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the adventures of andy

The Adventures of Andy: The Locker Room Slut.

January 12 2007

I don't know how it began. How I became the locker room slut. I was simply the towel boy. I can kind-of tell you where I think it started. I was a freshman starting my first year of college.

The boys had just left the locker room showered and primped. They had just had a much needed win from our rival college; we were going to the playoffs. They were all going to a party to celebrate the win. I thought everyone had left the locker room; I stayed over late to clean up and wash the towels. It was my job to do that, the guys were supposed to take care of their own clothing articles.

I picked up a bunch of towels, and a jock strap fell to the floor, being a fag and loving the smell of men. I bent over and I picked up the jock strap. I brought the fabric to my nose; I could smell the smell of the man that had worn it. I felt my cock stir and harden inside my pants, I dropped the towels, and took my cock out of my shorts. I stood there jacking on my cock, and smelling that sweaty jock strap.

"Look at Andy he is sniffing somebody's jock, I always knew he was a fag." I heard Curtis say to Thomas.

"Look down he is jacking on his cock too, what a nasty fag." Curtis replied.

I hurried and dropped the jockstrap, and put my cock back in my pants, I grabbed up the towels. I was embarrassed. I headed over to the wash area of the locker room. It was in the same area as the coaches' office, I just wanted to start the washer and leave. I did not know what was going to happen now? They would probably tell everybody what they saw. Curtis and Thomas followed me over to the wash area, flipping me with a wet towel on my exposed legs.

"Come on guys what are you following me for? That hurts stop it!" I said very irritated.

"I bet you would like to suck Curtis and me off? Wouldn't you? You little faggot."

I did not say anything I was terrified, I did not know what they were going to do, and I just started putting the towels in the washer.

We could force feed you the cock, but somehow I don't think we have to. Do we Andy? Curtis said.

"Probably not, I am gay; just don't be so mean guys. I will do anything you want, just don't tell anybody please! I mean I don't need the shit, and I can take care of your cocks anytime you can't get a girl to do it." I said with fear, but eagerness to please the two huge men, that intimidated my small stature.

I felt myself being pushed to the hard concrete floor of the locker room; there I was on my knees in front of those two tall muscular men.

Curtis was a blonde with extreme piercing blue eyes; he was a beautiful man. In the last couple months I had worked here I dreamed of sex with him. I had jacked off several times in the shower thinking of his cock in every open orifice of my body. Curtis's cock was huge, I had only seen it flaccid, soft it looked about eight inches, it looked thick, and had a big bulbous head covered by foreskin.

Thomas had dark curly hair with deep green eyes, he looked like a Greek God, from mount Olympus, perhaps Apollo. I had several jack off sessions involving Thomas as well. His cock was not as huge as Curtis' cock was flaccid, but to my surprise it was a grower, and when it was hard it was just as big a dick. His cock was cut, and the head looked like a big red heart.

I was on the floor; my head was pushed into Curtis's white jockey shorts by the hand of Thomas. My lips covered his cock through the fabric.

"Suck my buddies cock! It's his birthday, make him feel real good you little slut boy!" Thomas ordered me to feast on Curtis. I opened wide bringing my mouth to the bulge inside those shorts; I could feel his cock begin to harden as I munched on the bulge. I pulled the elastic band that held his balls and cock tight inside his shorts. I wanted the cock to come out the leg banding, like a pig I began my feast. I had dreamed of this cock. Now it was in my grasp. I loved how he groaned as he pushed his cock further past my esophagus, deeper he penetrated the depths of my mouth, causing me to gag as he picked up his pace face fucking me. He owned me, I was his bitch boy lost on his cock.

He grabbed my ears and started forcing more of his cock deeper in, until I could feel his balls slamming against my chin. Over and over he pulled his cock from my mouth, and then he slammed it back in with force. My own cock was throbbing harder with every thrust of his in. At times he would hold my head tight to his root cutting off my air. With my mouth full of his cock, and my nose buried in his pubic hairs. I was full of his jock cock. I have to admit that I like being treated rough.

I continued my cock munching frenzy. I felt Thomas grab onto my hard cock, he was not gentle in the way he twisted my cock between his fingers. I have to admit with the way he held my cock roughly it only made it throb more.

That's an awful big clit, you have for a little pussy boy. You sure like sucking dick don't you towel boy? Would you look at that Curtis? His cock is hard and dripping, I think he likes your cock in his mouth." He said taunting me for being gay.

"I think the little slut needs her ass beat? What do you think Thomas?" Curtis said in a mocking tone.

Yep he needs his ass beat and then fucked hard. Thomas said.

I felt the sting of a leather strap smacking my ass cheeks, back and fourth he went from one cheek to the other. Until I am sure they were a bright red on my white ass cheeks. The pain was intense, but the pleasure felt was worth it. Over and over again he slapped my ass cheeks with the belt, sending painful pleasure throughout my body. I could feel the intense pleasure in my own ball sack, and up my cock. I wanted him to latch onto my cock again hard, and pull on my balls.

"Curtis grab the bitches ears, and pull him over to that bench, he can lean on it with his little ass, so I can stick my cock up inside of him." Thomas said.

My mouth never left Curtis's cock as he pulled me by my ears. I lifted my legs up over the bench and rested my elbows on the bench, with my feet planted on the ground and my ass spread open. There was no lube around Thomas used some soap from the dispenser in the shower, to lube up his big cock.

I felt the tip of his big head at the entrance of my tight ass; my ass had been fucked before, but not by a cock this size. I thought for sure he would split me open. I did not even have time to brace myself firmly, when he pushed his cock deep inside. There I was being fucked from both ends. Every time Curtis pulled his cock to the entrance of my lips, Thomas would slam his cock deep inside my ass; in a twisting motion. The man knew how to fuck an ass. Over and over this went on, for a half hour in this position. Our bodies were sweaty as hell.

"Oh fuck you fucking little bitch suck that fucking cum from that cock." Curtis yelled out

Curtis was the first to cum, filling my mouth with a large amount of cum, he pushed his cock further in. All I could do was swallow his seed. Jolt after jolt hit the back of my throat. His cum was like drips of honey, I sucked his seed dry he pulled his cock from me and sort of stumbled back against the locker.

Oh you are one little cock sucker, you little slut. Curtis said.

Thomas began to pound in and out of my ass, I am sure it was from watching me drain his friends cock. He was really fucking my little ass hard, and pulling my hair, bringing my head back. I began to really twist my ass around his cock with every thrust of his hips. Thomas would bury his bone massaging my prostrate, making my cock throb uncontrollably; I thought for sure he was going to make me cum without touching myself, Thomas certainly was passionate as he was fucking me, I loved the way he would pull his cock all the way out to the tip, and then shoving it all the way back in. Long and fast strokes, in and out. Every time he would do that you could hear the air being pushed back inside. I began to squeak when his cock would go back in.

He pulled his cock from my ass, just as quick as he put it in my ass, leaving me empty, wanting him back inside of me. He came around the bench bringing his hard dripping cock in front of my face. He was jacking his big cock getting ready to shoot his cum on my face. I opened my mouth as an invitation to let him shoot his cum off on my tongue.

Oh fuck I am going to fucking cum, you want my load don't you? You are a fucking cum pig!

"Yes give me your cum! Come on bitch let me have it!" I said.

He placed his cock head at the entrance of my open mouth, dumping a huge load of his hot sticky cum in to my mouth. I had my cock in my hand I began to pull on it really hard. I got spurt after spurt of hot cum down my throat. With his last jolt of cum I shot my load on the bench where I had been fucked. I was pulled to my feet by my hair, and slammed in to the lockers behind me.

"Now you listen to me you little fag! Don't you fucking tell anybody what happened here you got that faggot? Or I will kick your fucked ass. I want to hear you say yes!" Thomas said as he shoved his finger in to my chest poking me three times hard.

"Yes I got that Thomas!" I said with fear, after all he was twice the size of me, and I really was not a fighter, I don't know why he was all worried, I was not going to say anything.

"Come on Thomas he isn't going to say anything, he wants these cocks again, so let him go!" Curtis said in a friendly manner.

"Just remember what I said Fag!" As Thomas turned me around and slammed me hard down on to the bench.

I said nothing as I watched them head naked in to the shower room, my ass was sore from the pounding and the spanking I had gotten. But in spite of the rough treatment I certainly had been fucked well. Maybe that's where it started me being the team cum slut? Or maybe it was on another night?

I had wanted to be a football player but I was too small even for the position of quarter back, I just did not have the stature or the size to be a football player. I was fit for my size I was 5ft 7in tall, about 136 lbs soaking wet. I was like two percent body fat every inch of my little frame was hard as steel. With my long brown hair and my deep hazel eyes, I got a lot of looks from men and woman. I am only interested in the looks I get from men, though it is flattering to have the girls look too.

I was studying sports medicine so getting the position with the team as the water boy/ towel boy/ team slut. Was a big deal for me. I got to be around studsÖI mean athletes. I was cleaning up again after a game. Every one was gone except for Chuck.

"Hey Andy can you come here and help me? I think I pulled my hamstring, I sure would like for you to rub it buddy" Chuck asked me very nice.

Chuck was our Quarterback, he had just been brought on to the team as a freshmen player this year, and he had already been the cause for three wins in the first month, so he was quite the team hero. Chuck was from Texas; Chuck always wore his tan Stetson hat when he was not on the field. More than once I saw him wander around the locker room in nothing but his hat. What I liked most about him was his eyes and his smile. What was below the belt line was fine as hell as well. It made my mouth water and my ass twinge at the thought of him inserting it in either orifice. He stood about 6ft 2in tall, he had dark wavy hair cut at the shoulder; I loved the way his hair looked when he took off his hat. He just looked like a tall cowboy. A very young George Strait comes to my mind when I look at him.

"Sure Chuck I can rub that hamstring for you, I would be honored." I said kind of shy.

I came over to the bench where Chuck was setting; he was wrapped in a towel, I am sure he had nothing else on underneath, he had just come out of the shower, and he was still somewhat wet. I knelt in front of him; I could see the form of his cock pressed tight against the towel. I started to rub the area on his leg where the hamstring is located.

"Can you rub up a bit higher" He said with a smile. I slowly moved up the leg to the knee cap. "Rub higher than that, would you please?" Chuck said as he winked at me. My hand traveled up the thigh; under the towel I felt the tip of his cock.

"Is this high enough Chuck?" I said with a look of innocence.

"Yes can you see how hard it is? It is throbbing hard! I don't know, if it don't get some fluid released itís going to explode? Do you know anything about releasing fluid from a muscle?" He said looking down at his hard cock through the towel.

"Maybe I can figure something out? Let me look at the problem in more detail." I said as I pulled the towel away exposing his semi hard cock. I loved the way his cock looked. It was the perfect instrument for pleasuring a willing partner.

His cock head was purplish in color. I loved the way his cock started out thinner at the top of his cock, and thickened at the base.

"Maybe, Chuck, if I move my hand up and down, and around and around, it might help to release some pressure?" My thumb and forefinger stopped to massage the tip of his cock. I pulled the pre-cum from the slit in his cock, and it came out of the tip like a string. I brought my pre-cum covered fingers up to my mouth and licked the pre-cum from them.

"Oh yes we need to get more of that sweet juice out of you, I would not want you to explode. I think your muscle needs some other type of help? Can I put my lips around it and see if that makes it feel better?" I said with shyness. "I think that's what I need?" Chuck moaned.

I had Chuck lie down and bring his ass all the way down to the end of the bench. Having him rest his legs on the floor, spreading his legs wide open. I then could easily suck his cock. I then wrapped my legs around the pole that supported the bench, with my ass planted on the floor. I was not kneeling, but setting comfortably between his legs. His cock eye was staring me in my face.

I greedily opened my mouth taking his huge cock inside. Lapping at his tip and shaft, I could only get about half of his cock in my mouth because he was so huge at that base. I could not get my mouth open wide enough to take in more of his cock. What I could not get inside my mouth, I started to jack off with my hand. With my mouth and hand moving up and down his shaft he started to rock his hips. I started to deep suck his cock.

I could hear the suction my mouth was making around his cock, as I sucked for every thing I was worth. He was moaning with pleasure every time I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue; Chuck was extra sensitive in that area. It drove him wild when I would tease his cock with my tongue. I ran my tongue over his cock head every time I would pull my mouth off his cock.

"Oh come on lick my ass Andy, please!" Chuck demanded.

I was surprised that this man wanted his ass played with. Maybe he liked to get fucked, I thought? I moved my mouth down to the opening of his ass, pushing my tongue inside his asshole.

"Oh fuck yes chew on my ass..." Chuck started to move his ass back and fourth on my tongue.

I still had his cock in my hand jacking on it. I then put my lips back around his hard throbbing shaft. I placed one, then two fingers inside his tight puckered up hole. I had visions of stuffing his ass with my cock. I continued to suck his cock and fuck his ass with my fingers. All you could see was the white of his eyes, he was lost in pleasure.

I moved my mouth from his prick and said. "Can I fuck you?

Yes fuck me! I need you to fuck me! He said wildly.

I then pulled my legs from under the bench and brought myself up kneeling on my knees. My cock was right at the opening of his ass. He wrapped his long muscled legs around my tiny frame as I pushed my cock inside. He went wild bucking his hips into me, causing my cock to respond. Deeper I pushed. Further I explored the cravenness depths of his insides. I was fucking him, or was he fucking my cock? What I felt was tiny fingers massaging every inch of my cock, sending pulses of pleasure throughout my entire body. I was ready to cum; I could not cum until I had pleased this sexual, thriving man.

I was able to suck on his cock because I am not very tall, and I am agile, and with the position I was in I was able to keep my cock in his ass, and wrap my lips around his hot leaking cock. This was an awkward position, yet pleasurable none the less. I could not get much of his cock inside my mouth. We were able to get a rhythm going. Soon we both screamed out. I was the first to cum inside his ass. I felt his ass clamp down around my cock. I felt his cock head expand inside my mouth as he was shooting his seed. I swallowed what I could of his pent up load. It overflowed and dripped down on his abs, rolling down to the base of his cock. I felt the last spurt of my own orgasmic release shoot up inside his fucked hole.

I collapsed onto his chest. My cock fell from his ass. We were both spent, lost in ecstasy. That feeling of total sexual satisfaction one gets from good sex. I reached up, and pulled myself up his chest. With no resistance, our lips met and we kissed.

Later that night, after along shower, we found each other at Chuck's apartment. I was glad he had an apartment off campus. He fucked my ass until it was raw. But that's another story for perhaps another time.

Word from the author: This is my first tale of Andy. He was a hot little Italian from the old neighborhood. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, or perhaps the not so innocent. I hope you will come to enjoy the Adventures of Andy. Each tale is a complete story not a part of another story. Have fun!

R.R. Pearce

Edited by: Andy Stories K.Smith

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