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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Out of proportion

This guys arms are just massive!

Sure he is cute but those arms are just way out of proportion I think!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

If Lady Gaga was not famous...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I needed some eye candy

I's sick of working right now so I needed some eye candy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Risque DNA Cover Model Andy Speer

Now they are risque pictures for a shelf magazine!

On a design Tangent

I was reading an article this morning on a design to cover my old universities tower with an innovative glowing white sculpture and I went on a design discovery Tangent.

The architect Chris Bosse is an amazing architect designer who has designed many iconic buildings and interiors all based on organic, geometric shapes.

A few of the images are above.

Chris Bosse

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tony Abbot softens his anti gay rhetoric

In a surprisingly about face Tony Abbot has softened his anti gay rhetoric and said he now supports same sex relationships.

He still does not support same sex marriage but he would be willing to 'look at' same sex civil unions. Source

Whilst this is an interesting development for same sex equality it still fails to reach the needed equality of full same sex marriage.

Politics is a funny thing when staunch anti gay politicians publicly change their views, and I must admit I am a total sceptic when it comes to these sorts of statements.

There are two perspectives here I suppose, on the one hand civil unions would be a great stepping stone towards equality for same sex relationships and if the opposition actually supported them we would have civil unions in Australia relatively quickly.

On the other hand civil unions do nothing more than continue the discrimination against same sex couples and still place them as inequitable.

The argument is if we accept the lesser of civil unions the fear is the politicians will then say we have 'equality' and the potential for full same sex marriage rights will be taken off the table for the foreseeable future.

But on the other side of the argument, is Australia politically and socially capable of giving us full same sex marriage rights in the foreseeable future?

It's a hard choice of what to push for that is politically and socially capable of being won.

My own personal view is we must push for incremental change when we can get it, make it clear that it's still not enough but take it none the less and then push for the next incremental change.

It's a dangerous argument but I am not sure that politically we can get full same sex marriage rights without having an incremental step.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hot Damn!

Courtesy of GWIP

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Size matters...

I pissed myself laughing over this!

Dear Bossy: This is an unusual problem which might sound amusing to some but is really serious.

My daughter has a lovely young fella. He’s clean cut, polite and treats her well. They are clearly in love. Obviously a seriously potential son in law.

The “problem” is I think they will soon be sexually active - with which I have no problem. However when my husband and the boyfriend came home from the beach they were all hot so went for the shower. Hubbie “saw” the boyfriend’s flacid penis whilst they were swapping places in the shower room and he told me it’s a whopper in all measurements.

Hubbie is a standard size guy & so could make a judgement. My “problem” is - is it a problem? Should I tell my daughter what she may be (I nearly wrote facing) having to deal with. Or is it a non-issue? Is it my business?

Hubbie thinks, like most men, he would like a monster too! But I’m not even going there so far as the “lucky girl” & other joke asides are concerned. Daughter is a standard 5ft 5 inch tall dress size 14.

Please advise

Click the here to read the response and the comments it's truly gold

Monday, March 22, 2010

some Monday eye candy to get you going

It's been a long while since I last updated the blog with some eye candy and what lovely eye candy it is!

I especially love the second guy, that chest is just perfect! And speaks reams about how much work he does in the gym (along with great genetics).

The weekend was fun, a mix of social stuff, down time and work.

This week however is going to be huge, meetings, projects due and the start of the meaty component of a large new internal project at work.

I still haven't pulled my finger out and stopped the evil habit, but I know D Day is drawing closer and I need to just choose the day and draw a line in the sand and be done with it.

As always images shamelessly stolen from Guys With iPhones.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's nice to be home

After four days away with friends down the coast I am happy to be home, but have that slight sadness and melancholy that the holiday is over.

As much fun as it was being away in an amazing house on the coast down the south coast with good friends I am reminded that I am a bit of a loner.

I missed the puppy probably more than I should :) Maybe I am a bit co-dependent with the beagle, and I know she just loves being at day care as she gets to play non stop with other dogs all day and night.

But I do miss her when she is not around and I think I would have preferred a holiday place that the puppy could have come with us.

As much as I love my friends and love having people around I am simply not used to it. The friends from the UK were with us again from Friday week ago and only left the afternoon we went for our mini break.

It was lovely seeing them and catching up with them but I am so used to just the boy and I in the apartment that it was a rude shock having more people in the apartment all the time. Couple that with stress at work and it took me quite a while to find my inner relaxation.

Truth be told I am feeling quite stressed, old and haggard at the moment. Work is taking it's toll on me this year and I feel that I am being pulled in a thousand different directions without a clear end in sight. We have been winning new work left right and center for the last month which is both good and bad, good because it means business is good, but bad because I am taking on even more of a workload.

I am at a bit of a crossroad with work, I want to get to the next stage in the evolution of the business but to get there requires a huge jump and a significant amount of work not just on the client projects but on getting things much more streamlined.

The goal is to get rid of the things that take my time that can be done by others or can be automated.

But to do that I need to focus and concentrate on documenting and automating stuff so other people can do it, but couple that with how much client work needs to be done and it seems a bit like trying to climb mount everest.

Then there is the old bug bear of my smoking.

Ah yes I hear the boy say.

I have made a promise to myself that I will stop, quit, become a non smoker and never have another one again.

It's far easier to type it than it is to do it.

I put it off at the beginning of the year because of the new years party season and didn't want the stress of quitting then.

I put it off in February because Mardi Gras and the rest of the party season and am now faced with D Day, I have no more excuses and I have no more parties, events etc that are standing in my way.

The funny thing is I hate smoking, I hate the way it makes me feel, I hate the smell, I hate the taste.

I especially hate the self loathing that I feel when I do smoke.

I seriously cannot think of one thing I like about it, not one.

So why do I continue to smoke?


Fear of being anxious and the anxiety of quitting.

But from past experience of stopping I know that in my mind if I tell myself that I will not smoke and remind myself of all the things I am gaining from getting rid of the evil weed I can be much less anxious and in fact reduce it down to nothing more than a couple of days of stress and anxiety (oh and the personality of vile bitch).

I think psychologically I have been preparing for this for a while, I have been smoking like a chimney, so many cigarettes even when I don't actually want one it's been ridiculous.

Anyway I am going to end this and have a smoke and work out my state of mind for D Day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nice eye candy blog

I am always fascinated by how different people make money for themselves, it's the entrepeneur in me I suppose.

I came across the picture above at Guys with iPhones and of course I followed the link in the picture. It turned out to be the blog of a 20 year old body builder in Florida who does 'private shows' for 'sponsors'.

Check out his blog for more hot pictures showing off his incredibly ripped body:

I get the feeling that his private shows are all about flexing and showing off his body and not about doing sex acts, which is different LOL!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Week's Wrapup

I can't believe that another Toybox party has been and gone and we have to wait another year for the next one!

Last week was bloody busy let me say, clients just came crawling out of the woodwork with new projects and it seems that everyone needs everything yesterday literally!

In between working like a trojan we also managed to fit in seeing the Kinsey Sicks a very cool Dragapella group, all singing no backup group in Australia for Mardi Gras, among my favorite numbers were, Waltzing my Dildo and Fertilizer to the tune of Britney Spear's Womanizer.

It's a busy part week for me this week I took yesterday off and am taking Thursday / Friday off, so am trying to pack into two days what I would normally do in five days!

But I am very much looking forward to having some down time.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's been a long but good few weeks

I have barely had the time or inclination to write a blog for a while so I thought a summary of the last couple of weeks would be good!

Last weekend was the Mardi Gras Parade and our annual Parade Party that we throw. The party was a hoot, although a few tense moments when the shirtless waiters got lost and were an hour and a half late.

I discovered that straight girls are the worst party guests of all, they drink so much they become paralytic. One even took it upon herself to get so drunk that she threw up and shat herself all at the same time - delightful!

We had a big media launch of a new product at work which generated a lot of great media interest and has generated a load of interest in our work from some unlikely sources like PayPal and a couple of advertising agencies.

The lead up to the launch was very intense trying to get everything ready was a huge workload and many late nights and weekends spent working.

A big thanks to Gabe for the help he gave in the media launch I could not have done it by myself.

The start to the year was slow with new business but hectic with existing customers. The last week has seen all of the quiet prospective customers come out of the woodwork and our forward sales pipeline is now very healthy.

We also set up a new team in India this month, which has been an interesting challenge for me, bot in terms of timing and learning how to manage an off shore team that doesn't start working till 2pm our time and goes through till 11pm our time.

My family is still a cause of stress, trying to juggle the day to day issues that arise with parents who have dementia. It's tough remaining calm and not show my frustration when they say the same thing over and over and over again and ring ten times a day to tell me the same thing.

But that's the unfortunate future of dealing with people whose mental capacity is diminishing.

We also have friends from the UK staying with us on and off for a couple of weeks and it's been nice catching up with friends that we haven't seen in nearly 8 years. Although because we have been busy we haven't been able to spend so much time with them.

This year though seems to be flying by and it's already the first week of March and it still feels like January.

But everything is pointing to this year being a really fantastic year all I have to do is find a good balance between working hard and achieving my goals and getting enough down time to relax and recharge as often as I can.

One of the biggest failings I have face the last couple of months is taking up my bad habit of smoking again, but I have promised myself once all the Mardi Gras Parties are all over I am going to dig my heals in and kick the dirty habit for once and for all.

I can feel the smoking reducing my fitness and health and I don't like the feeling, but I have to get myself into a psychological state of determination that I will stop and stop the discussion in my head when I do stop.

For anyone that stops smoking you know when you first give up it's like a battle of wills, on the one hand your 'good' side says yeah you can do it, whilst the other 'bad side' tells you, that you will just start smoking again so it's stupid putting yourself through the pain of stopping.

It's stupid really I just have to quiet my 'bad side' and nurture my good side.

Let's see how I can quite the bad and nurture the good in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Too busy to scratch myself

I have been too busy to scratch myself of late.

We are doing a media launch of a product tomorrow and I have been busy preparing for this along with normal day to day work and stuff.

We have some friends staying with us from the UK on and off over the next two weeks.

They arrived last Saturday and are off up the coast today.

Of course with the hellish workload and stress of work I managed to get a cold late last week and although it peaked on Saturday I am still not back to my normal manic self and feeling a bit slower than normal.

So it's back to writing proposals, code and talking to clients for me!
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