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Thursday, December 17, 2009

He's Alive

A couple of months ago one of my contract employees went missing and has not been heard from since.

At the time I tried ringing, emailing, checking his twitter, linked in a Facebook.

For months there was no activity on anything, and after I got over my extreme annoyance I started to wonder what happened.

Some of the options I thought about:

Scheduled in a mental institution;
On the run from debt collectors;
On a huge Crack bender or similar.

I still have not had any form of communication from him , BUT he has stared twittering again, so I can only assume he is alive and did some sort of runner or had some incident.

According to my contract with him he owes me money for not reaching his target for the month, so in the next day or so he will be getting an invoice for the contract rebate.

I am pretty amazed really, if he did have some sort of accident and was out of the loop for months you would think he would contact his employers and explain to them what happened once he was OK.


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