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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

First week of BFL

We have officially ended our first week of the Body For LIife Fitness program yesterday. So far I am feeling fine, apart from the constant ache of my muscles which are being worked really hard. But all in all I am finding the program really good and the burn I feel every time I leave the gym means that I am really working out. I am still trying to work out the ins and outs of the eating habbits though. You would not believe how hard it actually is to eat six meals a day, even if two of them are protein supplaments. For me I also have to increase all the protein supplaments because I am trying to put on more muscle mass, rather than convert excess fat to muscle, so it is even harder But one week done eleven more to go.

I ask myself when the next time I should get all the measurements done, you know body fat, muscle size etc etc. So far we step ont he scales every day and for me there is not that much of a difference between one day to the next. I have to remind myself that I am not going to see some magical change overnight, but it would be nice to see an incremental change in the weight. The bigest quicker of this program is the cardio workouts they are bloody tough! It doesn't sound like much only doing twenty minutes of cardio, but it is really intense, watching every minute go by and changing the level and intensity of the workout. To give you an idea, you are supposed to go through four peaks in the workout, each peak takes you up to almost your maximum intensity, while on the last peak you exceed your maximum intensity and really push as hard as you can. This is supposed to help the metabolism work better and increase your overall fitness and fat burning.

The one thing that we are not yet doing by the book is working out in the morning as neither of us are morning people. We ahve promised ourselves that next week we will try to at the very least do our three cardio workouts int he morning and see what difference this makes. That will be a huge struggle!


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