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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On the Warhol Exhibition

I didn't write much on the Warhol exhibition yesterday because I was still in immense pain and very groggy from this stomach bug.

I was pretty much impressed with myself that I even managed to get through the entire exhibition without falling over or something worse. But I am so glad I did.

I am pretty lucky in that a few of our friends have some original Warhols and I have been lucky enough to get up close and personal with them before.

But this was just so much more interesting.

My only one complaint about the exhibition was the obvious references for schoolkids under most of descriptions of the works. Which I found just a tad insulting.

However, some of the works were really interesting to see including the entire set of Mao, the set of Marilyn Monroe and the works featuring Jacqui Kennedy.

When you see one work in isolation you can appreciate that work, but when you see them all together you can really start to see the artists meaning in all of them.

I have decided though that Andy must have been compulsive obsessive (eating the same thing for twenty years at lunch and having a total fascination with replication).

The early works which were much more free hand painting were really interesting along with an unfinished Campbells Soup tin painting still with the masking tape which was used to mask the lettering. It's not often that you get to see the stages that an artist uses to get to their work.

The works were not his greatest works nor were they his most iconic, although they were well chosen and great fun.
This afternoon I am going to drop in on the Paradise Exhibition at the State Library of Queensland so will have a gander at that!



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