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eye candy

Peter's Desktop wallpapers

Superdrewby searches the web for the best tools, information and content for it's members and this time we have really found something special! Peter is an outstanding digital artist who has created a whole lot of very erotic male desktops for your computer. A small selection of which is provided below for you to download.

Peter also has a website with a whole lot more desktop images including images of fully naked men as well. So if your tastes run to something a little but more risque have a look at: you can also email Peter at  and tell him what you think of his great designs!

Instructions for downloading and installing the desktops (windows only)

  1. Click on the image of your choice and it will open in a new window
  2. When the image has completed downloading right click on the image
  3. Choose Set As Background
  4. The image will now appear as your background image

If your screen is larger than the image right click on your desktop

  1. Choose Properties
  2. In Properties choose Desktop
  3. Select Position to Stretch
  4. Click OK

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