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nic and the city

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January 1 2006

Writing about myself has never been easy. I don't have problems telling a story about one of my sexcapades or wild weekends. Telling a joke or pointing out the obvious irony of an event - good or bad - is never a problem. But to introduce myself to thousands of readers that's a different challenge.

I wouldn't call it modesty. Ask my friends, I'm anything but. And I'm definitely not shy. Perhaps it's my complexity. Simple I'm not. My ideas and actions are either well thought out and calculated or an impulse purchase of time and energy - usually resulting in trouble.

Hopefully we'll be spending a lot of time together. I don't know how long this gig with Drew is going to last, but I promise to give it my all.

My name is Nic, I'm 19-years-old, a Scorpio and I love long walks in park wait a sec, sorry that's my profile Sorry, what I meant to say was I'm a sophomore at Metro State College in Denver, Colo. Yes, I'm American. But more, I'm a writer. A thinker. We'll be doing a lot of thinking here, discussing issues about gaydom and life in general. I'll be posting new and old stuff a like. Think Sex and the City meets Aristotle.

The last year has been difficult for me. I moved from a small town to the big city. I made the transition from high school to college. I came out.

I'll be posting once a week. In the meantime, feel free to contact me at

Let this be the start of a beautiful relationship!

About the Author

Nic Garcia is a gay 20-year-old college journalist.

He grew up in Pueblo, Colo. and currently lives in Denver. He attends the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Nic has been published in six newspapers across the nation. He had already written for The Pueblo Chieftain, The Pueblo Business Journal, and was editor of his high school newspaper the Round-Up when he won the Dow Jones Scholarship for Minority Journalists. His article about Affirmative Action, written for The Urban Pioneer, a summer publication produced by the AHAHA summer work shop at the University of Missouri Columbia, was chosen as one of the best written that summer across the nation.

You may contact him at