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The Marcus Wayman Campaign

Updated October 2003!
In an important update to this campaign, the case has been settled out of court for the insignificant sun of $60,000 US Dollars.  The settlement was reached in September 2003 after negotiation between the parties involved.  The reason for the small amount of compensation was due to the
Borough being almost insolvent and offering any more money would have caused them to file for bankruptcy!

The Police officers involved have not been reprimanded and no action at all has been taken against them!  Read the campaign information and then visit the site for more information!

Minersville, PA, USA: Marcus Wayman and another friend were in an abandoned parking lot where they were turning around their vehicle, coming from a high school party. The teens were immediately followed into the lot by local police. Officers at once stopped and separated the teens.

After frisking the teens, police found that one of them were carrying condoms. Officer Scott Willinsky within minutes concluded the boys were obviously "queers" (police quote) and stopping to engage in sex. After questioning the teens about the condoms, Willinksy had his mind made up, regardless of their answers.
The small town police threatened to tell the teens' families, friends and community that they were homosexuals and quoted biblical passages while placing them under arrest for underage drinking.

Marcus, a high school football player, distraught and despaired, scared that he would be labeled and outed as gay by the police to the small community, his family and friends six hours later took a revolver to his head and shot himself.

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