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Monday, April 23, 2007

Office Re-Arrange

Since moving into my new office almost five months ago, I have pretty much lived with the outfit that was already there.

This had meant that the rest of the office was fantastically designed and looked really cool. But my private office was a mix of ugly and uglier!

The start off with I had a huge big white kitchen bench around two walls, which may have been great for the previous occupant of the office, but was hideous for me!

My private office is probably about 30 square metres in total (maybe a tad larger) but was cramped with all sorts of useless furniture.

So finally I decided I have been here long enough. This needs to be 'my space' suiting my needs and tastes. So this morning I got all butch and ripped all the horrible benches and have thrown out the excess stuff I don't need.

Now I have a large open office with my large white desk, a couple of white butterfly chairs (like the picture except not the cheap plastic kind LOL) for people to sit at whilst I meet them, a small console for the office server, printer and network and a whole lot of book cases behind me.

There is still some stuff to do, including getting some new ceiling bats to replace where I removed the hideous fluorescent lights, I need to remove half of the book cases behind me and I need to get something to hide the cables leading up to my desk as they ruin the look entirely!
Then I just need to get a nice new floor lamp for the corner of the office and I will finally feeling like this is "my office" and not just somewhere I come during the day!
Mind you there is still a lot of 'clutter' which needs to either be thrown out, catalogued and filed away or some nice new piece of furniture to hide it all!
So Yippeeeee to me!
Oh and the office plans are not mine, I shamelessly stole them off of the web.



At Mon Apr 23, 10:23:00 PM EST, Blogger Volacious said...

But my private office was a mix of ugly and uglier!

...Eddie would be proud!

Cheers, darling!


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