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bruised love

Chapter Six

January 11 2006

Standing there looking at Jay standing over Mitch, Andrew felt his insides wither and shrink in fear, as far as he could see Mitch wasn't moving. Cameron barged him out of the way and leapt for Jay pinning him to the ground. David went to help Cameron while Andrew sunk to his knees next to Mitch and gently reached out and touched Mitch's skin. He breathed a sigh of relief when Mitch shrank from the touch. Andrew put his arms under Mitch's arms and lifted him up. Mitch opened his eyes and saw Andrew standing there. He stood there for a moment, just staring at the person standing next to him.

The reverence was broken as Cameron crashed to the ground with Jay on top of him. Andrew pulled Mitch closer to him and out of Jay's reach as Jay slammed his elbow back into Cameronís side who grunted and loosened his grip on Jay. Scrambling loose, Jay came towards Mitch whom Andrew pushed himself in front of. Looking around quickly, he assessed the situation and turned around to run out the door. Cameron reached out and grabbed his ankle trying to trip Jay. Looking down, he brought the heel of his shoe down onto Cameron's arm. A heavy thud sounded as the shoe connected and Cameron screamed out in pain. Running out the door Jay called back over his shoulder

"This isn't over." Mitch clung into Andrew who was trying to get to Cameron. David came over to help Andrew who shook his head.

"Help Cam." He said as Mitch pulled in closer to Andrew. Looking around, Andrew located Mitch's clothes and when he tried to go and get them, Mitch whimpered and pulled Andrew back towards him. Andrew looked at Mitch.

"Come on, we've got to put some clothes on you." Andrew said as they heard the whispering of sirens coming towards them. Mitch's eyes went wide.

"Do I have to tell anyone what happened?" He asked timidly. Andrew shook his head looking at his friends swollen face.

"Not if you don't want to." Mitch nodded as a few tears slipped from his eye and down over his face. Mitch nodded and leant in against Andrew. David stood up with Cameron leaning heavily on his shoulders. The three looked at each other as Mitch stepped in behind Andrew shying away from their glances.

Making their way down to the car Vanessa leapt out of the car causing Mitch to back up a few steps. Andrew placed his hand on Mitch's shoulder, who clung to Andrew tighter. The call of sirens grew insistently closer and Mitch looked at Andrew worriedly. He embraced Mitch who put his head into Andrew's chest and cried. Andrew looked at the others helplessly and they could offer no advice. The group quickly bundled into the car and fled, Mitch sitting in the back seat clinging to Andrew and
crying softly.

Getting into the apartment, Andrew led Mitch to the bathroom to clean him up. In the bathroom Andrew gently undressed his friend taking great care not to hurt him. Mitch stood there shivering and looking around, not sure of what move to make next. Andrew draped a towel around his shoulders and started a shower. When the temperature was right, Andrew lifted the towel off Mitch and guided him into the shower. He was about to step back when Mitch grabbed him.

"Please don't leave me." He voice said wavering. Andrew put his hand on Mitch's.

"I won't leave you, I'll wait here." Mitch looked at him unsure. Andrew started to step away when Mitch grabbed him tighter. Mitch looked up at Andrew, with his eyes bleeding tears that trickled down across his battered cheeks. Andrew gently brushed them away.

"Mitch, what do you want me to do? I'll stay right here." Andrew said.

"Shower with me?" Asked Mitch quietly, his eyes lowered. Andrew stood quietly for a moment. Mitch looked down and stepped back, ashamed. Andrew reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head.

"Okay, just for you." Andrew said. With that, he shucked off the rest of his clothes and stepped into the shower with Mitch.

Andrew and Mitch walked into the lounge room a while later. Cameron glanced up and saw Andrew's wet hair and looked back down. He stayed silent as the pair sat down, then stood and left the room. Vanessa looked at Andrew curiously.

"What's with that?" She asked. Andrew cocked his head to the side.

"I think I know, wait here." As he stood Mitch grabbed him. Andrew rested his hand on Mitch's hand.

"Wait here with Vanessa while I go see Cam, I'll return shortly." Mitch nodded as Andrew hastened from the room.

Walking into Cameron's bedroom, Andrew glanced around trying to spot his missing friend. When he finally spotted Cameron sitting in the window frame he softly walked over and rested a hand on Cameron's shoulder.

"What's wrong Cam?" He asked. Cameron refused to meet his eyes.

"Nothing's wrong Andy. You should be out with Mitch, he needs you." Cameron said emotionless.

"Not when my best friend is in here with something wrong." Andrew replied.

"It's nothing Andy."

"Crap, now what's wrong?" Andrew asked again.

"It's foolish." Cameron said looking away.

"Nothing is ever foolish. Please, don't shut me out." Andrew said.

"You both came out of the bathroom and obviously showered together... I... I..." Cameron trailed off.

"What? You want to know if something happened? No Cam it didn't. I showered him is all." Andrew told him.

"Ok." Was all Cameron could say.

"Cam, come out of the window and lie on the bed. Tell me what's wrong, please?" Andrew asked. Cameron slowly dragged himself from his seat and lay on the bed. Andrew sat next to him only to be pulled down into a warm embrace. He wrapped his arms around Cam who put his head into Andrew's shoulder. Holding Cameron, Andrew lost track of time until he realised Cameron was asleep leaning on him. Slowly, he disentangled himself from Cameron and left the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Walking back into the room, Vanessa was holding Mitch close to her. As Andrew entered the room Mitch looked up quickly and shrank back. Then, realising whom it was, moved quickly to Andrew's side and clung to him for dear life. Andrew wrapped his arms around Mitch. Sitting down next to Vanessa she looked at Andrew.

"What's wrong with Cam?" She asked. Andrew shook his head.

"If I knew, I'd be a happy man." Andrew said. Vanessa nodded her head then looked towards Cameron's door. She looked back and spoke quietly.

"You look after our wounded hero, I'm going to go talk to Cam." She said. Andrew nodded and looked at Mitch, kissing him lightly on the forehead.

Andrew stood gently and pulled Mitch to his feet who looked at Andrew with fear in his eyes. Andrew gently pulled him close and kissed his forehead again. Mitch relaxed into the embrace and rested his head on Andrew's shoulder.

"Let's go to bed for a while, you look tired." Andrew said. Mitch nodded and slipped out of Andrew's arm and walked down the hallway. Andrew stopped by the kitchen and pour two glasses of juice to take in with him. When he arrived in the bedroom, he found Mitch prostrated on the bed. Andrew set the glasses down on the dresser and walked to Mitch, gently closing his legs. Mitch looked at Andrew unsure.

"I don't want that Mitch. At least, not now." Andrew said gently.

"Is it because I'm damaged goods?" Asked Mitch sadly. Andrew felt tears well up in his eyes and shook his head.

"No, it's because I want it to be for the right reasons and once you've healed." Andrew said. Mitch looked up at Andrew, his brown eyes shining.

"I want you to though Andy. I want to feel you inside me, making love to me rather than just using me like Jay did. I want to know what it is like to make love rather than just be fucked." Mitch said softly, his face lowered. Andrew reached out and gently caressed Mitch's face.

"I'm sorry baby, after what you've just been through, I don't think it would be fair and I'm reasonably sure that you will have been hurt down there. I don't want to hurt you any more." Andrew said. Mitch rolled onto his side and pulled his knees up to his chest. Andrew fetched a drink and handed the glass to Mitch.

"I got you some juice. Here, please drink it." Mitch sat up and took the drink and gingerly sipped at it. When the glass was finished, Mitch passed it back to Andrew and lay back down on the bed. Andrew lay down beside him and opened his arms to Mitch who pushed himself back up against Andrew.

A while later, Andrew woke up to find Mitch wrapped tightly around him and Cameron standing at the doorway watching, a sadness filling his eyes. Cameron saw Andrew awake and turned to leave when Andrew reached out for him to stop and then patted the bed behind him. Cameron hesitated for a moment then slowly came up and lay down beside Andrew.

"Vanessa said to say goodbye." Cameron said softly as not to disturb Mitch. Andrew nodded and turned his head so he could see Cameron. Cameron looked down into Andrew's eyes. Andrew looked back, intently searching for what lay beneath. Andrew finally spoke.

"I love you Cam." That was all Cameron needed to lean down and gently push his lips against Andrew's. Andrew pushed his lips gently back against Cameron's and kissed him softly. Andrew moaned slightly as Cameron continued to kiss him and run his fingers down Andrew's side. Cameron's hand slid up under Andrew's shirt to his chest where it started to gently play with his nipple. Andrew could feel it starting to have an effect as a familiar stirring in his loins grew. Andrew broke the kiss.

"No, we can't. I'm not setting myself up to be hurt again when you freak out and want a woman again. Aside from that, especially when Mitch is in the same bed." He breathed. Cameron leant down and kissed Andrew.

"Andy, I don't want a woman and I'm not about to freak out, you're all I want. No other man or woman." He whispered breathlessly. Andrew searched Cameron's eyes for something to tell him either way. Cameron kissed Andrew again, more insistently. Andrew felt his body respond and failed to do anything about it. Next he felt another pair of lips on his neck, kissing and sucking lightly. He looked over and saw Mitch looking back at him. Mitch looked at Andrew with wonder in his eyes. Mitch leant up to Andrew's ear and spoke softly so only Andrew could hear.

"Make love to me."

Andrew felt all resolve drop away and descended into the pleasures of the flesh.

Andrew awoke a while later facing Cameron who had his legs twisted up with Andrew's and Mitch pressed firmly against and inside him. Andrew wondered briefly if he could get out of this without disturbing the other two. As he started to try and free himself, he movements roused Mitch who pulled Andrew back against him again.

"Mmmm, you feel good Andrew." He said sleepily as he slowly started working himself inside Andrew again. The movement caused Cameron to stir who looked at them with a glint in his eye.

"Don't tell me you were starting again without telling me."

Later when Andrew awoke again, He found himself being loosely held by the other two. He slowly worked himself free and looked at the other two who had barely moved. Rinsing himself off in the shower and letting the water wash away the spent semen and sweat. Andrew felt himself and failed to notice anything until he felt a firm body push up against him. Leaning back against the chest Andrew finally spoke.

"Have we just lifted the lid on Pandora's box Cam?" Cam's hands ran up over Andrew's shoulders.

"I don't know Andy. I really don't know." Andrew finished washing his front then turned to face Cameron.

"I can't keep doing this with you Cam. It just messes with my head, you need to sort out who and what you want before this keeps going on. I love you and want to be in love with you, but I don't. You scare me with how you could build me up and destroy me just as easily." Andrew said to his friend. Cameron looked at Andrew then leant in and kissed him.

"I love you." Cameron told Andrew gently before hoisting him up. Andrew wrapped his legs around Cameron's waist. Feeling his body respond Cameron pushed up gently, seeking entry. Andrew reached behind him and grabbed the shower gel. He poured it into his hand and down over Cameron before letting Cameron slowly enter him.

As they towelled off Andrew glanced at the time and swore.

"I gotta go, I've got to get to work." Cameron nodded and grabbed Andrew by the arm and pulled him back to kiss him. Smiling, he let Andrew go who smiled back softly and ran out to get changed.

Standing at the counter, Andrew thought back over what had transpired during the day. His quietly over turning thoughts were shattered as a group of somewhat tipsy partiers walked in falling off each other. Sighing, he got to work and stopped as he

came to one of them. Jay looked him in the eye, while Andrew looked back.

"And for you Jason?" Andrew asked. The girl hanging off his arm looked at Andrew.

"Oh you know my JayJay?" She giggled. Andrew arched his eyebrow at Jason and looking him dead in the eye.

"Yes I know Jason. I have his ex-boyfriend staying at my place while his black eye heals, his broken rib mends and he goes through the therapy after being kidnapped, raped and beaten senseless by dear Jason here." Andrew said, his eyes never leaving Jay's.

"No, you're joking, JayJay and I have been together for a long time. I'd know if he was doing something like that. Only thing he's doing is me."

"Why don't you ask your dearly faithful boyfriend why he has the big graze on the top of his left shoulder?" Andrew asked. The girl stopped dead and looked at him.

"How'd you know about that?" She asked. Andrew kept his gaze on Jay who was getting more and more furious.

"Sweetheart, you haven't been listening to me. I have his ex-boyfriend staying with me. Who do you think came and found him. Oh, by the way, his name is Mitch." Andrew finished as Jay launched himself over the counter. Andrew went to stop him but instead found Jay being pinned face down onto the counter by two of Jay's friends. The girl beside him screaming.

"Mitch! You were hurting Mitch! I should be pissed at you for fucking him... but you hurt him!" She went to hit him repeatedly but was restrained by another of her friends. The food was put up for Andrew to give to the group. Andrew put it in front of them and when they went to pay he waved it off.

"Take it, just keep him away from Mitch." Andrew said darkly.

Unlocking his car, Andrew heard a noise and turned slightly only to have one hand land beside his head on the car doors. Sighing he turned around.

"What do you want Jason?" Asked Andrew. Jason grinned cruelly.

"I want you to take me to my boyfriend." He said leaning in closer to Andrew, as though to kiss him.

"What makes you think that I'll take you any where near Mitch?" Asked Andrew. Andrew jumped as he felt a sharp prick in his arm.

"Because I'm the only one who knows what's on the end of the needle that just pricked you." Jay laughed and held the needle up enough for Andrew to see. Andrew's knee flew up into Jay's groin, who double over received another swift hit which sent him into the car next to Andrew's, sounding it's alarm. As Jay went down Andrew kicked him repeatedly. Once, twice three times Andrew's boot landed on Jay. Andrew was about to put another boot in as an unknown assailant tackled him.

"Get off me!" Roared Andrew. The person behind him twisted his arm up.

"Now why would I do that man?" The stranger asked.

"So I can kill the cunt that just stuck me with a needle." Andrew yelled again. The guy holding him down looked at Jay who was lying on the ground clutching at his stomach.

"Nah dude, he's not going anywhere." The stranger stood up and yanked him up to his feet and turned him around. Andrew couldn't tell his face, with the cap pulled down low over his eyes. Something was familiar about the guy.

"You sure he stuck you?" Andrew nodded and lifted his sleeve where a puncture mark could be seen where the needle went in. The stranger turned around and searched around Jay as sirens wailed telling that police were on the way. The stranger stood up and held something up to Andrew's eyes.

"This would be the needle you were looking for." He said proudly. Andrew nodded and put his hand out.

"I'm Andrew by the way." The stranger looked up.

"I know who you are Andy." Andrew looked at him in surprise. The stranger lifted his cap off and Andrew leant back against his car.

"Troy, what're you doing here?" He breathed.

A few hours later, Andrew walked out of the police station and found Troy leaning against his car, a cigarette hanging from his mouth. They stood regarding each other for a few moments. Andrew reached out and grabbed the smoke out of Troy's mouth and stuck it in his own inhaling deeply.

"So what's going to happen with the guy?" Troy asked.

"They're going to keep him over night." Andrew said.

"And you?"

"It was self-defence, I didn't know if he was going to attack me further." Andrew said.

"Smooth Andy." Troy grinned, Andrew grinned back briefly, then looked away and took another drag of the cigarette.

"So, you going to tell me why you're back?" Andrew asked. Troy looked away then back and shrugged.

"Wanted to see what's happening, see how you and Cam were keeping." Troy said. Andrew nodded.

"You drive into town?" Andrew asked. Troy shook his head.

"Nah, bus makes an excellent mode of transport these days." Troy said. Andrew looked at him.

"Luggage?" Andrew asked. Troy just jerked his thumb towards the back seat where a beat up duffel bag sat unassumingly.

"Well, let's take you to your brother then. No promises on reception." Andrew said flicking the last of Troy's cigarette then climbing into the car.

As Andrew walked in the door he found he had Cameron as his side and Mitch standing back watching timidly.

"Are you ok? Where have you been? We've been worried sick!" Cameron bombarded him. Andrew held his fingers lightly against Cameron's lips while trying to remember where he put the duct tape. Giving up he looked at his friend.

"I had a run in with Jay, but it's ok. He's now at the police station. I got some hand from an somewhat unexpected source." Cameron cocked his head to the side. Andrew pointed behind him. A figure moved into the doorway and within three steps Cameron had made it to the guy and had him by the throat against the wall. Mitch stood there in shock.

"What's going on?" He asked stepping back. Andrew walked to Mitch and pulled him close, kissing Mitch's forehead.

"Mitch, meet Troy."

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