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Friday, April 18, 2008

KD Lang in concert

Last night we went to meet and see KD Lang perform in Concert at the Sydney State Theatre.

KD is one of those performers who you know a couple of her songs and know her style, but I have never paid much attention to her till now.

Sitting in the front row you get such an amazing intimate experience with a singer like KD, who is a true singer and sings without the need for much backing apart from a tiny ensemble

Her voice is just stunning, and the control and tone she has is pure heaven.

For me the highlight of the show was her rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah which was just magical and so inspiring. I love the song and her interpretation of this was pure bliss.

Afterwards during the meet and greet it was fascinating meet some of the other people there to greet her, like the famed Australian Director George Miller his wife and children, Deborah Lee and others whose faces I recognised but would have no idea who they are apart from them being in the 'business'.

I always feel at a bit of a loss at these meet and greats, after all we are not in 'the business' and it's funny when people introduce themselves to you and look at you wondering who you are and if they should know you.

It's a really intimate entree to a world where very few people get allowed in to, sure people get meet and greats to people but we have always been blessed with a very special intro by the people we know.

I was tempted to tell Deborah Lee that I went to school with her hubby Hugh, and had a huge crush on him when I was younger but thought better of it really!

On a topical note though being left in a room to introduce yourself to KD I said hi and introduced Lee as my partner, and KD introduced us to Jamie her partner.

I noticed that we both used the word's partner to describe the other half. It's topical because of the Daily Telegraph's beat up of a plan by the NSW Education department to introduce the words 'partner' into the common language used to describe the spouse or well 'partner' for a want of a better word for relationships.

Great night and just stunning voice!

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