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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Wonders of Technology

I am sitting waiting for my flight back to Sydney which is about three hours away due to the wonders of flying on separate airlines with the boy.

But at least through the wonders of technology I can sit here on my trusty notebook computer and my net connect card, surfing the web and blogging all from some God Forsaken bar in Coolangatta airport.

I would normally be in the Qantas lounge, but since the boy flew out already and he is the uber status member I have no real choice but to site here and wait it out.

It does however allow me some time to out my thoughts together on what I think of the Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast!

In a word this place is tacky and not suitable for anything when it's raining and cold.

I can well and truly see the appeal when it is warm, the beaches just go on forever and the eye candy even in clothes is just fantastic so I can only assume how great it is when the surfy boys are out!

Seriously though this place seems to be a mix of really 80s inspired and really new like the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemispehere Q1.
But overall this place is a party town and 'surfers paradise'. It feels a bit like a mix of Sydney and Darlinghurst where we live, but with a wanna be Miami, Vegas and LA all rolled into one.
It's been a welcome break the last few days, being away from the normalcy of work, different scenery and a different routine, but as always I am looking forward to going home, sleeping in my own bed and seeing my little baby beagle.
I am currently surrounded by a whole lot of very drunk business men and a very hot young guy with them about 25 - 27 or so who is very obviously gay but I don't think the older guys in his company he is travelling with know this.
But I digress and back to my impressions of the gold coast.
I think the highlight of my ramblings yesterday was most likely walking by Cheerleaders a Gold Coast strip joint, right next to an English language school.
As I walked out a young Asian girl walked out of the language school and right into the strip club!

Totally classic!
Well while writing this blog entry I have managed to down two ibuprofen (I buggered my back) and two pure blonde low carb beers, and I am kind of flying so I am amazed that I can even sit on this bloody bar stool.
So from Coolangatta airport with two and a half hours till my flight out of here, I sign off!

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