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Monday, July 30, 2007

Round the world in twenty days

For my birthday present this year we're going to mix business with pleasure and go round the world. The boy constantly travels overseas to America and Asia, but I generally only get to travel internationally about once a year on average.

So the plan is to intertwine the boy's schedule in the States and Asia with my desire to see Friends in the UK, Finland and the States, coupled with a dirty weekend in Paris and some work meetings for me in San Francisco and San Jose.
The schedule looks like:
  • Sydney
  • Hong Kong for three days
  • Oluo Finland for four days
  • Paris for three days
  • Exeter for three days
  • Las Vegas for two days
  • LA for three or four days
  • SF / SJ for three days
  • Home!
All this in just under three weeks elapsed and the boy will join me in Finland, the UK and Paris and then head off back to the States where I will meet him in Vegas and then spend the rest f the time with him.

All this planned for September and October, I am so damn excited because I have not seen the girls in Finland for about five years, although the friends in the UK have been over to Australia two years ago.



At Sun Aug 05, 10:50:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, the girls in Finland can't wait!



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