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queer religion wars

My Number One Favorite:ďItís against nature!Ē

Itís the mantra of the Christian and they like to intone in their best Jerry Farwell voice.

Itís against nature for us to wear clothes. Itís against nature for us to use a toilet instead of doing what the animals do. Where do animals go to the bathroom? Wherever they have to, whenever they feel the urge. Itís against nature to get into a machine made of tin and drive it down the road at 60 to 80 miles an hour. Itís against nature to build buildings into the clouds. Itís against nature to get into a 60 ton machine and hurl yourself through the air thirty-thousand feet off the ground, at 600 miles per. Itís against nature to marry one person and live with that person for the rest of your life (know of any animals that do that?). Itís against nature to watch HBO and drive up to a window and order processed beef byproducts called hamburgers. Itís against nature to cut into a person and slice away cancer cells with light. Itís against nature to get pregnant using artificial methods when itís already been shown that you canít have children. All these things are things that we donít do naturally, so why is it okay to do them now? The very fact that weíre human is beyond anything that nature could have imagined. We are the only creatures on earth to be given the ability to reason, to think, and to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We are the only creatures who can manipulate our environment, who can build civilizations and govern ourselves (okay, theoretically govern themselves).

Thatís part of what makes us unique as humans. We have an ability to do things that maybe arenít in our nature: such as fly in airplanes and send men to the moon. If you look at the animal kingdom (as many Christians want to do in trying to prove that nature doesnít behave this way), you will also find that there are many animals that donít have families. Most animals mate, and then the males of the species disappear and the mother is left to fend for herself. In some species, the mother even disappears soon after the young are born or hatched. Some mothers eat their young, some animals prey on other animals.

Not every sheep is born white. Some white cats have black spots. Some black cats have white spots. Wolves have very distinctive patterns. Trees and plants have different patterns. Thatís natural. The fact that some people would be gay or lesbian is a testament to nature and her love for diversity. Nothing in nature looks one-hundred percent like its counterpart, even at its most basic structure, the DNA.

Iíve often wondered if maybe homosexuality wasnít natureís way of slowing down the population so that she could guarantee enough room for everybody. As the old Jewish saying goes, ďGod makes more people, but he doesnít make more land.Ē And right now, with the population of the planet expanding exponentially, aside from a major disaster, this is how natureís going to have to slow the population. If she had to do it another way, it would be more drastic and more violent. I prefer this way. So in that sense, we may even be saving the planet.
So my response here is that ďNature has her own plan, and itís not my job to tell here what that is. Instead, accept the flow. After all, I donít see Nature singling out any group of people for any reason. She support all equally. All evil in the world is brought about by people/hate, not by Nature.Ē

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