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Friday, March 22, 2002

Update on Australian Politics

The furore over the slanderous comments by our senator Heffernan has increased since the documents which he used to accuse Justice Kirby have been proven to be fakes, cread by someone to try and discredit the judge. The plot has thivkened over the last couple of days since our Prime Minsiter sacked the Senator from his parliamentary position, but has not aksed for his resignation as a senator. It became even more interesting when we found out that the documents were provided by our Prime Minister's official driver Can we say complicit? Can we say conspiracy?

The PM is already under fire on many other issues including whether or not he knowingly lied to the parliement and the people of Australia in the lead up the last year's election on the the Boat overboard issue. Also our Governer General has been in and out of the papers for his comments on sexual abuse by the clergy - apparently he helped cover up a priests abuse of underage girls when he was an arch bishop (the Governer General that is). So now we have a situation where our stupid, narrow minded and down right right wing Prime Minister is somewhat complicit in slandering a member of our high court. Personally I think he should resign and admit that he has no idea of how to run a country!


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