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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Move to Lockout Pubs at 3am

There is a National Push to create a lockout for all Pubs and Clubs at 3AM to prevent 'drunken louts going from pub to pub'.

Personally I think the idea sucks right royally!

We live virtually in the middle of the night club district of Oxford Street in Sydney.

We have the unenviable pleasure of having a back lane and a side lane which are both used by drunken straight guys and girls to piss in, throw up in, have fights in, shoot up and even shit in sometimes.

If these people are locked out of the pub or clubs at three am or get ejected and can't get back in where the hell do the politicians think they will go?

They will roam the streets looking for trouble!

As it is in this area the violence happens way before 3am and then again after 5am, it's quite often packs of straight louts who get drunk out in the suburbs and then come into the city and pick fights before getting into the clubs or because they don't get in in the first place.

If the politicians want to do something constructive they should stop approving so many clubs so close to each other and put far harsher penalties for licensees and club owners.

And of course there should be that visible police presence on the street, Thursday - Monday nights instead of not police presence unless they are arresting someone with a pill or a joint on them. (Why they need ten police to arrest one poor idiot is beyond me).

But yeah, I reckon that this is just a short sighted bullshit way for the wowsers in our society to control things and it's misguided!

Bloody annoying pricks!



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