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Site Updates

August 8 2005

The issue with the bandwidth is being resolved slowly as I work out ways to combat the leeches who have been stealing bandwidth from the site.  The main problem was with people direct linking images from the galleries onto message boards and blogs. 

Bandwidth theft is the scourge of a site like this and costs me money!  You can read about bandwidth theft here.

I have started to resurrect some of the galleries that I had removed whilst I worked out the bandwidth issues, however the top ten galleries and underwear debate galleries will remain offline for a little while longer as I work out a good way to stop this problem too.

Members Section Fixes

The members sections has had a slight overhaul with the images issue being fixed (finally).  Thumbnail images are finally back to a normal look without that weird solarisation that was happening.  I have also now created a small pop up window with all the member's images that seems to work really well!

Mind you tell me what you think and how I can improve the members section as well!  There is a backlog of content changes to the site still to happen, as well as a bit of an overhaul of the way the content is sorted so it is easier to find the new content.  So please bear with me in this time of change.