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Tuesday, August 28, 2001

So What
Over the last week I have had numerous emails and icq messages from people asking why I havent updated my site in a while. No answer really i have just been busy and havent ahd time to write anything down. But finally I am here writinga few thoughts down on the computer.
One of the most interesting pieces of contact I have nad is from soneone reading Life at a private School and telling me that there is too much sex, and too much crying of Josh and Tim. While I agreee that there is too much sex (and when I finally get round to finishing the story as I will one day) I will probably write out alot of the graphic sex scenes, but let's face it sex sells and that had been one of the draw cards of the story.
The issue of the charcters crying, well they are emotional and that's the way I have written them, Tim is a emotionally very fragile and so is Josh. there reaction to things is based on their situation being in the cloest, fear and apprehension.
If you want to have your say ont he story use the message board to do so, you need to be a member and have logged in, but if you have something to tell me about the story please do so.


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