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June 14th 2005

Itís interesting comparing the monarchy of Great Britton and that newly emergent one of the United States of America.  Great Britton has largely moved itself further and further away from a constitutional monarchy, having the royal family as mostly symbolic figureheads.  We have moved from a largely democratic country free of royalty, to the Bush dynasty, with personal and religious freedoms being mostly figurative.

I bring this up because of Prince Harryís little debacle recently, with his awful choice of costumes last month.  Not content with being a ghost, vampire, or powerpuff girl, the brilliant boy dons military regalia and swastikas.  Not that Iím excusing this serious breach of taste, cultural insensitivity, and good sense, but really, lets face it; royalty or not, heís still a teenager which almost demands a heaping spoons full of stupid actions, bad taste, and insensitivity.

I seriously doubt he was thinking of genocide and world conquest when he dressed that way, he was just being a stupid kid.  Iím certain that at this point in time he can give 11 million reasons why what he did was wrong.

The interesting thing to me is that the United States went up in arms over this but says nothing about our head of state who is actually emulating many of the actions and beliefs of the swastika homeboy.  Lets see, 1) altering and suppressing actual scientific data to support his own worldviews?  YUP.  From textbooks to environmental reports to statistics about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Web sites, reports, and books have been altered to fit his extremely far-right beliefs.  The CDC website has been forced to remove much of itís info about safe sex in lieu of pushing abstinence only programs. Including changing facts which could very well save lives.  2) Limiting civil liberties?  Yeah, Junior has seen fit to remove certain liberties from almost all Americans. From the far reaching effects of the homeland securities act to the patriot act, all erode aspects of the bill of rights and the constitution.   3) The egocentric, almost xenophobic belief that his religion/beliefs are the only correct ones?  He said it best himself, you are either with him or you are against him.  I wonder what Jesus would say about his actions so far?  4) Disregard for other countries sovereignty?   Well, he had evcery reason to enter Afganistan, but his actions now are only creating ten fold the number of terrorists we would have faced had he not entered Iraq.  God help us all if he starts something with Iran or North Korea. 5 Sucks up to the rich and powerful? well yeah, but who doesnít?  6) makes fun of the French? Again, yeah, but who doesnít? 7) Firmly believes his mandates are directed by god? Scary, but then what zealot isnít?  8) Believes war is the answer to his economic problems.   Yeah, and heís almost determined to start another world war in his schoolyard bully mentality.   9) Speaks only broken and spotty English? The embarrassing thing here is that only one of these fanatics is actually from another country.   10) Has a small group of ideologues in key positions of power? The thing to wonder about is who gets to start making up nicknames like ĎAngel of deathí for Rice, Cheny, and Rumsfeild?. And 11) Will leave a scared, weary, desolate earth as his legacy?  Iíd say that between his environmental policies and his foreign policies, this is already occurring.

Itís funny how easily humans will judge something based solely on looks and dressing, yet totally disregard the character and substance of this thing.  

For my next trick Iím comparing Condolesea Rice to the wicked Witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz, and Cheny to the Hamburgler.  Then Iíll do a point counter point to whom I would most like to be in a dark alley with, Rumsfeld or Captain Hook. 

Do I believe Iran is lead by a very scary theocracy? Yes, Do I think Ní Korea is led by a maniac? Yup.  Do I believe in an Axis of Evil? Yeah, but I donít have to look over seas to find it.