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the adventures of andy


The Adventures of Andy: The Glory Hole Box at the Lambda House

January 12 2007

"Come on Andy we need to go, I have been waiting for you for a half hour. I need to get home its Christmas Eve, and Stan is waiting for me. If you don't hurry I am going to leave you here. I can't pass up Stan's cock while you look for a new dildo. "Mike said to Andy.

"I am not looking for a dildo bitch; I want a new cock ring! Just go spin on Stan's cock I will catch a cab!" Andy said to his friend Mike.

"Are you sure I mean I promised we would spend the day together, but you know Stan doesn't get in to town very often. He has such a pretty cock." Mike said.

"I know you're his booty call, its ok Cock before friendship, I mean I would of already been gone, if I had a cock waiting. It would not matter to me if I had plans with a friend or not. Just go I will be alright." Andy said as he was trying to put the guilt trip on his friend.

"I am not lucky like you; I take what I can get, so I guess I am his booty call." Mike said kind of sad.

Andy kind of felt sorry for his friend Mike. Mike is not the best looking guy in the world and for that fact neither is Stan. Mike has a heart of gold and often gets taken advantage of by some of the guys he hangs out with. Mike is willing to do just about anything to hook up with a guy, to keep from being lonely, and often it involves money allot of the times.

"I am sorry I did not mean that, at least Stan is not taking you for your money, who knows Stan and you might hit it off. He actually is the perfect man; he rolls in to town in his big Eighteen Wheeler. Stan cum's and then he is gone."

They said their farewells, and Andy headed down the street. He was looking for a new cock ring, but he was not having much luck in finding what he wanted. So he decided to head down to the Brass Rail and have a few drinks and talk to a few men perhaps he might hook up on Christmas Eve. While Andy is walking towards the bar this van pulls up along side of him.

Hey Andy you want a ride? Where you going? You want to party, we have some fun lined up; you want to come and be the party at the fraternity, and get paid for it? Curtis said.

Andy knew Curtis; he had satisfied Curtis's cock a few times. So he stopped.

"Be the party and get paid? How is that?" Andy asked.

"Well see we have crafted a roomy box, very comfortable inside well lit it has holes drilled through for sucking cock, or getting fucked. We call it the party box the person inside the box is the party for thirty or forty guys depends on the turn out. We charge fifty dollars for a ticket to the party; you get twenty dollars of each ticket sold." Curtis said.

"What if those guys find out they are getting blown by a guy? Don't you think they would be pissed off? That's fucked up Curtis!" Andy said.

"Come on Andy no one will know it's you, in the box that's the glory of it. You set in the box and wait for someone to stick his cock through the hole. Curtis said.

"So what happened to the person you had lined up to do this, they get sick or something?

We had a prostitute lined up to set in the box; she got arrested for turning a trick this morning "Curtis said to Andy.

"How many tickets have you sold?" Andy asked.

"I think a hundred or so." Curtis said

"That's two thousand dollars! I want half up front! Or I don't blow!" Andy said snidely.

"Come on you can trust me, to pay you when the job is done. You know you like sucking cock, and eating cum believe me I know if you can't trust me Andy I won't ever let you suck my cock again!" Curtis said with an attitude.

"Curtis please cut the shit, you know you like your cock sucked by me, as much as I like sucking it! You have been in my dorm room every Monday morning for a blow job, since that night in the locker room.

"Yes so!" Curtis said.

I have not come looking for you! I might be a slut but I am not stupid Money talks, and the bullshit stops, or the cum sucker walks." Andy said as he turned and headed towards the bar.

"Wait I will give you half now, please get in the party starts in half an hour." Curtis said as Andy got in the van with his hand out. Curtis reluctantly pulled out his wallet and counted out one thousand dollars.

Andy wonders will he be able to handle getting one hundred cocks off by him self. Will he be able to eat that much cum? Well for two thousand dollars he was going to give it one hell of a try, He may not want cock for awhile, after he has completed the task.

They arrive at the fraternity, and Curtis takes Andy upstairs through the back staircase, and they enter a bedroom, then a bathroom that shares a big recreation room, that is used for parties and such, through the door leading out to the recreation room, is where the glory hole box has been set up.

Andy enters the box through the bathroom door, when he closes the bathroom door he is secure inside the box. The box is covered in black leather in the interior. There is a comfortable chair also in black leather, inside positioned right of the door. Directly in front of the chair is the hole drilled and padded with black leather, the hole is big enough to house the biggest of cocks, with enough room for the occupant to get his balls through the hole. There is also enough room inside the box, if the cocksucker inside wants to get fucked this can be accomplished comfortably. On the other side of the box the person sliding his cock through the hole. Enters through a curtain and is blindfolded they have no idea who is sucking on their cock.

Andy notices on a table right next to the chair, there is a basket with lots of condoms within it, and a big bottle of lube, there is also several different flavors of motion lotion. With the smell of the leather it activates a sense this box was designed for anonymous sex.

Andy undresses leaving none of his clothes on, to his surprise with the lighting and the soft music pumped inside the box. With the smell of rawhide, His cock begins to throb; there is a light in the ceiling that spot lights the hole. Andy licks his lips anticipating the first cock to enter the hole, he hears someone enter the other side of the room, with the spotlight on, it lights up the entrance to see the cock come through.

The first cock that came through the hole was about ten inches long, and two inches thick with a nice big round head made for sucking. Andy the campus cocksucker lowers his lips to take the big bulbous head inside his eager college mouth. Andy likes the fact that the cock is soft there is nothing better for a cocksucker, then to blow life in to a limp cock, and make it stand at attention. Eagerly he laps at the cock until it begins to grow to full size within the lips of Andy's mouth.

"I bet you are a pretty girl behind that wall sucking my cock. You sure are a good cocksucker." The voice from the other side of the wall said.

Andy almost busts up laughing, but he holds the snicker inside, as he continues to suck on this huge pole. Making sure that he engulfs the entire shaft down his cock expert mouth filling his throat with the cock; over and over again he slobbers the cock up and down making the cock twinge in fury, every time he moves his tongue around the tube licking the pee slit that gives the delightful sap, that will reward the cocksucker for his efforts. The man behind the wall begins to move his cock in and out of the hole, pounding Andy's mouth, causing him to gag with every stroke. Andy licks and sucks the cock until he feels it begin to expand.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck I am going to cum!" the man said.

His cum shoots up through his well sucked cock just as Andy his beginning the decent down his shaft. Andy holds his cock and begins to hard suck his cock, sucking him as he expels his cum onto Andy's tongue. Andy drinks every drop from this cock. Andy wants more cock. The man pulls his cock through the hole leaving him empty.

No sooner then his cock is pulled through the hole, another one takes its place. The new cock is six inches long and not too big in thickness. Andy does not have to work hard to get the cock hard. No sooner then Andy placed his lips around the cock and began moving his mouth up and down the shaft a few times, the man shoots his load in to Andy's mouth filling him with a huge load of cum, and some of it drips down his chin. The man pulls his cock quickly from the hole and Andy's mouth.

"Let's keep it moving men the cocksucker has been paid well so let's get our monies worth if you want to fuck the bitch ask her." Curtis said from the other side of the wall.

Andy continues to suck cock over and over again he takes a load after load his stomach is filled with cum. Andy's face and chin have cum all over it, gobs of cum are dripping down his face he truly is cum covered. Andy has sucked nine cocks and taken every load. Andy needs a break for a little while; he then pushes the red button indicating that he is going to take a break. The red button activates a neon sign that displays opened or closed on the outside of the glory box.

Andy heads in to the bathroom to clean up, his jaw is sore. Andy hears voices in the bedroom; he can hear two men chatting. He walks in to the bedroom to see two cute men of about twenty five sitting on the bed chatting.

"I wonder how many cocks he sucked off, before he took a break." Andy heard one of the men say.

"I don't know but I sure would like to get in that room, I came here to suck those frat boys off, Curtis is paying me two hundred dollars, and all the cock I can suck." The other man said.

"Yep he is paying me the same, I sure love sucking cock, and I hope I get fucked too. The first man said.

"Excuse me guys I am Andy 'I was hired this evening to suck cock; I am sure glad Curtis got some help. You can suck as many cocks as you can handle, I heard there is upwards to maybe a hundred cocks I have already sucked ten, and I have only been here forty five minutes." Andy said with a smile. Andy neglected to tell these two dimwits how much he was making.

The men look up at Andy they are both blondes, and very handsome they are a few years older then Andy.

"Ok I am Paul I am going to go start my shift; I will see you after ten cocks.

"I am Brian, How come Paul gets to go first!

"Hi Brian and Paul, I don't care which one of you goes first my mouth needs a break." Andy said.

Andy's cock is still semi hard from all the action his mouth had received; Brian can clearly see because Andy is still naked.

"Nice Cock and ass you have! Brian said to Andy.

"You want to fuck my ass." Andy said.

"Maybe later I don't think we were hired to fuck each other, but I am putting you on my list of men to do." Brian said.

Ok I am adding you to my list as well. Andy Said.

Andy looked up at the monitor mounted to the wall above the bed, he could see Paul taking care of a mans cock. They were video taping the action in the box. About that time four men entered the room naked, with only leather hoods covering their faces; they grabbed a hold of Brian and Andy and blindfolded them, leading them through a maze of doors suddenly they stopped abruptly.

"Take the clothes off the one that is dressed and place him bent over that bench with his legs apart, and strap his wrists to his ankles. Do the same with the naked one, and then grab the third one from the glory box and do the same." They herd a voice say.

Andy felt himself being roughly pulled and then shoved down over what felt like a leather bench that supported his head. His arms where pulled down in some holes cut in to the bench. Then he felt some chains clasp around his wrists, and then clasped to his ankles. He knew his ass was sticking straight up, he couldn't move he was wide open for anyone that wanted to use his mouth or ass.

"We are not going to hurt you three slaves you simply are the party for fifty tops. Do you understand that you will be fucked by several cocks? As you can see we are into total submission on your part. If you want this to end now tell us and we will set you free. You are being video tapped. Now is the time to back out, if you do please understand all monies promised will be forfeited. You little tramps wont get anything. I need to hear you agree to the terms on video tape. Remove the hoods." The voice said.

As the blindfolds were removed, Andy, Paul and Brian where under bright lights, and it was hard for their eyes to adjust to the lights.

Is your name Andy, do you agree to the festivities say yes master I do. The voice said.

"Yes Master I do." Andy said after all Andy was being paid good money, there was no way he was going to back out.

All three of the boys agreed to what was about to happen. They understood that they would be fucked and would be sucking allot of cocks throughout the night. They had been tricked to come to this frat party for some deviant sex.

Andy felt the stinging pain of his ass being slapped by a belt, or some sort of leather strapping it made his cock hard and throbbing as he was being abused. He looked around and he could see that the other two men were going trough the same thing. They were screaming out in pain as they were being slapped.

"Go ahead lick his ass Slave." The master said to Andy

"Yes sir Master!" Andy said he was learning real quickly, that obedience would be rewarded with pleasure.

The black mans ass was pushed in to Andy's face, he slipped his tongue inside that black ass, the man was moaning out in pleasure as Andy made laps inside his tunnel cleaning the ass with his tongue. Andy could feel his ass cheeks being parted and lube being applied to his hole, he then felt the cold tip of what felt like a large Dildo being pushed inside his ass. The same thing was being done to the others. Paul was really loud when they shoved the dildo up inside him.

"Oh please Master I have never been fucked by anything that big, let me get used to it please Master." Paul said loudly then he screamed out as the shaft was being pushed inside the depths of his asshole.

Here suck on this cock bitch and don't you bite, or I will spank your ass even harder slave. His Master commanded.

The Man shoved his dripping cock so far down Paul's throat that all you could hear was muffled gags as the man pushed his eight inch cock down deeper inside, The three of them were helpless and at the mercy of the Masters.

Brian was screaming out someone was putting a cock binder on his cock and balls, as Brian was getting fucked by a huge dildo just like the other three were, before long the three boys all had huge cocks stuffed in their mouths, muffling any noises of pain, soon the pain became pleasure as they all had their cocks and balls bound tight.

Andy felt the dildo being removed from, his ass and the black man that Andy had been feasting on came up behind him and placed his throbbing, and leaking cock at the entrance of Andy's ass, another cock from another man was shoved inside his mouth there he was being fucked and sucking on another cock. Andy could not move he had to rely on the muscles in his ass to massage the black cock as it slammed in and out of him like a bullet, over and over again the man pushed his ebony cock up inside the depths of his fucked hole. Over and over again the man fucking his face pulled it in and out, gagging him with every stroke. His partners with their asses high were being fucked and sucking on cocks.

"It's Time to switch!" The master said.

The three men fucking the three boys have switched places. With the three that had been getting their cocks sucked. Andy could taste the taste of lube and latex from the condoms that the other three men wore, that had been fucking them. It did not take long for the six men to come to orgasmic climax; it seemed they shot their loads in unison.

Andy heard the other two scream out in ecstasy. Andy felt cum boiling up in the man that he was sucking. He tasted the salty taste of cum that hit the inside of his mouth, some cum hit his eye with the next spurt. He ate what he could of the load. The man that had been fucking him pulled his cock from his ass. And shot his hot creamy load on to his back, covering him with yet another load of cum.

This scene was repeated over and over again until the three boys, fucked and sucked every cock that was part of the fuck party. When they had finally finished the last of the men they were released from their restraints. It felt good to get the bindings off their cocks.

"Now you can take care of the others, make sure you suck the rest of these hard cocks and then you can cum yourselves, after you clean all the cum off of each other, and out of each other, before you shoot your own loads" The Master said.

There were about twenty men that had not been part of the fuck party they had been spectators and their cocks were dripping ready to cum, from all the action they had witnessed they needed their cocks sucked. The slaves had been instructed to get on their knees and the twenty men surrounded them. Each man was sensitive and ready for release, it did not take much sucking to get those cocks off, what cum the boys could not eat landed all over them, when they finished they were cum covered from head to toe, they had not been allowed to touch themselves.

"Now boys it is time to clean yourselves up, you can now lick the remaining cum off of each other and the floor, Don't you fucking cum you little perverts. Because the finally is coming up, you certainly have earned your money tonight" The Masters said.

All the other men accept for the three that had been the spectators giving the orders remained. Andy, Brian and Paul began the task of licking up every drop of cum that was on them, and on the floor, they even found the rubbers and drank every drop of cum from them. When they had finished their cocks were hard as rocks ready to explode at any second.

Ok you slaves you have done a good job of cleaning up, now it's time for the Masters to get to fuck you!" The three men then pulled the hoods from their heads exposing themselves to the three good little cock suckers. Each master grabbed his boy and pulled him next to him. Andy's Master was Conrad Baines. Conrad was a big tall Samoan with muscles on top of muscles when he removed his robe. Andy gasped at the size of his hard cock.

"Come on with me little man!" Conrad said to Andy.

Like a little puppy dog Andy followed the man that had controlled him for the last four hours. Curtis and Thomas were the other Masters for the other two boys; we all headed in the direction of each of the Masters bedrooms.

Conrad lay on the bed with his cock sticking straight up, he ordered Andy to get on the bed and place his tiny ass onto his big cock facing him, Andy done just what he was told this man had caused him pleasure and pain, and now he was getting the big cock, a cock only one dreams of having. Conrad's cock was the size of a sixteen ounce glass coke bottle; the head was shaped like the tip of a torpedo, cut and exposed. Conrad's cock had a bend in it that thickened to the base; the veins looked like small fingers encircling the cock from head to base. One of those cocks that will massage the prostrate with just the veins, you could see the blood pumping in the cock through the main vain that went from base to head.

Andy's ass slipped over that cock, and passed the ring of Andy's ass, with little problem, after all Andy was wide open he had been fucked by so many different men this night even he lost count. Andy let out a scream of pleasure as Conrad pushed his dick deep inside of Andy's asshole. Andy could feel it rub across his prostrate as Conrad's massive cock throbbed inside him. Conrad began to up thrust his cock inside deeper he went; over and over he pushed his cock inside of Andy's rump, fucking him faster with every thrust, sending pleasure through out Andy's body. Andy could not hold out any longer all those cocks came to his mind as he was being plowed by the granddaddy of cocks.

"I am fucking Cumming." Andy yelled out. He could not help it never before, had he not had control over his orgasm, never before would he cum as hard as he was now, never before had he ever felt this much pleasure. "Oh my Fucking god I am fucking Cumming." Andy's cum shot up and hit the picture above the head bored, over and over again he shot his cum, until there was none left. He could feel the pain inside his ball sack as he expelled the last of his seed.

This made Conrad fuck him even harder, until Conrad shot his load deep inside his boy slave. Then he continued to pound in and out of him till he had shot ever drop up inside Andy. Andy collapsed on to his Master.

"Time to go Slave, I don't sleep with anybody." Conrad said with no feeling.

This did not bother Andy; Andy enjoyed the sex, and the lust of so many cocks, on one Christmas Eve.

After Andy got home he counted his money, Curtis drove him home, he had earned Two thousand dollars, The other two guys were lured the same as he had been for some rich kids to get off. Maybe there never was a Prostitute? Then he realized he and the other two were the prostitutes. Andy sort of felt bad that the other two settled for so little, oh well their loss and his gain. He certainly had earned his money he had a sore ass, and would not need to be fucked for a few days. Anyway perhaps this is the end of a great night. He did have a date with Brian. Marry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.


Word from the Author: Hi Readers I hope you enjoy the depths of my mind, Please Write and tell me what you think and vote! I intend on posting a new Andy story every couple weeks. My next tale about Andy poor guy spends a weekend in Jail. Will he survive it? You will just have to wait and see. Remember each Andy Story is a stand alone story not a part to another story.


Edited by: Andy Stories K.Smith

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