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20th August 2005

I have been slowly changing the format and structure of the website over the past week or so.  This will continue for at least the next two weeks.

I have also been playing with ways to make the site a bit faster so the ridiculous wait for some parts of the site are reduced.  This again will continue for some time as I find better ways to serve up some of the content and make things just a bit faster.

I still have a small back log of content to be put up on the site and will get this up in the next couple of days. 

Benjamin Nicholas - 15 Minutes MoreUpcoming New Columnist

The site is also about to get another brand new syndicated columnists from one of our favorite eye candy boys Benjamin Nicholas.  Benjamin writes a hugely popular column called Fifteen Minutes which he is syndicating on Out in America, and Planet Out.

Starting next Fridday Superdrewby will also be syndicating his column right here on this website!

So stay tuned for a very exciting new column and regular eye candy to go along with the column!  MMMMMMMM eye candy!

Drew updated 20th August 2005