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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Some minor changes

I have done some very minor (lor major depending on how you look at it) changs to the site structure and have now changed all the folders for the images of cute boys so people can no longer steal my bandwidth for more than a few days. From now on the directory which contains the pictures will be chnaged every seven days as i was getting very sick and tired of people stealing bandwidth from Superdrewby.

I reguarly go through the statistics of where the traffic of Superdrewby goes to and comes from and can pretty much identify who steals my bandwidth. Some of the more extreme nasty people have actually just stripped out all the Superdrewby code except for the images and created image galleries of there own. One in particular had even stolen the entire text from the top ten cutest boys as well as the images.

Pages Fixed

The following pages and functions have been fixed!

  • You can now log in from the home page and the members page without errors!

  • The Top Ten Voting System now works!

I may not own the images, but I do own the bandwidth and I reserve the right to decide who can and cannot use the bandwidth. I have reprinted a small article on bandwidth theft from:

Bandwidth Theft

Let's say you run a web site that has a lot of graphics on it. Perhaps you have your own artwork there, or you have screen shots from movies, or you have swimsuit photographs. In any event, you have something that's of general interest to people. You have them online because you want people to come to your web site to look at the photographs -- otherwise, you wouldn't put them online, right?

Here's the problem. Someone has visited your web site and taken an interest in one of the photographs or other graphic file you have available. He or she wants to use this image for his or her own purposes -- a web site, for example, or a message board signature. This person has two ways to get access to your image:

  1. He or she can make a local copy of the image and upload it to her own servers, or
  2. He or she can insert code into her page or message board profile that references your copy of the graphic on your server.

The first option is potentially copyright infringement. That depends on how you choose to look at other people's acquisition of your work. The second, however, is definitely bandwidth theft. Not only is it rude, but it can cost you money. So how do you stop them?

Source: -


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