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Friday, August 03, 2001

Back in Sydney Town
Finally I have arrived back in Sydney after my exhausting nearly two weeks away in sunny Northern Australia. It has been an interesting experience working in the NT of Australia, and has opened my eyes wider again about just how large and different Australia and its people and places are.
After all it's the same country byt the weather, attitude and people are so differenent from down south in Sydney. The biggest differenec of course is the weather. Whilst it is winter in Sydney wehere the temperatures are somehwere between about 8 and 18 degrees (celcius) the Darwin has been on average somewhere between 28 - 31 degrees every day and in the entire time I was away I didn't see one single cloud inthe sky. The nights cooled down but they were still int he early twenties which meant shorts and T shirts where the stanadrd dress code.
Darwin and the Northern Territory is a funny plce. the land size is huge - larger than NSW and Victoria combined but only 190,000 people in the entirte state. The NT is one of the most highly visited tourist areas in Australia with an average of about 3 million vistors a year. Many of them go to Uluru (fomerly known as Ayres Rock) just outside of Alice Springs, Kakadu and other places like that.
Darwin istelf is a place of contradictions, there is a certain buzz to the city which is not really much bigger than a country town. the tourists who are mainly young backpackers form Europe bring a feeling of excitement and a carefree attitude to the place, but the locals are still very laid back and tend to be quite staight forward with out much bullshit.
I have to return later in the year for a couple of days which will be nice if I can have a couple of days off to look around outside darwin instead of working worrking working.


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