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best friends

Chapter One

Steve was my best friend since we were in middle school. We grew up right down the street from each other and always at one or the others house. Since graduation we have been living together to save on rent and it worked out well cause we were such good friends. One fine summer evening we decided to go swimming. We knew of a little sucluded spot that only a few locals went to, it was the perfect place for a late swim. We took my truck, since his car was in the shop. We were the only ones there tonight. We stripped off our shirts and shoes, and I could'nt help but stare at his tight, muscular chest. That of course sent me into a daydream about what it would be like to run my tounge over his entire chest. As i stood there lost in La La land, Steve was already heading into the water. I always got this way when we would go swimming, he was just so beautiful and the boy did'nt even know it. 6'2in 170 lbs shoulder length brownish red hair, and the most stunning ocean blue eyes, if you look closely enough you can see the little gold flecks swimming in there too. Steve's shouts from the water took me out of my daydream.

"Dave! David, quit staring off into space and get in here. It's perfect!"

I shook my head and finished stripping down to my trunks. Wading in i realized that he was right, it was perfect. We continued to walk a little further letting the water get deeper. "For your information I was'nt spacing out......I thought i saw Superman flying over the lake." Laughing I dunked him and dove out further in the water letting him catch up. I dove under again and when i surfaced Steve was no where to be found. I went under to see if he was trying to do a sneak attack on me from under the water. He was no where to be found. "Steve, this isn't funny man." I called out.

I heard a little chuckly behind me, I started to turn around and as soon as I had he had his hands on top of my head pushing me under. I jumped up and pushed him down with all my force, holding him down for just a little bit. As he was comming up his hand brushed against my cock. Weither or not it was an accident was undetermaned, but I was'nt complaining! See I have been in love with Steve since I was a freshman, I could never let him know though. I knew he was straight. So I had to settle with lusting from afar.

It's not that I could'nt tell him I was gay I was just afraid of how he would react. Plus people around here arn't that open when it comes to alternate lifestyles.

So here I was stuck in the closet while in love with my best friend.

Steve started to swim out a bit further so I had to catch up. When I did he was surprised when I jumped on his back and got him under again. We wrestled in the water like we always do, him dunking me, me dunking him. I jumped onto his back again, this time I locked my legs around his waist. He started to jerk his back to get me off. (no pun intended) Then he leaned backwards and got me under, I was stuggling to get up.

While I was doing that he got loose. When I came back up for air, he jumped from the water and landed on me chest to chest. Taking me down with the force of the jump, of course I wasn't going alone. I took him down with me. Now as always when we do this I usually get a hard on and today was no different, so when he jumped on me he felt my boner. But I swear I felt that he was hard as well. We came up for air about the same time and I was about to go after him again.

"Time out or a second Dave." Steve was holding up the hand signal for time-out. We were both panting for air by this time. When I looked at him he had a questioning look in his eyes. His eyes went from my face down to my still hard cock and back. An unspoken question on his mind and all I thought was oh shit.

There was no reason to beat around the bush so i asked, "You just gonna stare at me or are you going to ask me the question that I know is on your mind?" But he just kept looking at me.

"What?!? Do you want me to just blurt it out?" I asked angrly.

"Are you?" He asked while looking away, avoiding my eyes the whole time.

"Do you really want to talk about this out here?"

"Damn it David, just tell me are you gay or not?" He asked in a raised voice that i'm not sure was angry or not.

I put my head down in a mix of fear and shame......."yes" I replied in almost a whisper.

He did'nt say anything at first. He just stood there looking at me.

"Are you going to say something? Look I know that I should'nt of hidden this from you but I was scared and afraid. I was waiting for the right time to tell you.

I tried before but I never could. It's not a topic that comes up out of the blue, 'Hey Steve, wanna come over tonight? Dad's having a cookout and by the way i'm gay' yeah I could almost see that happening." He still did'nt say anything. I was getting frustrating just waiting for him to say something.

"How long?" He asked still holding my gaze.

"Right before Freshman year is when I figured it out." I said with my head hung down.

"Why did'nt you tell me?" He asked quietly.

"I was afraid of what you would think of me."


I took a deep breath, here goes nothing...."Cause i was afraid that if you found out that I was in love with you it would change everything. Cause I did'nt know how you would react to it, I still don't for that matter." I said as I was tring to hold back the tears.

He did'nt say anything for a little while and when he finally did all it was was "Let's go back to shore."

And with that he dove under leaving me there just staring at him. We got back to shore and just sat on the beach. He did'nt say anything for while, just sat there staring at the sunset.

"This is my favorite time of day ya know." Steve said quietly. I only nodded in agreement as we sat there just watching the sun sink lower.

"Do you hate me know?" I could barely bring myself to say those words. I was so scared that I just lost my best friend, and the only person that I felt this way for all in one shot.

He took a minute then faced me and said "No, I don't hate you David. It just hurts that you did'nt think you could trust me enough to tell me. I really wish you would of said something. I just don't know what to say at the moment." I could see the hurt in his eyes and it was killing me to know that I put that there.

"Steve, I never meant to hurt you." But before I could finish the sentance, Steve leaned towards me and lightly brushed his lips against mine for just a brief second.

I was dumbfounded, speachless even. But little David took over before my brain could react. I leaned into him and kissed him. A longer kiss this time. Steve's hand reached for the back of my head and pulled me into a deeper kiss, parting his lips and challenging my tounge to do the same. A soft moan escaped from deep within me.

My brain was working overtime on this one. All sorts of questions were popping up. Does this mean he's gay too? Is he getting turned on as much as I am right now? What would he do if I touched him? Touched his cock more specifically? I decided to go for it....what else did I have to lose right? My hand traveled to his chest, and I felt him tense up a little bit but relaxed soon after. He was really getting into this kiss, so was I. It was like I was living one of the many dreams i've had about him. My hand reached his shorts, then his cock. Which I found to be hard and straining through his shorts. I laid my hand over his cock and felt the size of it......damn! It felt like it was 8 1/2 in and i don't think i could wrap my hand around it completly, not that i did'nt try. I squeezed him and i got a low almost animalistic moan from him.

But before I could do anything else he broke away from the kiss, both of us straining to catch the breath that was taken away. He looked into my eyes, "I think we should head back to the house." I did'nt want to break away from what we just shared, afraid that he would think it was a mistake.

I could only nod, not trusting my voice if I tried to talk. We both got up and went to the truck, we did'nt bother putting our shirts and shoes back on. Just got in and left. We did'nt say a word the entire way home, but you would have to be numb not to feel the eletric current humming between us.

We arrive at the house, still neither of us spoke.

"I'm going to hop into the shower." That was the only thing Steve said. I was crushed, all i could do was mummble "ok", with that he padded off towards the bathroom. Me? I just sank into the nearest chair, trying to figure out what just happened. I heard the shower turn on and decided to just go to my room and furiously beat off to what just happened.

I passed by the bathroom and seen that the door was open. I looked in and my breath caught in my throat, Steve was stripping off his still damp shorts. Giving me a perfect view of his cute little bubble butt. I groaned and he must of heard me cause he turned slightly giving me another veiw that would never leave my mind. An unabstructed look at his semi hard cock.

Great I thought, he's teasing me now. I looked up and seen that smirk on his face.

"I'm sorry, I was just passing by and noticed the door open." When he did'nt say anything i started rambling. "'ll just go to my room. Sorry for intruding. Um...yeah....i'll just go now." I started turn and Steve caught my arm. "Don't go. I could use some help washing my back if your interested." There was that damn smirk again. God could he melt me with that. But.....I did'nt have to be asked twice. By the time I got undressed he was in the shower. It took me a second to get my shorts over my 7 inch throbbing cock. I stepped in behind him, he was already washing his hair. I slowly got behind him and wrapped my arms around him. I still wasn't sure if all this was ok but he was the one who invited me in the shower. I knew all was ok when he leaned back into me, my cock nestled between his cheeks causing a moan to escape his lips. He started to turn and i backed off a little, he started to rinse his hair and I got my first real good look at his delicious body. I could'nt help myself when my hands reached out to touch his chest. Another moan came from him. It was like I was in a trance, I got down on my knees and licked the head of his cock. His hands gathered on my head and gently urged me on. I wanted to take my time so I took his cock in my hand and slowly licked my way up the shaft. I licked all around his cock then licked back up the head. I lowered my mouth to it, taking just the head into my mouth. Gently sucking it, taking a little bit at a time. Before i knew it I had half of his cock in my mouth. "Lick my balls David, let me feel your mouth all over me." It was more of a plead than a request. I held his cock up and licked first one than the other, sucking each one into my mouth and rolliing it around. Steve's moans were louder now. I went back to work on his cock, determaned to get all of that glorious cock in my hot mouth. Inch by inch he slid further down my throat. Within a few minutes I had all 8 1/2 inches pumping in and out of my mouth, with the help of Steve's hands still on my head.

Slowly fucking my face. I could tell that he was trying to hold back. "David, i'm going to cum soon."

That only made me speed up, wanted to taste his cum shooting down my throat. My other hand found his ass and started to gently probe it with my finger. Steve's animal like grunts told me he was almost there. I slowly pushed my finger in and that triggered his release. Grunting and thrusting his cock in my mouth, he shot stream after stream of cum in my mouth. I was trying to swallow it all not wanting to waste a drop.

I managed to swallow it all and lick his cock clean before Steve released my head. I stood up and he pushed me against the wall kissing me hard and urgently. We were sharing the load he just dropped in my mouth between us. I almost came from just the thought.

We hadn't noticed that the water had started to turn cold. He spun around and turned off the water. We got out and I started to dry him off. Steve took me by the hand saying he had other plans. He lead us to his bedroom, and stood in front of me kissing me again.

Moving away from my face he started to lick me clean.

He ran his talented tounge down my neck and onto my chest. Taking one nipple in his mouth and pinching the other with his other hand. The wonderful form of torcher was beyond words. He did'nt stay to long on my nipples, pushing me back onto his bed he crawled down my chest and started licking my balls. I was so lost that I could'nt form any words, just moans and grunts.

Steve started to lightly masterbate me while his tounge started a downward trail. I spread my legs to give him better access to my puckered hole. The first swipe of his tounge I almost came, he let his tounge go back to work on my cock as his finger started probbing my hole. Steve sucked my entire cock into his mouth in one quick motion, his finger starting to go deeper and faster in and out of my ass. My hips started to bounce off the bed, trying to get more of my cock into his waiting mouth. He hit my prostate and that was it, i was done. I started to cum right in Steve's mouth, it was all he could do to hold on as I finished.

My breathing was rapid as Steve crawled up the bed to lay down beside me. I did'nt know what to do, I still had no answers to my questions and what we did just added more. I sighed as I laid my head apon his shoulder. "Steve?" He lifted my head and looked into his eyes and gently kissed me. Then said, "You don't know how long i've wanted to do that." Needless to say I was shocked.

"So does this mean that you feel the same way?" I asked hesintatly.

He gathered me up into his arms and kissed me again, "yes, and for just about as long as you have."

I could'nt help myself as I kissed him, more passionatly than I ever thought possible. Letting our hands rome over each others bodys, in a more exploring way. But thats for another story.