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Apple iPod Review

Superdrewby September 2004

The hottest gadget on the planet at the moment is the Apple iPod music player. There is a virtual sub culture of those who own an iPod and itís growing by the day. Itís a culture that you canít escape from, as you walk down the street, go to the gym, sit on the bus you are surrounded by people sprouting the distinctive white and silver earbuds.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years youíve been swamped by the hype surrounding this amazing gadget. The iPod is so much more than simply a music device and its following has take on an almost religious meaning!

The allure of the iPod starts with itís sexy sleek white almost translucent design and simplicity of use. But then itís ability to store up to 10,000 of your favorite music tracks is phenomenal and has seen rise to some people claiming an ď80gb Portable Storage DeviceĒ otherwise known as an Apple iPod as a business expenses!

Granted the iPod is not the first portable digital music player or the cheapest, but simply put the iPod is the best. With over 1.5 million units sold in 2003 Apple claims that it has almost 25% of the market share for portable digital music players throughout the world. Although this figure is debated at somewhere between 10 Ė 15% of the market share it is still a force to be reckoned with.

Top Ten Reasons to get an iPod

  1. Because itís damn cool
  2. If you donít have one you are a social leper or a luddite
  3. You can carry your entire music collection with you
  4. Great way to start a pickup line with the cute boy on the bus
  5. Shuffle means you can find those old gems of songs again
  6. Share your mood with others by ďJacking inĒ
  7. You can take your own music to that party
  8. Itís easy to use and store entire music collection
  9. You can customise it and make it your own with cool gear
  10. You can do away with your CD Player and CDs and only have one small device for all your music needs!

iPod Culture

The iPod has seen the rise of several new cultural phenomena, these including Jacking In and The Music Magic Shuffle.

Jacking In is a relatively recent occurrence and is when you share your music with someone else, usually a person that you donít know. Although Jacking IN is not common yet, I am sure it will be on the up and up and rise greatly!

The Magic Music Shuffle is an old favorite of mine. When you have a collection of tens of thousands of songs you often only listen to a small selection of your favorite, But when you entire music collection is stored on one device, there is a great feature of letting the iPod decide what to play next. So that old song that you loved in tenth grade all of sudden gets played. As music shufflers say itís great to allow the iPod to be your DJ!

iPod Gear

The hype surrounding the iPod wouldnít be their without the great gear that you can buy for your iPod. Starting from multicolored jewel cases so you can personalize the look of your iPod to suite your own taste to speakers so you never need another stereo system!

Some of the very cool iPod Gear is displayed below:

Downside of the iPod

With all good things there are some bad as well and the iPod is no exception. The two most common complaints about the iPod are the price and the battery life and inability to change the battery.

The iPod is relatively expensive at between 400 Ė 700 Australian Dollars and 200 Ė 300 American dollars a pop! But when you look at the features and number of music tracks that can be stored on the device then it becomes a bit of a non issue.

The other complaint is the battery life which lasts at about five hours of playing between charges and the life span of the battery. The battery is built in so once the rechargeable battery dies the device is dead, but Apple are working on this problem. The other issue of battery life is a so what issue? Five hours of non stop music between charges is still pretty damn special and the iPod will charge itself whenever itís connected to your computer!

Bottom Line

If you want a device that is cool, easy to use and can store almost your entire music collection then the Apple iPod is definitely for you!


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