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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's all a wedge issue to keep the right wing in power and money

This quote amused me from the Proposition Trial Tracker website:

But that’s not how the opposition is thinking. See, I don’t think they really believe most of the garbage that they’re spewing out. The right-wing movement to pass Prop 8 — and other anti-gay amendments — are really part of a strategy to keep right-wing conservatives in power. There’s lotsa money to be made keeping the masses distracted by cultural, wedge issues — and to dredge up homophobia and malice against the “other” (in this case, gays) helps propel them politically. These folks have money to burn — where else do you think the National Organization for Marriage gets their money from, and how it just comes out of nowhere?

When it all comes down to it the reason the right wing is so vehemently anti-gay is nothing more than a way to rally support and power.

Look at the inclusion of McCain's Wife and daughter in the NO8t campaign, a republican presidential nominees one wife and daughter support same sex marriage but he doesn't?

The right wing sprouts the Kool Aid and expect people to believe it but they don't actually believe it themselves.

They are playing with our lives and our rights as just a way to keep their power base.

Sure there are lots and lots and lots of people who do believe the hateful things they say, but much of this is based on what the Church and anti-gay community / political leaders say.

I once had a client who point blank told me that she would not let her children be photographed for a children's clothing catalogue because she didn't want gay guys drooling over her young kids.

That old baseless link between pedophilia and homosexuality, it's stupid and insulting


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