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Chaos Men!

Chaosmen - Hottest Images of guys

Chaosmen formerly known as Chaos in Austin is a stellar site offering tens of thousands of pictures and a heap of videos of the hottest guys from across the United States.

This is a site that you must visit, not just to join but also for the literally thousands of free preview images, and very cool desktop images for you to download and drool over.

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This is certainly not your normal run of the mill pay per view porn site, no sirree. Bryan Ockert the guy who runs the site and photographs the models is an internationally regarded photographer. You can see his work at,, 10 Percent and even in Unzipped.

So when you have a look at these photos you get so much more than just some gratuitous cock and body shots. These are truly artistic images of guys in all manner of poses. And not all of the pictures on the site are nude or overtly sexual either. Some of the photo shoots start out as non nude and then a few months later the guy might come back and do some nude shots later.

This is not a sit where you will find a lot of guy on guy action, itís just not that sort of site. But you may be really interested to know that Bryan photographs all the guys for!

Chaos Men

But down to brass tack (or the guys) what do you get on the site for your hard earned cash? Well you get nearly eight years of photo shoots and that is thousands and thousands of pictures in all there stunning glory!

To get an idea of what is there take a visit right now and have a look! Just go down and have a look at the thousands of preview images and you can get an idea of just how much is in the members section.

There are just so many hot guys on Chaos Men that I canít decide who I like more! One of the many standout cuties is Andy a 22 year old straight boy.

In Bryanís words:

As you can tell from the photos, Andy is quite fit. He is a top notch personal trainer as well as a Kung Fu master and trainer. His fluid movements and awesome tai chi/yoga poses demonstrate his incredible strength and Balance.

Balance seems to be key element to Andy. His tattoo on his back is ?deep? as Andy will say when asked what it means but doesn't want to get into it. I think it clearly represents all the moods and facets of his personality and emotion, and the Balance between them all.

Andy's fluidity might set off some poory tuned gaydar, but sadly, this boy is straight. I hesitate to mention it cuz I don't think Andy cares either way- this is one cool dude. But his pictures have been online five days and I have had about 15 emails asking me if they have a chance to win his heart.

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