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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Twitter wil no longer send out sms's

In a suprise announcement Twitter has announced that unless you live in the US they will no longer be sending out twitter via sms.

But the time has come for monetising the service and they can't keep on paying the price.

It won't affect sending a twitter to update twitter followers, website, blogs and facebook like I do, but it will be interesting to see whether Twitter now contracts down as people use things like shozu instead!

I like Twitter and for me personally I use the iphone app and my own api on my desktop more than I use anything else.


Monday, June 23, 2008

The Inner Geek (warning highly technical nonsense)

I have been busy as normal (is there any other way for me to be?)

But in with work and some social activities dinners and brunches and stuff, and over the weekend spending 8 hours writing and debugging 19 lines of code - it is important code mind you!

I also last week turned into the total geek and set up a centralised server and DAS (Network Attached Storage) together at home. So now I have 1.5gb of accessible storage which is very easily upgradable to more storage.

I also used the Barracuda Server software to provide a web server and secure Https VPN into the network from outside through the Internet.

It means that we can even stream our music and video over the Internet if we log in through either our own VPN on the computer or through a web browser.

Have I geeked you out yet?

No well there is more too!

The boy and I for years have kept separate music and porn folders which we are putting together.

It's really quite weird when you think about it, we dumped our cds and DVDs together donkeys years together without a problem but amalgamating all of our digital music and video etc is much more difficult.

Not because we don't want to, but because of the complexity of how it happens.

We have several computers and traditionally we have kept all of the digital files on our own usb drives, but now we will put the folders together and let iTunes do it's thing.

Problem is though, technically we want EVERYTHING accessible on a iTunes account on the main server because it's also the media server that is attached to the Plasma and the Amplifier, and then we want to maintain our own play lists and stuff on our own computers but then share these centrally as well....

Ah it's going to be an interesting time as iTunes gets it's act together and does what it does. We have about 40 gb of music together and probably another 100 - 200 gb of video and other stuff together so it's going to be a very very long analysis and consolidation!

I am also waiting for the new bluetooth keyboard and inbuilt mouse with charger to arrive so using the new server can be done from the comfort of a sofa and not on the fucking floor!
And of course I am waiting for the iPhone to be launched here as well so I can start using that too hahahahahaha.
Apart from that I think the next geeky item will be a powered USB hub so I can use it as a charger for all the usb devices we have, and like everyone we seem to have a lot!


Monday, November 05, 2007

The power of utter geekdom!

I am a geek, I keep on saying this over and over and over again. I love gadgets and I love technology in general.

Over the last several months I have become more and more hooked on Facebook, to the point that over the weekend I spent hours and hours on it, commenting , tagging and generally having fun!

But in addition to Facebook, I also Twitter pretty reguarly (it links in to facebook), I Google Map, I Blog, I Pownce, I IM, and I Skype.

I use my mobile phone extensively for reading RSS feeds in addition to surfing the web (badly) , taking pictures with my mobile phone and uploading them to Flickr, Facebook etc.

I am a total techno geek and I want more more more more!

and talking of geeks I am loving this idea in the very funny video so much I think I might go out and get one!

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