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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Friday, March 15, 2002

Plumbers Continued

About an hour after I wrote my tirade against plumbers they finally did turn up, mind you no apologies for being late, or not turing up the day before. However my stance softened as the plumber's apprentice came int he door. He was a very good looking blonde youth of about 17 /18 or so. We ot talking - hey sue me I'm allowed to talk and it was so apparent that he was the typical young dumb hung straight boy. He was a footy player in the local under 18's club and although he may have been blessed with looks he was not blessed with a huge intellect.

They did their work ont he hosue then gave me choice betwen getting a new tap installed or living with the wonky kitchen tap that keeps popping off when the water is put on too hard. What a choice of course I want a new tap to stop myself from being sprayed with hot water! Unfortunately the part they needed was not on hand so they promised to return the next day to finish the job. Suprise suprise they never turned up, no phone call no nothing. Oh and the tap leading to the toilet is now leaking more than before! Great! So I have to wait till they turn up again

Australian Conservative Politics and Homosexuality

The current group of idiots running my country is from the rather right wing god fearing conservatives that hate us poofters. We know it, they know it so most of the time we all just ignore their petty outbursts and get on with our lives. Well that is until Tuesday night. Senator Bill Heffernan, one of our old fashioned and vitrolic members of the upper house launched into an unnanounced and particuarly nasty homphobic attack on one of our openly gay High Court Justices Michael Kirby. Now this wasn't just any normal attack but he accused him of being a peadophile and of using his commonwealth car to pick up rent boys at a notorious gay area known as the Wall in Darlinghurst Sydney. Senator Hefferenan seems to think that all gay men are peadophiles and should not be allowed anywhere near positions of power or authority.

Justice Kirby outed himself a couple of years ago when he listed himself and his same sex partner in the year's Who's Who listing. Justice Kirby has long been a very vocal proponent of gay rights and in particular the lowering of the legal age of consent for same sex couples to be equal with heterosexual couples. He has also goven numerous speeches to schools, national and international organisations and legal groups. He is an honest and trustworthy gay man who has stood up to the world and outed himslef to further the equality of gays and lesbians.

It seems that the accusations that Senator Heffernan was making in parliament which meant that he could not be sued or taken to court for libel or slander had been investigated a number of years ago when he made the same accusations about Justic Kirby. At that time they were proved to be baseless and in fact the dates in question where Justic Kirby was alledged to have picked up underage boys in Sydney, he was actually staying in Canberra several hundred Kilometres away.

Our Prime Minsiter (himself a conservative old homophobe) refuses to sack the Senator and has gone on the record saying that he thinks SEnator Heffenan was right in his actions!. So basically in parliament in Australia you can accuse someone of anything you want and face no consequences because of it.

I have started a new section on Superdrewby called In the Media and will be posting the linsk to news articles about this and other news that affects or concerns our community. Have a look at the In the Media section now! I will also be finally bulding the activism section of this site so that people can find out how they too can support actions against people such as Bill Heffernan. In the meantime please enjoy the news articles!


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