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The O2 XDA is the best mobile phone and PDA all in one device on the market. nothing else even comes close to this very cool device!

I have had this phone for about three months now and I totally love it! I did a lot of reserach to find out what was on the market for replacing my mobile phone and PDA into one device and had a list of things that I wanted


Cool Points


I had a look at the TREO, the new Nokia's, Seimens and other phones and this was the best and it far outstripped anything else.

The XDA does almost everything you could want and then some, my only complaint with the phone is in the software for sending SMS (text messages). The mobile phone number does not show the name of the person sending the message instead it only shows the phone number. I have hard that the software will be upgraded soon so this small bug will be fixed.

My bottom line is if you want an all in one device that truly meets all your needs and is way ahead of anything else on the market then this is it!

I take the XDA everywhere and just pop it in my pocket of my jeans or suit - although I do worry a bit about breaking it, but all in all this is the best!

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