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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The more I read the more I am horrified

I read two articles recently that the Catholic Church had authored.

The first in an attempt to force Hawaii to NOT provide civil unions for same sex couples and the second why homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children.

Both of the articles got my stomach crawling and reminded me just how bigoted and hopelessly outdated the Catholic Church is.

In the first article the ridiculous argument yet again that marriage is about procreation and raising children.

The second article stating it is not good for a child in a same sex family, again going against ALL properly peer reviewed studies which have found there is no difference.

But my favorite two gems in the second article were the statement that homosexuals should practice celibacy (yeah right with all of those kiddy fiddlers in the Catholic Church - which incidentally is suggested to be caused by their struggles with chastity) and the second statement which makes me so mad:

it would be wrong to ignore the possibility that a particular homosexual couple wishes to adopt children for the perverse purpose of using them for child pornography, sexual abuse or prostitution.

Yep that ridiculous and proven wrong statement that gay guys (or women) are kiddy fiddlers.

You just have to ask yourself how in this day and age such totally baseless statements are accepted as fact.

When you think about it the Church and other opponents of same sex marriage and same sex equality in general are using baseless scare tactics appealing to the masses who hold deeply held distrust of the gay community.

We lack as a gay community a normalized visibility yeah sure some parts of the community are visible, but quite often it's the extremes. You know like the OTT campness of Elton John or the stereotype of Will and Grace.

Rather than just the normalized visibility of gay couples getting on with their lives, buying houses, working etc.

I strongly believe that if the Catholic Church wants to be involved in political debate like this they then forgo their Tax Free Exemption status.

There is supposed to be such as thing as separation of state and church, but I guess since the Catholic Church has so much political power no political party could ever rescind their tax free status.


At Thu Jan 21, 10:20:00 PM EST, Blogger FletcherBeaver said...

You know, as they say, the best revenge is living well.
And I think we are winning.
I don't think every day people, on the whole, believe any of this Catholic Church nonsense, any longer. I think society has moved past these baseless stereotypes, pretty much. And I think in the end the only thing the Catholic Church is really doing is proving how out of touch it really is.


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