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other side

The Other Side

Chapter Three

Seth finally stepped off the plane at Austin at about the same time Toby was shooting his load in the back room of the club in San Francisco. It had been the flight from hell, his connecting flight had been delayed; then, once in the air, they had to divert the flight due to weather. By the time they landed, Seth was vowing to never travel by air again.

He gathered his luggage and hailed a cab to take him to his hotel. He had rented an apartment but he couldn't take possession of it until Monday. In the mean time, he would be staying at a Holiday Inn.

As he lugged his bags up to his room on the second floor of the hotel, he wondered if Toby had taken his advice to go out and hit some clubs. He wondered what kind of gay scene there was in Austin. He wondered if there even was a gay scene in Austin. Surely there was, even Green Bay had a few gay clubs. He shook his head again at the twist of fate that had sent shy conservative Toby to the gay mecca and him to Austin. Hell, even Sam had landed in New York. Ah, but fate was a fickle lover at that.

He entered the room and shrugged off his jacket, then he stretched out on the king size bed. He debated calling Toby, but on the off chance that he had gone out, Seth didn't want to interrupt him. Instead, he dialed Samantha's number.

"Hey there hot stuff. How’s Texas?" she asked.

"I wouldn't know; I've been here less than an hour."

"Why's that?"

"Don't ask, just remind me to never fly Air Mishap again," Seth complained.

"That bad, huh?”

“Yeah. So what are you doing on this fine Friday night? Out with the 'rents for one last fling?" Samantha had been staying with her parents in St. Paul. She wasn't leaving for New York until Sunday.

"Ah, I'm spending my weekend sorting what goes with me and what stays behind. How about you? Why aren't you out on the town?"

"Too tired, maybe tomorrow. What time is your flight again?"

"Sunday at one. I should be in New York and at my new apartment in time to watch the evening news Sunday night. Oh God, Seth, I can't believe this is really happening. I am going to live in New York City. It's like a dream come true."

"Well, let's just hope the city can live up to your expectations."

"What are you talking about? It's New York City, of course it will be fabulous."

"Yeah, I'm sure it will. Wish I could be there to share it with you."

"Ah Seth, you will be. No matter where I am you will always be with me in my heart."

Seth laughed. "Oh Sam you are such a fag ha.... I mean fruit fly."

"Seth, I know you feel slighted ending up in Austin instead of New York or San Francisco, but you'll do just fine there. I know you, and you'll take that city and have it eating out of the palm of your hand in no time."

"Thanks Sam."

"Now, I really do need to get to work on this mess of clothes I have sitting in front of me. Why don't you go out? Find a hottie."

"I think instead I am going to go take a hot shower and stretch out on this huge bed and sleep. Besides, as much as this room is costing me I feel I better stay here and enjoy it, get my money's worth."

"Good night Seth."

" ‘Night Samantha. Call me when you get to New York."

"I will."

Seth pulled himself off the bed and made his way to the bathroom, stripping off his clothes as he went. The best thing about staying in a hotel was the huge bathtubs and the endless supply of hot water; and he planned to make the most of it.

After a long steamy shower, Seth looked around his hotel room. The idea of spending a Friday night here was beyond depressing. Since when did he lie around and pout?

He picked up the directory of the city lying on the dresser and began thumbing through it. He doubted it would have a ‘gay’ section, but maybe he could at least find a place to go have a drink and maybe a bite to eat.

He found a Rainbow Cattle Company, now if that wasn’t a gay bar then Seth didn’t figure there was such a thing. He jotted down the address and finished getting dressed.

The cab dropped him off in front of a building that looked more like a warehouse than a dance club, but it did have ‘Rainbow Cattle Company’ on the side, printed in rainbow colors. Seth walked in, the sound of country music assaulted his ears, almost enough to cause him to flee. But he was in Texas after all; he supposed he would have to learn a new tolerance for the sound. He showed his ID, paid his cover and walked over to the bar, ordering a Jack and Coke.

He hadn’t even taken the first sip of his drink when a handsome looking cowboy walked over to him.

“Now, I come here most every weekend and I think I know just ‘bout everyone that frequents this place, but I don’t believe I’ve seen the likes of you before.”

Seth rolled his eyes; yep, he was in Texas. “I just moved here. I don’t suppose you know of any clubs that actually play dance music do you?”

“What? You don’t like country? Why you can dance just fine to this,” the stranger replied.

“I’ll take that as a no?”

“Damn yank anyway,” the cowboy muttered as he strode off.

“You might try The Forum,” a voice said from Seth’s left.

He turned and saw two piercing blue eyes watching him. “The Forum? Where’s that?” he asked.

“Over on Congress. Actually, Austin has a pretty good gay scene. There are several clubs and restaurants that cater to us deviants.”


“Yep. You’re in the heart of the gay district now. Fifth Street, Congress, Guadalupe… most of this area here by the University. You a student?”

“No. I just graduated from Wisconsin. I work for Hewlett-Packard, or I will starting Monday.”

“Wisconsin? I thought you had a northern accent. My name is Todd,” he said extending his hand.

“Seth,” Seth answered, shaking the offered hand.

“Would you like a tour guide? I could show you around tonight.”

“That would be sweet. Maybe we could go try that place you said, The Forum?”

“Sure, finish your drink and I’ll take you.”

Seth smiled and downed his Jack and Coke. He just might like the southern hospitality after all.

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