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Chapter 9

After everyone left, I laid back, closed my eyes, and for the first time in weeks, slept well.


The morning was tedious and filled with endless paperwork; being eighteen, I had to fill out all my own forms. My parents had brought fresh clothes for me to wear before heading out into the front lobby to wait for me. I was finally getting the hang of walking on my own, but the hospital still provided a walker for me to use at home. I hated it since it made me feel like an eighty-year old.

To my luck, Father Baker’s had also visited and dropped off the item I had asked him to get or me. I could tell he really wanted me to explain, but being polite, he let the matter drop. I would tell him in time and he knew that.

After getting dressed I took the prescription one of the doctors had left for any back pain I might get from all this extra motility and shoved it in my pocket. I doubted I would need the hydrocodone, but it never hurt to be prepared. After looking back at the room which had symbolized my greatest hardship, and triumph, in my life until now, I said my private goodbye and prepared to take the next step into my new life.

I was able to make it to the lobby without any problems and was quickly met with a huge hug from mom. She squeezed right on the tender part of my back, but I wasn’t going to ruin the moment. After a pat on the back from dad, we headed out the doors and into the parking lot where the van was waiting to take me home.

To my surprise, Derrick wasn’t there. I was really hoping he’d be waiting for me here, but he was probably busy adjusting to life in the Stenson household.

The ride was short since the hospital and our house were both located right in town. No one said anything on the ride home; I suppose there just wasn’t a lot to be said in such a short amount of time. Finally the van pulled into our garage and dad unlocked the doors. Mom was, of course, immediately at my side in case I needed help walking. That wouldn’t have helped much, though, since she wasn’t a very large woman and if I fell down, she’d be coming down with me.

I got to the steps leading up to our back door and suddenly realized, I had not yet even tired steps yet after the surgery. I grabbed on tightly to the railing, with mom and dad close behind, and slowly made my way up. It had taken lot less effort than I had anticipated, so that was good news.

I stepped into the house and immediately noticed something I had missed so dearly, silence. Home was always a quiet place where I could relax away from the hustle and bustle of work and school. I especially needed the peace and quiet now after having major surgery, and God knows what emotional scars.

But of course, I had spoken, or thought, to soon. As I passed through the dining room and into the living room, I was instantly covered by a mix of confetti and hugs. A huge sign across the wall read, “Welcome home,” and all of my friends had been waiting for me. Some part of me was expecting this, or hoping perhaps, but it was still a great surprise. Angie and Kallie were the first to grab hold of me. Again they were squeezing the tender spot on my back, but I was so doped out on the euphoria of seeing all my friends together again, I didn’t care.

“Well Tommy, you certainly look better,” Kallie said as she finally relaxed her bear hug on me.

“And you got a hair cut, looks lovely” I replied. I always had this incessant eye for detail. Of course being gay has its advantages, I didn’t choose it just for the men.

Kallie and Angie, being my reliable girls, had gotten me several Whitman’s samplers of various chocolates to help my ‘healing process.’

I looked around the room and still didn’t see Derrick, so I resigned to mingling with some friends for an hour or so. Needless to say I got tired of retelling my story over and over. I think my shortest time getting through it was two minutes and twelve seconds. It was nice catching up with friends, but it’s always a little awkward when they get to the question, “So what’s new with you?”

I excused myself from the middle of a conversation due to a nagging question in my head that had to be answered. I found dad filling up a bowl of chips he had set out earlier.

“Dad, any idea where Derrick is?”

“Sure, he’s downstairs.”

“What,” I burst out. I quickly lowered my voice, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“He wanted you to talk to all your friends first.”

“Sounds like him. If you need me, you know where to find me. Just don’t tell…”

“Mom…I understand, she was way more wary about this than me, but we can talk about that later. Go ahead.” Dad gave me a pat on the back and I all but ran to the basement door.

I stopped at the door and pondered to myself; did I want to walk down slow and play it cool, or simply fall over myself rushing downstairs into the arms of the man I loved? Screw it. I just opened the door and walked down at a natural place.

I immediately compared the basement from how it had last been to how dad must have updated it to make it habitable. An old mattress lie on the floor covered neatly in several bed sheets and a comforter, with Derrick lying on his back, eyes closed. I just wanted to stand there at the foot of the stairs and gaze as his beautiful chest raised and lowered in the tight shirt he was wearing as he slowly breathed in and out.

I began to walk back up the stairs when I heard him call out, “Now where the hell are you going?” in that sweet sexy voice of his.

I turned around just in time for his lips to meet mine in the frantic frenzy of passion that had been denied of us for only a short while; it was in this that I knew how much I loved him.

He drew his hand up and onto the back of my head to further press our faces against each other as our tongues began exploring each other’s mouths. It could hardly be called “exploring” I suppose, considering that over the past few months, I had grown to know every slight curvature of his perfect, pearly teeth and his rough, but very agile tongue.

We slowly began moving toward the bed and both sat down on the edge of it, mouths still locked. Finally we parted lips, gasping for breath.

“I’ve missed you so much. I don’t know how I made it al; this time without. I have no fucking clue what I would’ve done if…” he paused.

“If I didn’t make it,” I finished the thought.

“Yeah,” he muttered softly. I could see he was going to start tearing up, but there would be plenty of time for that later. I knew it was selfish of me, but I needed him…now. I pulled him back into me as our lips met again. I slowly leaned back until I was lying on the bed, Derrick resting on top of me. His hands wandered down the sides of my chest as I stroked his back and hair with my own.

There was so much longing between us. It seemed like neither one of us actually knew where to take it, keeping in mind we also had a house full of friends and family upstairs. Maybe it was the danger of being caught that made it all so…exciting. Derrick finally made the first move as his hands arrived at their intended destination. He left our kiss to unbutton my jeans, unzip the zipper, and pull them down far enough to gain the access he wanted.

He had pulled my boxer down in the process and now had full view of the object of his own desires.

I should mention that it was not only I who had pleased Derrick before; he had done the same for me many times also, just never under such conditions of yearning and appreciation for what we had nearly lost.

I tried with all my might to keep from moaning from pleasure as Derrick’s lips first made contact with my already hard cock. Over the past few months he had learned how to skillfully keep me on the edge of orgasm for forever, but this time it was about pure speed and instant gratification. He bobbed up and down on my cock, licking he entire length of the shaft, which sent shivers through my whole body.

I must admit, one thing about him giving me head that really made it so incredible was the fact that I had this incredibly hot, well toned man being subservient to my needs. It was kind of like a power trip, and they say power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I should ad, though, that neither of us were into any of that domination stuff; that was a bit too kinky.

He focused now on my head (the smaller one). As he kept working my shaft vigorously with his right hand, he masterfully used his tongue to encircle and play with my cut head. I knew I couldn’t hang onto this for long, and within a matter of minutes, I had erupted violently, keeping all my moans of pleasure contained as well as I could. To my surprise, he was able to take all of it in with one huge gulp. He coaxed the last few fluids from my body as he nursed my cock for a few more minutes. As he did this, all I could do was lie back, breathing heavily, and thanking God for giving me another chance at life.

Derrick finally let off my reddening cock and positioned himself so he was lying beside me.

“I really missed that.” I said as I turned my head so I could look straight into his eyes.

“Yeah,” Derrick replied with a chuckle, “I suppose it’s hard when your bed ridden and being monitored 24/7.” He leaned in to give me a final gentle kiss on the lips.

I pulled my pants back up and tried to wipe down some of the wrinkles on the back of my shirt.

“Why don’t you come back up with me Derrick? Everyone up there knows about us anyway,” I said, giving time for my heartbeat to get back to normal and or all the blood to rush back out of my warm face.

He bit his lower lip, as if pondering the thought. He finally replied, “Soon.”

“But not yet?”

“Not yet.”

“I understand.” I didn’t blame him. He would have a hard enough time when school started back up. No doubt everyone would know by then. Maybe it was better to have it all out in the open, only time would tell.

I had rejoined the group upstairs and mingled again for an hour or so. Intermittently people began saying goodbyes and wishing me to get well soon. With Derrick back in my life, I knew that wouldn’t take long.

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