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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A conundrum

With all the hoopla over the Perry vs Schwarzangger trial in California an interesting situation has been encountered in Oakland.

A board member of a city owned theatre is due to be reappointed for another three year term.

Problem is he was one of the singularly largest donors for Proposition 8, donating a whopping $25,000 to the cause of denying same sex marriage rights.

Should he be reinstated or should he lose his role on the board?

Legally he has done nothing wrong, he donated money to a public cause, but this public cause is potentially unconstitutional and serves only to take away rights of the citizens.

It's a hard call really, Oakland has an anti discrimination policy that outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Whilst technically supporting proposition 8 does not legally discriminate.

It's a moral issue though.

As one commenter on the article said

He would not even be considered for the board if he advocated revoking some of the civil rights of African Americans or Jews.

By supporting a campaign against the rights of gay people he has violated the community standards of the Bay Are

I must admit I agree, since this is a publicly appointed position and his donation goes against the values and expectations of the community then he should not be reinstated

What do you think?


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