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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's finished

I can hardly believe it.

I have finally finished writing my novella Life at a Private School which I have been writing and off for the better part of ten years

I am not going to put it online tonight though I am going to wait till tomorrow as I am exhausted since I have been writing since ten o'clock this morning

So there we are

Stay tuned for the last six chapters.


At Tue Dec 29, 01:43:00 AM EST, Anonymous ultra said...

OMFG finally! Been waiting, what, seven years? heh

At Tue Dec 29, 09:00:00 AM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

well I did write two more chapters in the middle of the year and that resulted in a barrage of emails asking me to finish the story....

but yes about 7 years in between writing spurts

At Wed Dec 30, 01:51:00 AM EST, Blogger ultra said...

I'm going to have to start again at the beginning. It's been too long to remember.


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