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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Start of my Aquarium

I finally started my new marine aquarium after talking to every person I knew with experience and reading volumes of ideas.

You can see from the picture that I seriously misjudged how much water I needed to fill the tank and I need to get another 10 liters at least!

But I have tried to accelerate the whole process by using salt water from both a friend's salt water aquarium and salt water from the store that are both laden with live bacteria already.

When I placed everything in their with the live rock and the water settled into the filter area I realised that I needed a whole lot more water.

But the store was closed and my friends couldn't get me any water that night, but I was lucky enough that one of my friends lent me an air aerator to create some water flow until I can get to the store this afternoon for more water.

I love the live rock that I purchased, one piece in the bottom left hand corner is really cool, with lots and lots of natural colour and algae!

Once I have the rest of the water I will move around the rock until I am satisfied with the 'look' and position of the tank I need to wait about 2 - 4 weeks before I can have the water tested and start thinking about fish and some soft coral.

I have had a huge amount of suggestions from experienced friends have settled on a soft coral that looks a bit like an anemone, a pair of clown fish and maybe a salt water shrimp of some sort as the maximum that the tank could handle.

But that's a few weeks off before I can even contemplate that step.

So for now it's started and I need to be patient and wait until the tank is ready for fish and corals.

The beagle has been paying some attention to the tank, but I think it's more because of the sound of the aerator and she hasn't tried to actually interfere with it just look at it so far.


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