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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Art or Child Pornography?

The picture above is by an Australian Photographer Bill Henson whose work has been at the centre of huge controversy in the last week.
His photography of boys and girls between 12 - 13 has bought condemnation from a wide variety of sources, including our new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
I saw him being interviewed where he called the works at the Rosyln Oxley Gallery as 'revolting' and the look on his face told me he had not even seen them.
I have seen some of the images that people are calling child pornography and I think they are some of the most beautiful evocative works I have seen.
These are not child pornography images, they are the artistic cultural equivalents of Botticelli, Normal Lindsay, Michelangelo etc.
I remember more then twenty years ago the original Superman movie has a scene where the young Superman just arrived from space picks up the car fully naked, nothing to the imagination.
That is full on frontal nudity, whereas these images are artistic photography.
It right royally pisses me off that these images of Henson's have been around for decades, yet all of a sudden they are 'child pornography', and what pisses me off even more is Kevin Rudd's reaction without even seeing the images.
I hope that this all just blows over and we can go back to enjoying this amazing artist's work and have a real discourse rather than a 'Oh My God will someone think of the Children' one sided argument.



At Sat May 31, 08:51:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here here! I so agree


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