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school days

Chapter One

I had begun to get bored with the idea of just looking at the girls and I had worn myself down with the amount of times I got off over what I could see through tight blouses or up pleated skirts in the classroom. I knew I needed something else to keep me going and it was when I realised this opportunity I wasn’t going to by pass. Carrie had been one of the girls in my class I hadn’t taken much notice to. There was nothing amazingly different about her other than the fact when she was late to my lessons she seemed very red faced and tired. I had my suspicions about her but no evidence to back it up. Plus I was in no position to ask her about it. It wasn’t until I realised she had left the performance again for the third time I decided to follow her.

She’d gone through the abandoned corridor checking all the classroom doors until she reached the end one, which was used mainly for social studies. I gave her two minutes then continued my way down the corridor. Keeping under the shadow I made myself hidden whilst getting a decent view for myself.

I watched in fascination as she slowly peeled back the frilled layer at the base of her skirt the outline of her pink tipped panties was just visible. Her thighs were glowing like a welcoming light as I felt the constraints of my trousers cry out trying to hold back rapidly lengthening penis. As she hurriedly checked to ensure no one was watching she lifted her skirt right up and slipped just her first two fingers into her beehive below and began stroking. This had a reaction as she shuddered then continued as if trying to get to a position she knew would have the best affect. Watching she just sat with her fingers in pants, her head slightly tipped back and she began to wank herself. I could sense her getting moist as she relaxed slightly. I could see as her underwear discolouring as it got damper and it wasn’t until I heard a commotion in the corridor downstairs I realised my cock had freed itself from my trousers. Rapidly putting it away I tried to hide out of view from the source of the noise and it wasn’t until it was too late that I could see her coming toward me. I had nowhere go and tried to make it look coincidental I had been stood outside. As she emerged from the classroom she staggered with surprise at finding me there. Suddenly going very red.

I mumbled some comment about why she wasn’t at the performance and sent her away. As she hurriedly jogged down the corridor I turned to see her skirt had been left tucked in down the back of her pants. I called out telling her she’d forgotten to take it out and in doing so automatically incriminated myself. She turned embarrassed and untucked it and continued down the corridor. Breathing a sigh of relief I continued the other way and just as I was about to indulge myself in the cloakroom she called me back and started running toward me. I tried to plead ignorance and walk to the bathroom but she called and I had to turn in response. She looked straight up at me and confirmed my worst fears by asking,

“How do you know I’d left it in?”

There was no way out of this one and I new that for sure. I could feel myself rapidly swelling below and in an attempt to brush it off told her sternly to go back to the performance. I walked through the doorway but she persistently followed me through. I started getting concerned about the position I was in as it dawned on me I was no longer in control. She stood the hands on hips and gave me an ultimatum. “You either get your cock out and bring yourself off whilst I watch or I go to my parents. You must have seen me going so now I want to watch you.”

I stood there fixated knowing there was no way I could come off better without following her instructions. I could think of no protocol that would allow me to get out of this situation without getting into deeper trouble. .

She stammered and went toward the door. I reached out and grabbed her shoulder and begged.

“Look I’ll do it ok.”

She turned round and stood there. I unbuckled my belt and left my trousers drop to the floor. By this time I was already semi-erect. I reached into my boxers and felt my cock. Its warmth reflected the pleasure it had just witnessed and I began to stroke slowly. I look up for relief and escape but saw that she was ready to go through the door if I stopped. I crept towards the door whilst still throbbing away. No matter how dire the situation was I was still enjoying it. I kept pummelling up and down and stared at her fascinated by me. Edging slowly toward it wasn’t until I stopped I realised that she had hitched her skirt up and her panties had dropped down to the floor. She had got her first two fingers inside her and her third flicking her clit just out of view. This was the first time I saw her bare open gentitalia. It was smooth taught and ran down her body in perfect symmetry. I bobbed just slightly as her fingers engulfed her insides. I almost came straight away but refrained as she stopped. She looked at me devilishly.

“I want you to take my cherry right here right now”

I was beyond worrying. If I was going to loose my job it would have gone by now so what I did didn’t matter. I stormed over to her and lifted her up across over to the washbasins. I ripped down her moist knickers and off her legs and lifted her up across to the washbasins. Confronted with her pussy in front of my face I got a great look at it. Despite being partially undeveloped for her age I still pulled her inwards and stuck my tongue out following up into her crack. It was warm and moist and she writhed around in my arms at feeling the rough edge of my tongue investigate her. Tasting her juices dribble down my cheek just fuelled my appetite. I perched her on the edge of the basins.

I guided myself in and felt her tight honey pot stretch to accommodate me. My tip squeezed gently as I passed her vagina and then I stuck my length in just slowly as to not hurt her. Her insides clamped and held on, as I got further in. Beginning to thrust rapidly she had nothing to hold herself steady so tried by grabbing the taps and sink bowl but only succeeded in spraying water everywhere. As I pumped away feeling the cool water splash my face and across my chest. She kept clamping and grabbed around my back and kept going away at her. Her naked backside rubbed against the surface as she moved each time I went in and out. I felt her squeal and she climaxed. It was early so I continued pumping away at her and it wasn’t until my penis told me I’d come by exploding and almost dropping me to the floor, I knew it was over. As she got out the sink and pulled her skirt down, I retrieved her underwear from across the room. They were moist to the touch and smelt of a small young female. The uneasy silence was only broken when confirming my worst horror as another pupil entered the bathroom.

He spun to an abrupt halt and stood motionless absorbing the scene before him. I watched his eyes as they went from the damp clothing in my hand across to the sink where the embarrassed girl had just hidden her juicy bare pussy. He followed round to me and looked straight toward my crotch. As he addressed the situation I watched his eyebrows raise and then the front of his trousers. The material did little to hide the tent forming behind them. It took only seconds for him to guess the exactly what had happened and only two more to jet out the bathroom and run off. Returning the pants and doing myself up I flew into the corridor and tried to chase him but he had gone. Shooting straight to the performance hall the main throng of crowds had died away with the finish, and scanning the area I couldn’t see him at all. I didn’t know what to do at all feeling my gut twisting and squirming at the thought of losing my job, respect, and everything else in life for a quick shag. I gave up continuing with my chores and put the matter to rest. I made my excuses and then lefty to go home. It wasn’t until reaching home and there was a little piece of paper under my rear wiper that read:

The same again 4 me 2moro! Jc.

Then the thought dawned on me. The face that appeared at the doorway knew last night’s procedure. I reassessed my options but knew that the authorities were the only choice but wasn’t an open option for me.
I got little in the way of sleep that night and could only think about the fact I knew jc was a bloke in one of my year10 maths sets. I had never had a gay liaison of any kind. In fact the closet I’d got to another male was in a gym class when I was in year ten. He had waited behind and I was running late after putting the equipment away. He ran up to me once the room emptied and pulled down my shorts and pants. I made sure he never did again though!

I got up apprehensively the next day and went about my usual business. At school I was quite tense but tried to act as professional as possible. I did some research into this jc bloke. According to the notes I’d confiscated during previous days in school he seemed to be able to control himself well and be a bit of a player. I managed to get across to the gym hall in one of my free periods and get a good look at him. He was a perfect example. Athletically built with spotless face and clear striking pose. His gym vest was just too small so his abs showed through. His shorts didn’t need to be tight as his toned tanned backside and stretched across them. Making up some story to get into the changing rooms and chat with the teacher I studied him undressing and watched him snake across to the shower. Just on the waters edge he dropped his shorts. To say he was well endowed was an understatement. His cock although soft was about five inches and hung ceremoniously from a crown of curled blondes pubes. His shaft was long and thin and his tip bright red as if it had popped a few cherries in its time. It was supple and just swung but once in the shower we met eyes. I felt as if he pierced me looking right through my conscience. We kept eye contact until he got too aroused to keep supple.
The end of the day came round too quickly for my liking. Whilst sitting at my desk I heard the knock on the door and he entered closing it behind him, ready for the ‘detention’ he received earlier on. I wasn’t sure what to do or say and couldn’t even explain myself for yesterday’s actions. He sensed this and took the lead by running his hands down the front of his body and into his jogging bottoms.

These dropped to the floor as he made his way over to my desk and sat on my lap. He looked at me dead in the eye then lifted my hand upon his leg. His skin was much smoother than I’d imagined as he began to advance my hand toward his waist. The skin was so silky it was like my hand was falling down into his lap. I reached the edge of his loose boxer shorts and began to burrow under them. I could see he had been thinking about this already as was semi erect. I winced as I felt the soft tip of his penis brush against my hand. It wasn’t as supple as the cunny I tasted yesterday but a more hardened feeling. I could only imagine the amount of times he got his hands round this. He shuddered and asked for me to go further onto his crotch. I delved further inside him and felt the long taught shaft of his cock in my hand. I sat there staring at his cock on my lap. Mostly out of curiosity turned round sat him on my desk and moved my head toward his tip. I just brushed the end with my tongue. He shuddered on my desk and began thrusting his hips toward me in reaction. I recoiled then moved forward this time just clamping his tip between my lips. I could feel its warm and intensity at being teased like this. This was like nothing I’d felt before. It was the soft texture and I moved forward introducing my tongue to it. I tasted the tiny amount of precum that had eluded his contracted length. I followed the slit at his head with my tongue and checked out his tip. I ran my tongue down the side of his tip and round the edge as if an ice-lolly. Then closed my mouth round the whole of his end. As I began feverently investigating this new feeling to me he began to wriggle through enjoyment. I really began to suck when out of nowhere he grabbed the back of my head an forced his whole cock into my mouth. The head of his penis hit the back of my throat and I clamped round it gagging. He kept his hands on the back of my head forcing me to be stuck like this. he whispered in my ear,

“this is what you get for being a bad teacher, ure goin nowhere till you taste my cum”

I was speechless literally and the force with which he shoved himself upon me. I was choking as I deep throated his now painfully stiff cock. He was really enjoyed my throat clamping on his tip as I tried to cough. I began doing this knowing his was enjoying it whilst grating my teeth upon his length and sucking like reaching the last drop of a drink. I continued as he started thrusting his hips trying to get me going faster. I kept trying to get more his cock inside of me. I could feel him getting hotter and harder as I reached forward and clasped his swinging balls. I felt them all over and pulled on them just slightly enough to get him to feel better. I bypassed his sack with my other hand and went underneath him cradling his tensing arse, which bare upon my desk was getting agitated. As he began to shake I could sense he was about to explode. I tugged onto his sac and felt them with draw, as he was about to come. I slipped my other hand back from his backside as he gripped the desk in anticipation. I reeled in this chance and pulled my face back so with my free hand could massage his now dripping cock whilst still biting on the end of it. I shoved my tongue as far down his slit as I could and gripped my hold on his sack. I could feel my desk now physically shaking from where he was orgasming. He just writhed around shaking violently fitting whilst he began to orgasm. As the come travelled up from his balls I rolled them between each finger. As it worked its way up the length of his shaft I began massaging it harder and firmer. I felt the come travel along and begin to erupt out the end of his cock. His breathing shortened to quicker breaths. He lay down and began to gasp for air. Letting out low faints of pleasure the breaths deepened in through the nose and out the mouth. This is when I knew he was close. I quickened the pace of my wanking until I felt my arm numbing. I clamped with my teeth feeling the first short bursts of white hot cum hit my mouth. He began squealing and begging for me to let go. As he jostled and tried to tear me away from him I dug deeper in with my teeth. I only let off when his body flew up then slammed back on to the desk. He was still climaxing and it was ripping his cock apart. He thrashed around on my desk still spouting out. He was physically shaking uncontrollably to the stage I thought he may be fitting. I kept massaging his length teasing his last drops out as he pumped away at the air. His legs tensed out as his body struggled to cope with the impact its own organ was giving it. He was having a heart attack that took away all the pain and left nothing but pleasure. The orgasm reached his feet and upper torso as it shuddered and knocking things off my desk. He finally began to rest, dripping, with very quick bursts of air. Ha let out a large pent up sigh that was about two octaves higher than normal. He had come all over the papers on my desk, inside my mouth and a lot had fallen onto his toned body with some resting in his pubic hair. I threw the papers onto the floor held him round the waist. He was still lying down at this point so I pulled him upwards. As we met I gently brushed his lips with mine. I sensed they hadn’t seen much action as I guessed he was interested in other areas of his partner’s bodies. I pushed forward with my tongue inside of his mouth investigating again like I had done to him already this afternoon. It was only brief but I knew it meant a lot to him.

My own cock whilst being painfully erect throughout had seen little action. I entertained the thought whilst our mouths were interlocked of showing him a new experience. If he enjoyed my blo job that much how good would it be for him to be taken from behind. I wasn’t sure if his constricted hole could cope with my cock being guided upwards through it. I felt like rolling him over as his bare ass was already inviting me. I could only imagine the delight at his first anal orgasm but decided enough was enough.

I had already been with him forty five minutes and if anyone was to come into the classroom and see me erect with a naked come covered year 10 student on my desk recovering from the best blow job of his life I’m sure I would loose my job. I hadn’t yet, despite pushing a few boundaries the past two days so I thought it would be better to leave it like that. He licked his lips and tried for another kiss. I wanted to feel the warmth of his tongue like I had done his cock but refrained. He leapt down off my desk and picked up his boxers cleaning himself down with them. I watched him bend over to pull up his jogging bottoms. It was if he was temping me to go forward with it. I approached the bare open ass and watched as the rapidly lowering sun danced across its purity. It seemed like an eternity it just waggled there taunting me. I had seen it stretched across his gym shorts just hours before. But now the bare taught skin that hugged his figure just bounced lightly in front of me. He spun round and clocked what I was doing. Yanking on his bottoms and facing me he said goodbye and headed toward the door.

Just before he left he had the cheek to pull a moony and spank himself. After giving him such a good go over and getting nothing in return I knew what was in order. What laid, then waggled around and even flaunted itself in front of me was a challenge. I knew that that ass would now be taken by me.

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