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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A few moments of your time

Gay man accused of kidnapping children fights back

David Bell, the Salt Lake man was attacked by his neighbours for allegedly kidnapping their children, has launched a publicity campaign to "tell the other side of the story."

Mr Bell, 30, was beaten by between three and five of his neighbours at his home on 4th July.
The neighbours claim that Mr. Bell kidnapped two children aged two and four years from their house, who were later found in his bedroom.

Mr. Bell's family say that he took the children to his house when they could not sleep at their own due to a loud party, at which he had been present.

There has been no charge for the neighbours who attacked him in what Mr Bell's lawyer claims was a homophobic hate crime.

Mr Bell is due to attend a preliminary hearing tomorrow where he will be charged with burglary and kidnapping.

A protest is planned to take place before the hearing.

In the meantime, Mr Bell and his partner Dan Fair, who was also attacked, have set up a website to promote their side of the case.

Mr Fair and Mr Bell plan to hold an event on 25th August at the Tavernacle Social Club, Salt Lake City, in order to raise money for their legal and medical expenses, as well as to "share what happened on 4th July."


Be Warned the site contains very graphic images of the injuries received by this guy. Have a read of the website and make your own mind up. It certainly sounds like justice is not being served.


At Fri Aug 22, 12:14:00 AM EST, Anonymous J-man said...

not that he deserved to have the living shit beat out of him, but who did this guy think he was taking someone else's kids? it sounds pretty freakin creepy that he had these kids in his bedroom. he's clearly a much bigger threat than the people who beat him up.

At Fri Aug 22, 07:15:00 AM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

I am undecided really. The fact the guy was at the party earlier makes things even murkier really.

I think there are ALWAYS two sides and I am keen to hear more to find out what really went on ...


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