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Survey One About Drew

Real name: Andrew

Names I go by : Drew, you, Drewby Monster, Bitch face, slapper, the wonderful blonde one (seriously my boss called me that - go figure) - need I go on?

Height : 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: about 70 KGs (hey it's muscle)

Hair : Blonde (um it's real I swear officer)

Family: Normal stuff two parents a sister, dog etc

Live in: Sydney Australia

Will soon live in: um who knows what tommorow will bring!

University major(s) : Business, Management, Computing Science. Information Science, Communications Management, Applied Statistics

Ambition : Build My Business into a multi million dollar enterprise

Lofty ambition : To change the world and make people and government's accept equality for all!

Silly ambition: To run naked through Parliament

Favorite movies: Beautiful Thing, Get Real, Titanic

Favorite Director: Hmmmm, Micheal Criechton

The last few CD's I've acquired: MIX FM (Varous dance and trance) - Sonquie

Favorite TV show: Ally McBeal, Queer as Folk, Absolutely Fabulous, Sex in the City

Number of times arrested : 3 - I worked for Greenpeace for a few years, never been charged though

Number of classes failed: 0

Number of times given detention: huh?

Birthday: July 16th

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Personality type: Hmmmmmm, um very caring but very cautious and once I give my love or affection I don't take it back or chnage my mind too much. Im very creative and must be creating something or doing something.

Romantic Quotient: I love good old romance and crave it at times, mind you I am a huge flirt!!!!!!

Pets and their names: Maggie the Cat

Things you like to do: Listen to music, hang out with friends, drink, cook dinner with friends, swim, work out, go jogging, watch TV write, read chat on the phone

Things you like to collect: Paintings and Sculptures

Best advice you have ever given: A friend listens and loves but never judges

Words or phrases you overuse: huh?

Coolest experiences in life: Um getting my pilot's license and going solo for the first time....that's freedom!

Stupidest thing you have ever done: not telling!

Fav thing to do during the summer: Swim, go to the beach

Fav thing to do during the autumn: Walk on the beach with the boy

Fav thing to do during winter: Light fires and cuddle in fromt of them with the boy: )

Fav thing to do during spring: Go to the Beach

Special skills or talent: Um ?

Character traits you look for in a guy: Honesty, passion, excitement, kind, gentle, caring, funny, serious but spontaneous

Fav music: Almost everything although High NRG Dance

Fav color: Blue

Fav food: Chocolate

Fav sport: Swimming

Fav toy : Barbie - hah just kidding cars

Fav cartoon character: Dilbert

Fav Actor / Actress: Dame Judi Dench

Fav animal : Cat - But I love Dogs too

Fav month: July

Fav holiday: Christmas

Least Fav holiday: don't have one

Fav part of the newspaper : Letters

Fav Store : GAP, Boss, Abbercrommbie and Fitch

Fav clothes to wear: Levis, Bonds T shirt and sneakers

The thing you despise the most: Dishonesty, hatred and inequality

Turn offs: Dishonesty

Turn ons: Guys, smiles, holding finger tips : )

Thing I live by / favorite quotes: As you slide down the banister of life may the splinters be few and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of your enemies