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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The horror of it all

Today we went to Ikea for the second time in probably 5 years to look at desks and tables for my new office.

I now remember why the last time I went there I said I would never go again.

The ugly ugly ugly people, and so many of them it's insane, and the total crap that is in that place, if that's not an environmental disaster I have no idea what is.

Yeah sure I know they are one of the most ecologically friendly manufacturing companies (they use recycled products, use farmed timber etc. But that's all well and good but the entire store is just one big bargain basement of stuff you don't really need.

The 1 dollar bargains like candles, hangers, glasses, T towels etc sure they are useful, but only if you actually need them!

Not surprisingly we didn't buy anything and it looks like I will be moving into the new office with virtually only the furniture we have now and none of the new desks for people or meeting room stuff.

It's not a bad thing per se, but at the very least I don't want to be sharing my desk with anyone while we choose new desking solutions.

I am hoping that some time this week we will do the move as well, the new telephone is connected just waiting for the Internet to be connected and then we will do the move.

Totally unrelated I saw this cool use of an Italla vase as a fish bowl, cute huh?

And I was reminded that I wanted a fish again (when we went to replace the last fish we came home with the beagle) but I am not sure I could be bothered cleaning a fish bowl as it's a lot of work!
You can see more of the ittala bowl with fish over at Apartment Therapy.
Just as I was writing this a group of 'Dilgrims" (dumb pilgrims) were just making their way down Oxford street and it TOTALLY set the puppy off.
Their incessant jubilant singing drove the poor pet quite mad and she made her feelings felt by barking at them.
Mind you every time the Pope and his motorcade went by she has been barking her little head off too.
I find it amusing that the dimlgims have been quite disappointed because they have not caught a glimpse of the Pope whereas I have seen him now three times going up and down Oxford street.
I wonder whether he realises he has been going up and down the Mardi Gras route? Probably not but he wouldn't really look all that out of place in what he is wearing.
So there we are at least I have been having fun.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The renovations continue

This week we will get the final two pieces of the current stage of the re-design and renovation of our apartment should conclude. The Poliform sideboard should arrive for downstairs and the new in built half wall book cases are being installed on Friday / Saturday.

This means that downstairs apart from the sofa which needs replacing in the long term or new cushions in the short term (due to beagle damage) is complete and we can start to complete other parts of the apartment. We also need ot do something about a long artwork for a wall but I want to have someting comissioned specifically for the wall or something done to my specification.

We did start the renovations of the second bedroom, this being where we had the faux faux white gloss sideboard and the half wall bookcases installed, but the rest of the room is now ripe for completion.

The three pieces above are what I am thinking for the upstairs room which doubles as our guest bedroom and the boy's gaming room (he has his xbox 360 and flat screen up there so he can retreat upstairs to blow things up).

So the Sofa is a Jasper White Leather Sofa;

The Table is a marble topped Saarinan Table which I love!

and finally the Arco Lamp which is such a classic.

Whilst I am not one hundred percent sure on the Arco, the otehr two are perfect for the space and would make it functional for the boy's gaming needs and more than adequate for guests when they stay over.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Staying still moving forward

For the last five months or so there has been much flux and uncertainty in our lives. I alluded months ago that something big was in the wings but I would not elaborate more.

Well the big thing was a potential move to San Francisco, which we are no longer pursuing. So for months and months we did not know whether we would be staying in Sydney or moving countries.

After much and I mean much discussion we have decided to concentrate on staying here. The boy was considering two promotions one based in San Jose and one based here, no points to the fact he has accepted the one staying here.

This has been a real challenge for me because I have had to start packaging up my company for a large scale move to the States or maybe stay. The strategy I have put in place is achievable in either country although it may take a few trips to the States for me to kick start the next chapter and secure my second round funding!

However this means that I finally get to complete and decorate our apartment! Yes I can finally finish this place and not feel like we are still living in between 'student chic' and high class, well kind of student chic.... well ok it was never that stylish more likely the furniture from our last place which didn't quite match the very modern new apartment!

So in keeping with this new and very exciting move forward (not backwards) we went shopping and have ordered the furniture for the apartment. I am so excited I am almost falling over myself!

Unfortunately we must wait between 8 - 12 weeks for the actual delivery of said furniture, but that's what happens when you order from Italy I suppose!

So the designers chosen are, Corbusier, Poliform, Starck and others!

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