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A great Photoshop job, but would you really put this past him?

This week's blog will function a little bit different from past postings, as i want to change things up a little. Change is good. Keeps the blood flowing :)

I'm headed for Greece tomorrow (SAT-DFW-JFK-LGW-CDG-ATH-JMK... How's that for routing, eh?) and will be posting, hopefully, daily about my adventures in being. If i don't happen to be able to get to an internet cafe as much as i'd like, i'll post as much as i can when i do get onto the net. Pictures will most likely have to be put up when i get back on the 19th. I'll just slip them into the already written paragraphs or possibly just have an entire blog of nothing but images from this Greek trip.

In the meantime, i was in NYC the other day and got the opportunity to spend a whole day of doing nothing but art museum-hopping. The Met and Guggenheim were two favorites. While the Gugg didn't have much of its permanent collection out (as they were prepping for a new exhibit), the structure itself was just as impressive. One of my first experiences seeing this piece of architechture live was in Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle films. If you haven't ever seen Barney's work, i recommend it for its sheer creativity and insight.

He's the husband of singer Bjork, but also one of the most influential performance artists of his time IMO. Check out his website HERE. Interesting stuff.

The Met was awesome. To me, it's a much larger version of Chicago's Art Institute with just as an impressive collection. I'm an avid Seurat fan. I'd never seen the pre-works to 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' and The Met had one. It was amazing to see how the work had changed in it's final incarnation, both size-wise and in color.

I was surprised to also see this self-portrait of Van Gogh out on display without a protective case to guard against people and UV. In any event, it was an awesome feeling to be able to get so close to such a well-known work and really see Van Gogh's broad technique.

Pop-art is some of my favorite stuff, with Haring, Warhol and Lichtenstein being my particular likes. I never knew that Roy Lichtenstein created sculpture! I got this pic next to one of his pieces:

Below are various other pics from the trip, which overall turned out to be a fantastic weekend. I saw Jeff Goldblum in 'The Pillowman' (it was an unreal and awesome performance), along with a great company of 'Rent.' I snagged a slice of Famiglias pizza on 43rd (my favorite in the Times Square area) and had a chance to do some serious people-watching. NYC is a great place to people-watch, but i wouldn't want to live there. I suppose i enjoy the quiet that comes with where i live. It's nice to enjoy the comforts of a big city, but peace is rarely one of them. It also doesn't help that thinking about shoveling snow frightens me...

When i got back to the airport in SA, i ended up (literally) bumping into former rapper Tone Loc, who was performing in San Antonio that night. I recognized him from some of his movies (Disney's Blank Check, Ace Ventura, etc) after a second and we got to chatting about SA, where to go after he's done performing and good places to catch a bite to eat. Nice guy. Very down-to-earth and happy to still be performing.

In the not-so-down-to-earth category is Tommy Lee Jones, a San Antonio native, who i sat next to today at lunch (Liberty Bar Cafe). He's infamous in SA for being a real bastard, but who knew he was also a midget as well? I swear the guy can't be more than 5'4". He paid in cash and didn't even leave the waiter a tip. A real class act indeed.... Maybe he's pissed that his last four movies flopped.

So, i got this amazing weblink from a friend, so i'm officially reinstating the free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK website here and now. Yes, the site is THAT good. Enjoy :)

Eye Candy will go up when i get back into the states on the 20th, along with a wrap-up of Greece and happenings that happened. Keep your eyes peeled for updates here on 15 Minutes, but i don't expect the first one will be until the 12th or so. I don't even get in until the 11th and will probably crash out for the remainder of the day to get onto Greek time ASAP.

For those of you who remember, let's hope i don't get locked into a room at a brothel in Athens like i did last time. Now THAT was fun. Luckily, the guy who cut the door handle off to get me out was also only wearing a towel. That made it all worth it.

Please Stay tuned...


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