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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Everyone's on Holidays except the cat!!

Being away on the work break is fun, although I must admit that when I left the puppy at Doggy Day Care yesterday I was sad!

But seeing the puppy playing with five other dogs racing around, I knew that she will have a fabulous time.

Speaking to Rose (Puppy Day Care owner) this morning was quite funy, Rose was as expected a bit confused over which dog was which until I reminded her that Lucy is the Beagle and all the confusion stopped.

So the Beagle is well and happy, non stop playing with the other dogs and has made herself a bed up on a table in amongst towels and stuff.

So lie Lucy as she likes to be up high so she can see everything and everyone!

I know I know I am such a sap!



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