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Bandwidth Theft

Don't even think about it!  It is a crime and you will be caught!

It is a shame that I must put this page online, but Bandwidth Theft is a huge issue for Superdrewby and must be stopped or it will mean the end of this and many other sites!

If you have received an email from Superdrewby identifying you as a Bandwidth Thief, please take the time to read this information and take the corrective action suggested.

What is Bandwidth Theft?

Bandwidth theft is where an image from one site is direct linked on another site instead of the image being copied and then stored on the other site's web host. That is when you find an image you like and you are:

  1. are too cheap to have server space of your own to use
  2. are too lazy to upload the image to your own server
  3. are uneducated about the crime you are committing

This means that the original site is paying for the bandwidth everytime someone views the page on the other person's site.  The most common instances of bandwidth theft is in Message Boards where someone links an image from say a Superdrewby Gallery and it is then direct linked in the page.

It means that I end up paying for the bandwidth of people vieiwng images on a site that I have no connection with and get no links or visitors to my site!

It's a Crime?

Yep, it's a crime it is stealing and just because you think that it is an anonymous crime that doesn't hurt anybody, you are wrong!  Sites like Superdrewby are free to use, which means that the costs associated with the running the site come from targeted advertising, affiliate programs and donations.  My web host makes me pay for the bandwidth (every time a user views a page or image it increases the bandwidth).

But you can't tell who did it right?

Wrong, Every time an image or a page is viewed on the web, my server statistics can tell me where the request came from, I can't identify you, but I can tell that a search term of say "Cute Guys" was used to come to the site.  When an image is stolen using direct linking the stats can show the page the request came from and how many times the image was requested.

For a site like Superdrewby that means that I can tell that image you have on your website that you direct linked has been accessed 10,000 times in last week.

Ok I'm embaressed now what can I do?

If you are a bandwidth thief it's really quite simple!  Almost all of the images in the galleries are owned by other people not me.  I have permission to use the images.  If you want to use them on your site, ask permission from me or the owner of the image, then copy and upload the images to your own server.

What happens if I ignore this warning and continue to steal your bandwidth

I'm very glad you asked this question!  If I have sent you an email you may have noticed that I have also CC'd your webhost .  I am a nice person and I always play fair and ask you to stop the problem first.  If you don't stop stealing bandwidth then I will get my lawyers to send you a cease and desist order and seek compensation.

You think I'm kidding?  I'm not!

Your webhost will also be contacted and subjected to the same legal order, which could also mean that your website and hosting agreement may be cancelled.  Most webhosts have a terms of service or acceptable use policy, and bandwidth theft is strictly forbidden by these.

I have had many webhosts who have simply deleted a users files and kicked them off the server!

And I have a few more tricks up my sleeve as well, if I can't find you or conatct you, I will instead change the image you stole to something very very very untasteful and then your users will find out that you are a thief!

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