the synthesizer. Fine with me. I was way out of my league being there in the first place. The only reason I agreed to was because of who the teacher was. Plus what else was I going to do during study hall. But like I said, the guys all treated me as an equal, as though they’d known me forever. Suddenly I was included in everything that they did, on the weekends and during the week. Alan and I still did our thing, but for once I felt that I really and truly fit in with a bunch of guys. Yeah I had partied and hung out with people before but this was really different. It was a guy camaraderie thing, ya know?

On the actual night of the pageant I had dressed in my choir dress costume, which was black pants, a tuxedo shirt and a red bowtie. The jazz band itself was actually sponsoring the pageant and so several of the guys were escorting the girls onto the stage, which is why they ended up wearing their tuxedoes. Since I didn’t have a jacket I asked Matt, the soccer player, if I could borrow his while I played for Adrianne. He and I had the same build so the jacket fit fine. Even though I’d been around him in class this was actually the first time I’d spoken to him.

It came time for Adrianne to perform and the two of us were waiting in the wings during the previous performance. She was nervous and so did I. I actually said a really quick prayer to myself. Well that’s dumb. I actually said it to God. I was terrified that I’d forget what I was playing. I’m the type of person that once I learn something I don’t really need the music in front of me again unless I go years without playing, so I was going on stage without any chart.

The piano was rolled onto the stage while the jazz band played some music, then Adrianne and I walked out. I took my seat and the band stopped. Her name was announced “accompanied by Paul Lyons, singing ‘Send In The Clowns.’” Now I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this yet, but I’m gay. And we gay guys sometimes have been known to have a flair for the dramatic. I waited until there was total silence in the auditorium before I hit the first note, which if you know the song (as I’m sure all of you Southern California surfers do) you know that it starts out with an oboe (I think) normally, playing the melody line before the rest of the chords come in. I arranged with the lighting guy to keep the stage lights off until the arpeggios started, then to slowly bring up the blue lights.

I was nervous until I started playing, then I only looked at Adrianne and the piano keys. I was concerned that I would overplay her singing because I was used to playing the song without anyone singing along, until she found out I could play it and asked me to accompany her. We went through the arrangement and she sang it flawlessly; and God heard my prayer because I didn’t flub it up. Again, at the end the final note was stuck and it faded away to nothing; it was followed by complete silence for a perfect second, and when the applause followed it was deafening. As we walked off the stage we threw an arm around each other and congratulated ourselves.

* * * *

The rest of my senior year just flew by. Alan turned seventeen in April and I surprised him with my class ring. No, I didn’t give it to him. When everyone had their rings made at the end of our junior year I had chosen a garnet as my stone. Then just after Christmas in my senior year, after I’d come out to my parents, I surprised everyone by having my stone changed to a diamond. Of course it wasn’t a real diamond, but that’s April’s birthstone and I got it because it was Alan’s birthstone.

Then all of a sudden it was time for prom. Who was I going to take? I could ask Alan but I’m not sure how the prom pictures would’ve turned out.

He and I ended up taking two girls who were just friends of ours. We didn’t do the limo thing because we weren’t rich. But we did get to use his mom’s Cadillac. I’ll bet that his parents didn’t mind a bit, which was easy to assume seeing as how they were out of town that weekend. Alan picked up his date and then we went to pick up the girls.

Just kidding. Actually, I drove over to his house. When I saw him in his tux I thought I’d die right there. His hair was kind of spiked up a bit and the suit looked awesome with his early spring tan. Smartly he wore a green tie and crumb catcher that really made his eyes stand out. I was like a wolf on the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, mouth agape and drooling. It was impossible to keep my hands off of him but we decided to call it quits since we had to pick up our ‘dates.’

That year our prom was held at the Colony Square Hotel and Ballroom (interesting name, ballroom) which is at 14th and Peachtree Streets in midtown. The four of us ate at The Mansion on Ponce de Leon then headed over to the hotel around 9:30 or so. We had a really good d.j. who played all the popular stuff. My new band friends were all there and with dates as well. A swell time was had by all! Say what you want but when it comes down to it guys have no problem dancing with each other – as long as girls are right there by their sides. Alan had taken his jacket off, as did I, and we were sweating like whores in church from all of the dancing.

Around midnight the dance ended and Alan and I dropped off the girls and then headed back to his house. When I told my mom that I’d be sleeping at his that night she kind of harrumphed, but that was it. Hell, I’d slept over there so many times in the past that this was nothing new. Alan and I had been eyeing each other all night and I was about to do some serious damage to the crotch of my tuxedo pants just thinking about him. I had decided that we’d do more than just kiss. Too goddamned much time had gone by with us doing no more than kissing. I was really falling for this guy. Hell, I should say that after six months I was all his. In fact I had hardly thought about Don at all since Christmas.

But I was nervous. I had felt things for him that I never even thought imaginable. I had to show him that night that I was his. Not his possession, but I was just…”his.” How else can I explain it?

Well let me try.

We walked up to the house, him flipping his keys and me with my hands in my pockets. I watched him walk. It was too dark to see his ass but he had, or has, a very assertive walk. Not really a swagger, although sometimes he did, but in general he always seemed to be determined to get where ever he was walking. I let out a low wolf whistle as I followed him up the sidewalk. He turned and laughed over his shoulder.

“You crazy damn thing,” he said, standing at the front door with his key held up about to be inserted into the lock.

I stood back a few feet away and just smiled.

“What are you smirking at,” he smiled back.

I slowly stepped up to him, my eyes on his the whole time. “Alan Collin,” I said, “I am so. Fucking. Madly. Crazy about you.”

He smiled back as I tried to keep the sexiest look I could muster on my face. I bet I looked like a dope, but hell, he didn’t complain.

“You too, huh?”

I stood and looked down into his eyes which were only a couple of inches from mine. “There’s somethin’ I wanna give you, pal.” I gazed back and forth from his eyes to his mouth.

He raised his head a bit.

“Stick it in,” I said.

His eyes bugged out. “’Scuse me?”

“The key. Stick it in and turn the lock. Let’s get off this porch.”

He smiled and gave me a quick kiss, then unlocked and opened the door. I’m not really sure where his parents were always going, but I was glad that they were gone a lot. I think his brother Steve was out partying for the night.

Alan held the door open and I walked in past him. Once he closed and locked the door I grabbed him by his arms and pushed him against the wall, closing my mouth over his. My kiss was everything; strong, urgent, passionate. I felt him drop his tux jacket onto the floor as his arms circled my body, his hands holding my head. Our tongues brushed against each other, then wrapped around each other, twisting as our mouths hungrily covered each other. I reached down and started squeezing his cock through his pants with both hands. Alan moaned into my mouth as I squeezed his cock and ass at the same time. The feelings going through my hands were incredible. I was crazy for this guy, and he was just as crazy for me. I could feel his muscles beneath the fabric as I slowly pushed my hands up his belly and onto his pecs. I lightly scratched my nails across his shirt on his nipples and he twitched a bit. Our kiss was getting so hot we started to get sloppy.

I broke away first and put my hands on his upper pecs. “Alan,” then I paused.

“Yeah?” he whispered.

“I love you.” There I said it. I think I even stunned myself to hear it.

He smiled at me. “I know you do.”

I chuckled a bit. “Ya do, huh?”

He just nodded. “Paul, I don’t remember not loving you.”

“Oh Christ!” I muttered as I pulled his face back to mine, pulling his body off of the wall. His hands were all over my body and I was almost delirious with ecstasy. My dick was raging so damn hard I thought it would pop my zipper off.

Alan pulled away and asked, “So, what’d you want to give to me?”

I smiled coyly. “You’ll see soon enough. Hey man, you got any whiskey?”

He laughed a bit. “Yeah, Irish, you know where the bar is.”

I laughed and headed over to the liquor cabinet in the kitchen, grabbed a couple of glasses, then found the Maker’s Mark. That’s a good name: Mark. I put about an inch of whiskey into each glass.

“You want some Coke with that?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said as I tossed back the shot. I winced a bit as it rolled down my throat, then I filled my glass with another two fingers of whiskey. Alan just laughed and reached into the fridge for Dr. Pemberton’s cure for the headache (Coca-Cola). I threw back the second shot when he wasn’t looking. Hell, I was nervous as shit. I knew what my plans were and I needed to relax a bit to go through with them without fumbling like a maroon. We toasted and drank our Jack and Cokes, or rather our Mark and Cokes. With that much whiskey on a fairly empty stomach it wouldn’t take me long to get buzzed a bit.

“So,” he said with a smirk, “where’s my birthday present?” He was referring to the fact that I hadn’t given him anything on his actual birthday.

I set my glass down on the counter and walked over to him. I held his chin and jaw in my hands and looked into his eyes. “Alan, honest to God I love you. I don’t say that to, or about, anyone.” I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, then leaned away. “Come ‘ere,” I said, taking him by the forearm and heading to the stairs. He said nothing as I released his arm, then he followed me up the stairs. Not a word was said by either of us.

I turned the hall light on at the top of the stairs and walked into his room, which was pitch dark, save for the light coming in from the hall. At this point, he swaggered into the room. He had an idea of what was gonna happen.

I stood back from him a bit and slowly felt my hands up his arms to his biceps, which were always firm. Up to his neck I continued and massaged the back of his head and neck. He tilted his head back some and groaned as my fingers worked their magic. “God, that feels so good,” he muttered.

I turned him around so that his back was facing me and proceeded to unhook his bowtie. Then as I unstudded his shirt I slowly nibbled and kissed the back of his neck, around the sides and to his ears. Those were really sensitive and I let my tongue linger there as he squirmed in my arms. I pulled his shirt out of his pants and unbuttoned the last two buttons. I rubbed my hands across his chest and belly, the whole time still kissing his neck; then I started grounding my rock hard crotch into his ass, which he met by pushing back against me.

We let his shirt slip off onto the floor along with the tie. I pulled his t-shirt up and he raised his arms to take it off. Alan tried to turn around but I stopped him but kissing his back between his shoulder blades, all the while running my hands up and down his well-muscled arms, then along his sides. Here he was ticklish. When he started to laugh and twist I just stopped my hand movement until he could get used to my hands being there. I was stooped over a bit as I kissed, licked and nibbled all of the muscular contours of his back.

I stood back up and slipped my arms between his arms and torso, caressing and squeezing his pecs, grinding my still-clad cock into his still-clad ass. I nibbled at his neck some more and he tilted his head to give me more space. Then I guided my hands down his chest and over his stomach. He tilted his head back and sighed. After I unbuckled his pants I opened up the top button then took the zipper pull in my thumb and index finger; as I lowered the zipper I raked my other three fingers against his burgeoning dick. I shuddered a bit thinking of where that was going. I’m glad I shot the whiskey and that it was starting to kick in.

Once the zipper was down I pulled my hands back up and then slipped them into the waste band of his underwear. I could feel his short pubes as I slid my hands down, still kissing his neck and shoulders. His cock was bent to the side and it was so fuckin’ hot to the touch.

“Oh Christ,” I moaned into his neck feeling it’s length and girth with my fingers. I released it from it’s prison and started stroking up and down with one hand as I caressed his big balls with the other. “Mmmmmf,” was all I said. His pants dropped to the floor and he kicked them away. My boy was standing there in all of his naked glory. I slowly started to jack his big dick while I kissed his neck and ground my hardon into his ass in time to the rhythm in front.

“Oh-ho man,” he whispered.

I turned him around slowly. “I just wanna look at you,” I said. The light from the hallway washed over his gorgeous and well-built body. His pecs were firm and large, but not huge. His arms were absolute perfection. His legs were just incredible, man-legs. And then his cock. Oh my God! Now I was really nervous. I didn’t show it, or at least I hope that I didn’t. “You’re just fuckin’ gorgeous,” I whispered. He smiled and stood there.

I leaned in and kissed then licked his pecs. I found out in no time that he was a nipple man as I washed my tongue all over one, then across his chest to the other. He had a little bit of hair between his pecs and it was so damn sexy on him. I pulled him to me and leaned over to kiss and suck on his nipple, rubbing and squeezing the other one; then I’d switch. Over and over I gave him a lot of attention. But there was another place I needed to go.


I slowly squatted and tongued my way down his abs when my chin mashed down against the head of his dick. I swear it had to be eight inches at least. But it was really thick too. His balls hung down fairly low and looked like they could burst at any moment. I lifted them in one hand and gently pulled and stroked at them. With my other hand I pulled his granite hard dick away from his body. ‘It’s now or never,’ I thought.

Starting with my tongue at the base of his cock I ran it up his engorged shaft. He stood there, head lolling back and forth on his tight shoulders, and moaned. Up and down I flicked my tongue on his shaft, holding it to the side as I worked my tongue up the back and up to the head. I could taste some of his pre-cum. Christ, the guy was leaking like a cracked pipe. I lapped it up as I squeezed and rubbed his heavy balls. Instinctively I opened my mouth and took the head into my lips, sticking my tongue into his slit. I turned my mouth back and forth around his throbbing dick and ran my hands up to his chest, squeezing his nipples.

Alan kept moaning and shuddering each time my tongue passed over his head. I pushed my head down further and felt his hands stroking my hair as I did. No way was I deep throating this. I couldn’t. Being sure to open my mouth really wide I went as far down as I could, which was about halfway, then I continued the stroke downward with one of my hands. This seemed to work well for him. Up and down, slowly so I could accommodate his invasion in my mouth, I pumped my lips and tongue over as much as possible, stroking his shaft at the same time. Christ, he’s a mouthful! With one my other hand I tickled beneath his balls and back to his ‘taint. This got his hips shaking. Then I started stroking his asscrack, my fingertips grazing across his hole. Every time they passed over it he shuddered.

I snuck a finger up to my mouth and got it good and lathered up with my spit, then I started sucking his cock again and stroked my finger back on to his crack. I sped up my mouth on him and slowly slipped my finger into him. I could feel him tense up a bit so I started really groovin’ on his dick. Alan relaxed a bit so I slipped the finger in. It took me a few seconds to get it in to the hilt, then I started swirling it around as he started to fuck my face.

“Oh shit!” he suddenly said, his knees giving way a bit.

I took my mouth off of him. “You ok?”

“Fuck! Whatever you did…” and I swirled my finger again “oh WHOA there! Ho-ho MAN!” he said.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“Hell no, just keep doing that,” he smiled.

So I did.

I started sucking on his cock again and was able to get about five inches in, still jacking him with my other hand. After a minute or so I found the exact area that made his legs buckle. Of course, his prostate. Once I found it I wasn’t going to let it go. I sped up my mouth on him and fingered him over and over. Alan really grabbed my head this time and started fucking my face really fast. Finally he hollered out “Awww Fuckkkk!” and his already giant dick swelled up even larger in my mouth. Suddenly I was flooded with his hot spunk and I didn’t think he’d ever stop cumming. I swallowed as much as I could but some dribbled out of my lips, which were almost completely stretched around his member. Alan’s body kept shuddering with each blast, and even for a little while after. I scooped up what had spilled from my lips and licked it back up. I wanted to taste every bit of him.

As I went to stand up Alan hooked his hands beneath my armpits and pulled me up and to him, mashing his mouth against mine. He moaned while his tongue searched out the rest of my mouth, twisting around my tongue.

Finally we broke our kiss and his heavy cock was pressed between us. “Paul,” he said, “I am so fuckin’ in love with you.”

“Well, shit, now I wish I’d’a done that sooner!” I smiled.

He laughed. “Trust me, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted you to do that.”

“Wish granted.”

“Now it’s my turn.” He kissed me, then guided me back to his bed. “Wait right here.”

Right. Where was I gonna go?

I sat down and took off my jacket and tie, then started unstudding my shirt. I kicked off my shoes as Alan came back into the room.

“Aww man! I wanted to watch you get undressed!” he wailed, jokingly.

“Sorry dude,” I laughed.

“But that’s the best part,” he mock whined.

“The best part?” I asked.

“Ok, well maybe it won’t be the best part,” he smiled.

“What’s that?” I asked, pointing to a bottle in his hand.

“Found this in my brother’s room. It’s some jerk off lube.”

“Nice,” I laughed. “At least I know you’ve read my mind.”

He looked puzzled, so I pulled him onto me on the bed. “What do you mean?”

“Duh! Alan do I have to spell it out for you?”


I chuckled a bit. “Buddy, that lube will grease up more places than just your hands.”

He thought about that for a second. “Oh shit. That’s what you’re giving me?”

“Well,” I smiled, “technically you’ll be giving it to me. But bud, what did you have in mind.”

He smiled in return. “I’ll show you.” His naked body was on top of mine and frankly I couldn’t think of any other place that I belonged. Alan wrapped his legs around the tops of my thighs and I could feel the lump of his cock pressing into my crotch as we started kissing again. He was definitely a man on a mission as he sat up and pulled me into a sitting position with him straddling my legs. He brushed my shirt open and off, then tossed it onto the floor. I helped him pull my t-shirt up and over my head and his hands gave me electric chills as they roamed all over my body. He pressed me back onto the bed and his mouth left mine to start kissing his way down my neck and across my chest. I wasn’t nearly as defined as he was, just really beginning to show improvements in the past eight months or so, but he knew right where to latch on with his mouth.

He lightly grazed my nipples with his teeth as his tongue flicked across their hardness. I pushed my head back further into the pillow and groaned. “Awww fuckkk.” I went to guide his head with my hands but he took them and raised them above my head, holding them there. I looked up and I’ll tell you what, there was no sexier sight than seeing his arms raised above our heads. I swear Alan looked into my soul. This guy was hungry for love and I was gonna give it to him.

Sitting back up, Alan unbuckled and unzipped my pants. I just closed my eyes as he pulled my pants down over my hips. My steel hard dick caught on the waist band and then slapped back against my belly. I lifted my ass so he could slip the pants off, then he tossed them on the floor. There was a pause and I opened my eyes to see what was the matter.

Alan saw me. “Just checkin’ out the goods, dude.”

I laughed a bit. “Not as good as yours.”

“It’s good for me,” and then he swooped down and took my cock into his mouth. He didn’t take it all the way but it was enough that it set my body on fire. He got a good bit of it in and just started slathering it up with his spit, getting it nice and lubed. He took a play from the Paul Lyons giving head book and pulled on my balls the whole time, the other hand searched and felt around my chest. I took his hand in mine and started sucking on his fingers in time with his pistonning mouth on my cock. Shit I wanted to have him. I was so damned horned up for him I couldn’t get enough.

I heard the cap pop on the lube and a few seconds felt something cool on my asshole. I moaned around the fingers in my mouth as he started massaging and rubbing the lube around. When he slipped a finger in I sucked the two fingers down to the web of his hand. It was a strange feeling even with the lube. It sort of burned a bit but once that sensation went away I took a deep breath. Alan started slowly finger fucking me, wiggling his finger around. With him doing that and sucking me at the same time if felt like the inside of my dick was being fucked. But then he found my button, sending my hips straight off the bed and my entire cock down his throat. He coughed for a second and then took his mouth off of me.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Shit, you stop and I’ll beat your ass!” I said.

“Hmmm,” he raised his eyebrows then went back to working his finger around. We stayed there looking at each other, and when he slipped a second finger in I just squeezed the sheets on each side of my body.

I smiled and hissed, “You’re killing me, ya know.”

His eyes flashed a little bit and he took me in his mouth down to the hilt. Fuuuuckkkkk! This guy learns fast, I thought. Then he used his two fingers and just started constantly rubbing my prostate. For what seemed like forever I moaned and hollered, bucking my hips and rolling my upper body around. I was almost exhausted when I felt that awesome and familiar tingle start behind my thighs. My body tensed with the eminent orgasm.

“Oh shit,” I said over and over. “I’m about to…”

Then Alan just pressed his fingers against my button and “FFFFUUUUUCKKKKKK! OH ChrIST!!! Yarrrrrr!” I then experienced the most extraordinary orgasm in my life. My body was jerking all around as his lips sucked what was left out of my balls, his lips massaging the head of my cock. He was driving me nuts with his tongue and mouth.

“Oh God, please stop!” I said. I tried to squirm my way from under him but he just grabbed onto my hips and buried my dick all the way down his throat. His lips pressed against my pelvis I felt his throat massaging my cock. It wasn’t as intense as his lips just were but I was a whimpering pile of jelly at that point. After my dick deflated Alan finally took his mouth off of me and crawled up my body. There is just nothing better than having a man lay on top of you, his weight pressed into yours, especially after some really hot sex. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he kissed me. I could taste a little bit of what I had given him.

“You are one hot fucker,” I said, finally catching my breath.

He just laughed at that. Then he pushed himself up onto his elbows and started stroking my hair with his fingers. I was tempted to fall asleep, not from the few shots of booze, but because I felt so damn protected. I felt like nothing and nobody could get to me or hurt me as long as I was with him. Those were somewhat new feelings to me; the feeling of needing to feel safe. I’d felt them a little bit with Don but with Alan it was just…different. I’m not sure how to explain it.

“I love you, Paulie,” he smirked.

“Paulie?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Yeah, that’s my new nickname for you.”

I sighed and pulled his face to mine, at the same time I started thrusting my hips slightly, wanting to get him hard again. Hey, we were seventeen and I was ready for another round. My crotch was doing it’s trick and I could feel him getting hard again. I broke our kiss.

“Sit up real quick.”

Alan groaned and then pushed up off of me and sat up, on his knees. My legs were still astride his hips and I sat up, giving me a little bit of room between he and I to do what I wanted.


“Right here,” and he leaned forward against me to get it. I held him off with my hands.

“I got it.” I reach back to the table and grabbed the tube. He caressed my now-empty balls as a sigh escaped from my lips. I squeezed some lube out into my palm, a lot of it actually, and reached for his cock which was already at half mast. And I do mean mast. I could’ve used a couple more shots of whiskey at that point.

With each hand I alternated stroking up his cock until he was completely hard. It didn’t take long. Knowing that he’d already had one cum under his belt that night I knew he’d last a good bit longer, and I took the time to really feel his member. He was a good and solid eight plus inches; his cock was thick and I could feel the veins that criss crossed it as I stroked it lightly with my palms. Alan sat back onto his feet and closed his eyes, his head tilted back a little bit. Leaning forward I kissed each side of his chest and he moaned in his throat. Clasping my fingers together I wrapped both hands around his fully engorged cock and squeezed slightly as I stroked up and down. When I got to the head I’d twist my hands around a bit, giving him more friction there. Each time I did that his chest lurched a bit.

I can do this, I thought. I’m gonna do this. I put more lube on my hands and got Alan’s dick all slick, then I spread a little bit onto myself.

“Alan,” I whispered.

He opened his eyes. “Yeah,” he whispered back.

“I want you.”

“You’ve got me, Paulie.”

“In me. I want you inside.”

His eyes widened a bit. “You sure you-“

“Hush,” I grabbed his face and pulled his body back down onto mine, his huge dick like an anaconda pressed between us. “You’d better, I don’t know, use your fingers again first.”

He just nodded, looking like a kid in a candy store.

Rubbing my dick, which was still flaccid, with one hand he started tickling around my hole with the fingers on his other. I pressed my head into the pillow and spread my arms across the bed. He slipped one finger in and it went in like it was home. In and out he started finger fucking me, twisting his hand around as he went in, sometimes pressing my prostate, sometimes not. He was going nice and slow and by the time the second finger slipped in I could feel myself start to chub up again. With his free hand he started caressing my stomach and chest, taking time to lightly squeeze each nipple. Then he slipped in a third finger. I had to hold my breath for a second.

“You alright?” he asked softly.

“You’re doin’ just fine, baby.”

He smiled and resumed fucking me with three fingers. Reaching down I found his cock and started stroking it. “Not exactly what I’d call a Vienna Sausage, hoss.”

Alan sat back and started laughing. “I enjoy it,” he smiled.

“I want to, too,” and I pulled his cock down and toward me. He took the hint and started to remove his fingers, then I pulled my knees back.

“You ready?” he asked.

I nodded.

Leaning onto his left hand, between my arm and side, he pulled his hips back, reached through with his right hand and guided the head onto my hole. It felt like the top of a fuckin’ baseball bat. I could feel the tension in his hips as he tried to push it in. But it wasn’t going anywhere. Fuck! I took a deep breath and blew it out, then the head popped in.

“Gawd!” I groaned. I thought I was gonna get ripped apart. There was a flash of pain that didn’t want to go away.

“You okay?” he asked. If there wasn’t so much concern written on his face I don’t think I’d’ve been able to go on.

I smiled and chuckled. “Gotta get used to that.”

With his hips still in the air he leaned in and started kissing me. I slid my fingers through his hair and slid my arms down his back. As we were kissing I felt myself relaxing some and he was able to get more of his cock into me. Christ that hurt! As we kissed like madmen, our tongues slicking around each other, I made myself relax even more. I pulled him further into me by hooking my ankles around his back. He started to pull out then slid back in.

“Awww, shit!” I hissed. He looked at me again. “That’s a good ‘awww shit’” I chuckled.

Then Alan started a slow and steady rhythm and it wasn’t long before I got used to those first several inches. Our kisses were heating up even more, as was my dick. I was almost at full mast myself. I reached down to his ass and pulled as hard as I could, which caused Alan to shove his entire cock into me. I gasped out loud as I felt some pain at his entire intrusion. We lay there panting into each other’s faces.

I nodded to him.

Looking into my eyes he pulled back and I felt myself being emptied, my asshole like an emptying sheath around his dick. Then he pushed back in to the hilt and I closed my eyes as the discomfort once again turned into pleasure. He started picking up speed and as he did he changed trajectory, sometimes absolutely smashing into my prostate. Each time he did that my torso lurched uncontrollably. After a while he had a really good fuck rhythm going; then the son of a bitch would start deep dicking me, and I thought I’d go through the bed. As we got even more into it he’d bring his knees up next to my thighs and just squeeze himself into me.

Out of nowhere I felt this incredible feeling inside and I pushed myself up into a sitting position, with him pressed against my chest, hunching his cock up into my ass. My breath was escaping in little gasps as his battering ram cock slammed into my prostate. I thought I’d squeeze the life out of him, my grip was to tight around his shoulders. Our sweaty chests pressed against each other and my dick rubbing his stomach. I couldn’t take it any longer and then suddenly my body released.

Or my dick did. My legs squeezed so tight together they almost cramped and my toes curled up. “Fuck. Alan. Fuck!” was all I could say.

And fuck he did.

He reached up my back to grab onto my shoulders and pulled me so far down onto his cock I swear it felt like he’d grown an inch. He banged me like that hard for about a dozen times when I started shooting another load, this time all over our stomachs. I hollered out incoherently and felt his dick spasming inside of me, obviously coating me with whatever he had left in him. Okay, I just thought I’d had the most amazing orgasm when he blew me. I was addicted to cock. His cock. I knew at that moment that, sexually, he was the only one for me. I rocked my body up and down his pole as he kissed my neck and upper chest. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want him to leave. Shit, I had no idea I could feel this way about another human being. I know that only some of it was the sex.

Finally I had to take a deep breath so I propped back onto my hands on the bed. Alan started rolling forward until we both fell onto the pillows, him on top and still inside me. Both of us were panting and sweating like mad men.

His face was buried in my shoulder. I started tracing my fingertips around his back and down to his bubble ass. “Man, I love you,” I said, kissing his ear.

“I love you too,” he said. I could hear that he was exhausted. He leaned up and looked at me. “Was that good for you?”

I busted out laughing and squeezed my asshole around him, which was not easy to do considering the battering it had taken. “Alan, I could do that over and over…” and I kissed him.

He smiled during our kiss then started to roll off of me. His dick popped out and the cool night air rushed in, taking my breath again.

“Shit” I said.

“Sorry. You okay?”

“Just give me some warning next time, k?”

“Mmm hmmmm.” He chest was up against my side with my arm beneath his neck, while I scratched my fingers through his hair. Then he brought his leg up and over my thigh and held me to him.

I’d done it. I did what I never thought I’d want to do. I don’t mean letting him take me anally, although that was quite a feat. I actually felt like I’d given a part of myself to him that I hadn't given to anybody else. There was something that night that could never be given to anybody else. I gave him my heart along with my body. Sure I was seventeen and grown up thoughts are common when you’re a hormonally charged teenager, but I knew he had my heart. Nobody else could ever take that moment from me. I’d shared my entire being with him. I loved how he love me, and how I loved him back.

I could hear his heavy breathing and feel his chest rising and falling against my side. “Good night Alan,” I whispered. “I love you.”

I stayed awake a little while longer. It’s crazy how and when different thoughts pop into your head. I lay there and started worrying about graduating. Graduating?! Where the fuck did that come from. I started feeling nostalgic about high school. I remembered all of the changes I’d made. All of the friends that had come and gone. Don.


Where the fuck did that thought come from? I shook my head a little to clear it. Then it dawned on me. I’d be graduating soon and Alan would still be in high school. I knew that I couldn’t treat him the same way that Don treated me. Of course he and I weren’t in exactly the same position that Alan and I were in.

I held Alan a little tighter, physically and mentally, to squeeze out the thoughts of a friendship that had pretty much ended not all that long ago. I promised myself that he and I’d make it past graduation. At least I wasn’t going off to school, I knew I’d be going to a local college…

All of this mess was going through my head and I had to try really hard to push it all out. Here I was taking the chance of ruining one of the most memorable evenings of my life, and I finally cleared my head.

As I drifted off to sleep one of my last thoughts was…’what happens now?…

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