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Steriod Abuse

Many bodybuilders both amateur and professional are at one time or another tempted to take steroids to increase their gains and quickly bulk up. However the use of anabolic steriods among gay men is quite prevelant beacuse of the higher than average body image perception problems. Steriod abuse is very dangerous and has very specific and well documented side effects. There is no reason to take steroids other than properly prescribed by a GP or other medical professional and the gains made with the use of steroids can be quickly lost and are obvious to most people.

The bottom line with steroids is that you should avoid them completely and get your weight and muscle gains from natural sources, such as protein, creatine and colostrum. Steroid abuse in your teenage years can leave you with many health problems that you will end up regretting for the rest of your lives.

If the following list of side effects is not enough to scare yout hen think of this - most anabolic steroids that are sold to top people have been made for use in animals like horses, sheep and cattle. Ask yourself whether or not you want to put stuff in your body that is made for animals?

Common Side Effects


One of the most common of all side effects is increased or newly developed cystic acne on the shoulders, chest and back. Those big muscle mary's with severe acne all over their bodies may be a result of steroid abuse, and this is by far the most common side effect.


Whilst steroids so not cause balding they increase the baldness in people who are going to lose it anyway. So if you have heriditary baldness already in your genes and you start using steroids when you are in your late teens or early twenties, then you could end up bald at 25 instead of thinning at 35.

Pyschotic Episodes

Everyone has heard of "roid rage" where some guy on the pills has these almost psychotic episodes where they end up overreacting to the smallest of things. Bad tempers can turn into violent beahviours. Many murders and serious assualts have been attributed to steroid abuse.

Cardiovascular Disease

Steroid use increases the incidence and potential for cardiovascular disease by increasing the cholesterol in your blood stream. This in turn can cause heart attacks, angina and strokes, even in young and seemingly healthy people. It's not like just getting old, your cholesterol can increase so much that you can have the same sort of heart problems as someone in their sixties, even if you are only in your twenties!


This is a real doosy! Gynecomastia is otherwise known as "bitch tits' where guys develop what looks like for alln intensive purposes female breasts. The body overdevelops glands under the nipples and as these glands grow they look like small female breasts. Although this can occur quite naturally and not everyone who has this problem is abusing steroids the condition can be severely increased by steroid use.


Headaches are often felt by bodybuilders and especially those who are taking steroids. The exact reason is not fully known but it is believed to be because of the hormonal imbalance caused by the steroids.

Kidney Problems

Some steroid compounds have appeared to have an adverse effect on kidney function. This, like most of the side effects described, has a higher tendency to exist when longer durations or high dosages are being consumed. The kidneys main purpose is to filter toxic byproducts, and excrete them. Whenever a person is on any type of drug, their kidneys are under more stress than ordinary.

Liver problems

With the use of oral steroidal compounds in particular, liver damage can occur. A condition called Peliosis Hepatis is rare but is certainly life threatening, because it not usually found until the liver is completely shut down or until an intra-abdominal hemorrhage develops.

Immune System

Some steroid supplements such as testosterone can provide an improved immune system state, making it easier to recover and ward off viral illnesses. The body then becomes somewhat dependent on the steroid supplementation and must be rejuvenated after the supplementation has been discontinued.


With prolonged use of a steroid, eventually, the man will feel less sexual desire, and will be less capable of maintaining an erection. Luckily, this is only temporary as well and can even be totally prevented with the use of substance such as Gonakor and HCG. Also when the steroid use is discontinued, the body’s natural level of testosterone (like the immune system) will certainly be suppressed.

High Blood Pressure

Steroid abuse can cause high blood pressure and this can have a really serious effect on your entire health and wellbeing. High blod pressure can cause heart disease, strokes, kidney failure, liver failure and a higher than usual incidence of other diseases.