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bruised love

Chapter Five

December 2005

A loud crashing on the door startled Mitch out of his position curled up against Andrew. The pair looked at each other and paused the movie flickering on the television. Glancing at the screen and feeling sudden remorse for some poor starlet who had food half rammed into her mouth turned off the set as well. Cameron appeared from his room knuckling sleep from his eyes.

"What the hell? Why is the National Guard wanting into our place?" He asked sleepily. Andrew shrugged and looked him up and down.

"Well while I tell the National Guard Bin Laden is three doors down, how about you go get at least some boxers on. Mitch is starting to froth out the mouth." Andrew grinned at Mitch. Mitch looked down and blushed furiously. Andrew grinned and rubbed Mitch's head. The three stopped their banter as another round of pounding echoed from the front door. Sighing, Cameron turned into his room and pushed the door, while Andrew made his way to the front door. Standing there was Vanessa hand on hip glaring at him.

"Majesty don't like to be left outside in the cold." Vanessa said cooly.

"Majesty also got her braids done too tight by the attitude." Andrew shot back.

"Don't you be startin with me white boy. I heard about your antics at the club two weeks ago." Vanessa said. With that she glided by him. Pulling off her jacket, she handed it to Andrew to put away then proceeded down to the lounge. Andrew sighed as he put the jacket into the closet. As he closed the door he heard the delighted squeal as Vanessa found one of the other males of the house.

Walking into the lounge room he saw Vanessa squeezing Mitch tight as he struggled for air between her breasts.

"Nessa, while you may have paid a fortune for the boobs, they aren't any good. Remember where we found him?"

"Fag bar schmag bar... he's still a cutie." Vanessa through over her shoulder. Andrew stuck his head in Cameron's door

"Put on more clothes, Vanessa's here." Vanessa's head twisted around.

"Cameron's here? Cameron's undressed? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Vanessa released Mitch, shoved Andrew out of the way and bolted into Cameron's room kicking the door closed behind her. From behind the door a grunt followed by immense giggling and laughing bubbled away. Mitch looked at Andrew

"They haven't have they? They won't will they?" Mitch asked. Andrew laughed and shook his head.

"Only in Nessa's dreams."

Half an hour later, Vanessa and Cameron emerged from the bedroom. Andrew surprised himself as he felt a burn of jealousy ignite in his stomach. His eyes met Cameron's who lowered them to the ground. Mitch noticed Andrew's eyes and nudged him. Blushing furiously and stood.

"So anyone want a coke?" He asked brightly, a dazzling plastic smile on his face. Vanessa shook her head while Cameron cocked his head to the side puzzled and declined as well. Mitch stood,

"I'll come get mine." Walking into the kitchen area with Andrew, Mitch spoke up.

"It isn't over for you is it?" Andrew looked at Mitch confused. Mitch sighed and looked away then back at Andrew.

"You still have deep feelings for him don't you." Mitch said gently. Andrew looked down.

"I understand that you do, you've been closer to him than any other male in god knows how long. I understand I honestly do. I just don't know what to do now." Andrew stepped towards Mitch, his hand outstretched. Mitch saw it and took a slight step back.

"I just hope you find what you want at the end of this." Mitch said quietly before walking out of the room, leaving Andrew standing there unmoving.

Andrew finally came out of the kitchen with a coke in hand as Mitch walked down the hall in his work uniform.

"I'll catch you guys later." Mitch said waving quickly. As Mitch walked towards the front door, Andrew followed behind.

"Mitch, do you want me to drive you to work?" Andrew asked. Mitch looked over his shoulder.

"Is that because you want to or from a feeling of guilt?"

"It's because I want to Mitch. Despite not knowing what my feelings are exactly, I know you're a close friend. One that I'd put there with Cameron."

"Yeh but you'd fuck Cameron and not me." Mitch lashed out and then cringed back inside himself. Andrew looked down and away. Mitch put his hand on the door.

"I'd better go." He said. Andrew snapped his head back around.

"Wait, I'll get my keys." Mitch nodded. Andrew looked his friend over then walked up and pulled him close.

"I'm not angry Mitch. Just confused." Andrew whispered. Pulling back he went down to get his keys.

Passing by the lounge where Vanessa and Cameron were deep in discussion, he walked by and on the way back he heard Vanessa saying

"Well open up. It's started, so don't stop it. Christ, this could work out okay." Andrew walked in and the other two stopped talking and looked over at him. Feeling uncomfortable being the centre of attention Andrew nodded.

"I'm just taking Mitch to work." Vanessa and Cameron nodded as Andrew hastened towards the door.

Sitting quietly in the car, Mitch reached over and turned on the radio and some poor attempt at pop music filtered out of the speakers. Andrew continued to watch the road.

"So how are you finding everything now?" Asked Andrew finally. Mitch looked at Andrew.

"What do you mean?"

"With Jay and what happened." Andrew explained. Mitch turned his head to look out the window.

"I miss him at times. Not when he used to hit me, but the times when he was gentle and caring." Mitch replied. Andrew fell silent again as he pulled up out the front of Mitch's work. He looked at Mitch, and put his hand on Mitch's thigh.

"I'm here if you need to talk." Andrew said. Mitch nodded and got out of the car, closing the door. Andrew watched him as he walked into the building then turned and drove off. The driver of the car behind Andrew's opened their door and headed into the building following Mitch.

Later that night Andrew was sitting in watching the television when Cameron came in.

"When's Mitch due home?" Andrew leapt from his seat.

"Don't do that! I don't know, he's meant to call me when he's done. It is a bit late though, I might go see him." Andrew said rising to his feet. As he went to walk past Cameron, Cameron grabbed him and pulled him in close for a hug.

"Hey, I love you Andy." Cameron said. Andrew looked into Cameron's crystal blue eyes and felt warmth emanating from them.

"I love you too Cam you know that." Andrew said as he started to pull free of Cameron's embrace. Cameron grabbed Andrew's face and pulled his lips to his own.

The door slammed and an inky black danced around the room, Mitch couldn't focus properly on where he was.

"You miserable whelp, you've left me alone. How can I trust you?" A voice snarled at Mitch. Mitch shook his head trying to shake the cobwebs from his head. A fist came crashing into his jaw knocking him back down to the ground.

"You left me, who's been trying to help you for so long for complete strangers." Said the voice savagely. On the ground Mitch raised himself up feeling the salty warmth in mouth. Spitting out the blood onto the hard floor Mitch tried to look up only to be thrown back down again.

"Look at you there on the floor, all weak and broken." Said the voice tenderly as hands lifted Mitch's bruised face. Looking up Mitch cowered as he saw Jay's face inches from his own. There was a tenderness at the edges of his eyes which hardened in a second as a backhand threw Mitch's face to the right.

"Would have never happened if you'd stayed around like you were meant to." Jay's hands dropped Mitch to the ground. Mitch heard Jay stand up and start to stalk quietly around him.

"You lied to me about going to the club, you said you were just going to Melissa's. That's the thanks I get for looking after you. When all you had was me after mommy and daddy threw you out on your miserable faggot ass." Mitch wheezed as a Jay's booted foot connected with his stomach.

"THIS IS HOW YOU THANK ME?" Each word was accentuated with another kick in the guts. Jay stood over Mitch who was curled up into a ball, tears falling down over his face.

"Oh are you crying?" Taunted Jay. "How truly awful." With that another quick kick landed in Mitch's stomach who rolled onto his front. Jay grinned to himself and began to unbuckle his belt. Mitch heard the familiar sound and felt the tears fall faster knowing what was next.

Andrew pulled his face away from Cameron.

"What the hell is going on?" He asked. Cameron looked down then back at Andrew before turning away.

"I don't know." Was all he said before closing his bedroom door. Andrew went to Cameron's door and turned the handle, pushing the door open. Cameron was lying on his bed, an arm draped across his eyes. Andrew walked in and lay down beside Cameron.

"What's going on Cam?" Cameron rolled onto his side to look at Andrew. There was a sadness in his eyes that Andrew had never seen before.

"The other night when Anna was here, I was fucking her and all I kept trying to concentrate on fucking her and I couldn't. As I came, I didn't call out Anna. I called out Andy." Cameron admitted turning his head away. Andrew reached out to touch Cameron's face who just pulled his face away. Cameron rolled over onto his otherside, his back facing Andrew who pulled Cameron to him and spooned up behind him as he felt his friend shake lightly sobbing.

Mitch lay there lying in a pool of semen as Jay pulled his pants back up. He refused to cry, to show weakness to his tormentor. Jay spat beside where Mitch lay.

"Good to see you're still as tight as you were." Laying down on top of Mitch, pushing his semi hard cock into Mitch's ass. Mitch winced in the darkness.

"Oh it feels so good to have that there, I could go again." Jay said, his cock thickening in his pants. Mitch felt his inside breaking and tried to think of how to get out of this. Eventually he felt Jay's weight lift of his back. He heard footsteps tread on the floors, a door open and close again, with the lock being turned. Slowly Mitch lifted his head to survey his surroundings. He lifted himself up and feeling for his pants, pulled them up and fastened them, then felt mildly stupid for doing such a thing as who would there be to see him naked or not. Walking he found a light switch which he flicked, illuminating his cell. He spotted the window and ran over to it and looked out. The window had bars so slipping out them wouldn't be any good. All he could see was the wall of another building. He tried to look down to see if he could see an alley or anything. The bars allowed for nothing. Mitch stood back and looked around the room. There was a small basin affixed to one wall. Walking over he turned the tap and looked in the mirror above it. His lip was split and his left eye was starting to bruise. He lifted his shirt and looked at the black and yellow splotches that covered his front. Dropping his shirt he looked at himself in disgust and wondered where Cameron and Andrew were.

Andrew continued to hold Cameron close until his friend stopped weeping and listened to his steady breathing which signalled that he had fallen asleep. Andrew rose gently from the bed and looked back again before heading out the door. Picking up the phone he dialled Mitch's cell phone which diverted straight through to message bank. Finding it odd, he collected his keys and headed towards Mitch's work.

By the time he arrived, the day was succumbing to the hushed tones of nightfall. Looking around him, Andrew saw a few parked cars but no person standing outside. Walking up, he pushed the doors open and walked into the complex and looked around. There were a few people who he recognised from dropping Mitch off previously. Walking up to them he spoke up

"Hi guys, is Mitch done yet?" The girls looked at him.

"No, he never showed for his shift." A confused look trickled across Andrew's face.

"I dropped him off, I saw him walk in." The girls looked at each other then back at Andrew.

"Well, he never made it to his shift, sorry." Andrew chewed on his lip thanking the girls and left. Once out in his car, he pulled out his phone and dialled Vanessa's number. Relaying the message to her, she became just as worried and agreed to meet him back at the unit before they worked out where to go next.

The door slammed open and a thin light filtered into the darkened room. Mitch cowered in the corner as Jay walked into the room. He walked over and squatted down beside Mitch.

"What's wrong baby? Aren't you glad to see me?" Jay asked in a smoothly terrifying voice. Mitch didn't say anything. Jay's open hand slammed against the side of his face.

"Speak when you're spoken to. Any wonder your parents don't want anything to do with you." Jay snarle.d.

"What do you want me to say?" Mitch asked hanging his head submissivly. Jay stood and reached for his fly.

"I don't want you to say anything, just to show me how much you love me."

Andrew, Vanessa and Cameron all sat in the lounge room looking at each other.

"I'm scared for him." Andrew said finally breaking the silence. Cameron instantly moved to his side and pulled him close.

"Well all are." Cameron said quietly, his voice low and comforting. Vanessa looked at the pair then at the ground.

"Do we know where Jay lives?" She asked. Andrew searched his memory if Mitch had ever given a location and came up blank. He looked into the corner where the shadows moved like haunting moments, waiting to reach out and ensnare him.

"Well, why don't we try the RA at Mitch's dorm. He seemed to know about them a little bit." Cameron suggested. Andrew shook his head.

"Holidays, remember."

"We can still try. He might have hung back, it's not a long break remember." Cameron said. Standing up, Vanessa looked at them.

"Well let's go then." She said. Andrew stood up and headed towards the door, his step unsure and his face worried. Cameron sat there watching him. Vanessa looked at Cameron then nodded her head towards Andrew.

"Go look after him." Cameron stood and walked up behind Andrew grabbing his arm and pulling him back into an embrace. Andrew stiffly accepted the show of affection before pulling free and walking out the front door. Cameron looked back at Vanessa in despair who shook her head.

Knocking on the RA's door, there was no sound coming from inside. They knocked again and waited - still no reply. Sighing, Andrew turned back to look at the other two, then jumped as he heard the door open. There stood the RA looking at them.

"Can I help you?" He asked before recognising them.

"No, Mitch isn't in his dorm room. I don't know where he is." Said the RA.

"We know David." Said Cameron finally remembering the guys name. David got a confused look on his face.

"So how can I help?"

"Do you know where Jay lives?" Andrew said. "Mitch is missing and I have a feeling Jay may know something." David shook his head.

"No idea sorry man. I can let you into the room to have a look, see if it's written anywhere." David offered. Andrew looked at David thankfully.

"We appreciate it man. Thanks so much." David nodded before going to grab the keys to let them into room.

The foursome stood at the door as David pushed the door open. walking into the closet sized dorm room, David flicked on the light and they stood there dumbfounded at the demolition site that lay before them. It was like the room had been torn apart. Andrew stepped carefully across the massacre of bedding, clothes and other miscellaneous objects strewn across the floor. Cameron looked around surveying the damage.

"This does not bode well."

Mitch lay on the floor, his bare stomach slick with Jay's semen. He refused to move or to feel. When he heard the door close, he tentatively reached down and felt his abused body. His ass felt raw and swollen, his thighs bruised, his sides scratched. He ran his hand over his shoulder and winced as he brushed by where Jay had bitten him. His skin felt soiled, his body battered and his soul being torn apart with the breaking of his spirit. He started to cry and pray that it would end soon.

Gathered back at the apartment, the trio, now joined by David discussed what to do. Andrew stood up after a short time and started to move away. Cameron rose to follow him.

"It's ok Cam, I just need some time to myself." He said. cameron just nodded and sat back down. Inside his room, he gently fingered Mitch's bag which remained unpacked by the chest of draws that they had put there for Mitch. Trying to give himself a sense of use, he started to unpack the bag into the draws. As he was putting the clothes away he came across a book. Opening it cautiously, he saw a photo of Jay and Mitch standing infront of a house arms around each other infront of an block of units. On the back was written "Jay's first apartment" and dated only a few months earlier. Looking further into book he realised it was a planner of some kind. He flipped to the page that matched the date on the back of the photo. Andrew whooped out in joy as he saw an address written there and ran down to the others.

Pulling up out the front, Andrew peered out the window of the car and held the photo up and compared buildings. He looked back at the others triumpantly.

"We have ourselves a match." They all looked at each other and grinned at their minor victory.

"Now, we wait." Said Cameron, quoting a line off a movie he had seen sometime before but couldn't place. They all settled back into their seats and watched.

The sun had risen when Andrew awoke and saw the other three all asleep. He cursed quietly that he had fallen asleep and wished for a morning coffee. Looking over at block of apartments, he was pleasantly surprised to see Jay walking out of the front door and into his truck. When Jay was a little way off down the street, he started the car and followed behind. Cameron awoke with a start and looked around. Andrew spoke quietly.

"Jay just got in the truck ahead, we're following." Cameron nodded and sat down in his chair watching.

As the streets wound on, Andrew allowed a car to slip in between Jay and himself so it didn't look so obvious to Jay he was being followed. They drove on until they ended up in an old industrial area that Andrew didn't recognize. They watched Jay pull over out the front of a derelict building, driving further by Andrew watched in the rearview as Jay got out and headed up towards the front door. He pulled in around the corner. He and Cameron looked at each other then back at Vanessa and David who had woken up and were watching what was happening intently. The three guys all looked at each other then Andrew turned to Vanessa.

"I need you to wait here until we get back." Vanessa nodded while the three guys got out and walked cautiously back towards Jay's truck.

Mitch hear the door turn and hung his head waiting for the torture that would follow. Jay walked in and dropped a parcel infront of Mitch.

"You should eat and drink something." He said almost caringly. Mitch looked up at Jay, his left eye almost swollen shut, his lips still with dried blood on them. Jay knelt down beside Mitch.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, but you just aren't getting better and improving Mitchell. You know I love you, I just want to you to be better." Mitch hung his head and apologised.

Cameron, Andrew and David climbed the steps quietly listening for any noises they could hear. When they reached the third floor, they could hear voices and crept down the hallway between them and the voices. Jay sounded gentle almost caring. They couldn't hear anything until they heard Mitch's voice rise.

"No please, I can't. My body hurts from last time." They heard the sound of naked flesh being hit and a cry in pain. The three of them raced forwards and charged into the room to find Jay looming over Mitch's downed body.

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