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Monday, August 18, 2008

All I can say is Good Riddance

Club loses 24-hour trading

AN OXFORD Street nightclub allegedly patronised by bikie gangs has been refused a 24-hour trading licence after evidence it had insufficient security and was dangerously overcrowded.
UN Sydney on Oxford Street, formerly known as DCM, lost an appeal at the Land and Environment Court to have a 24-hour trading approval for Friday and Saturday nights extended due to continuing non-compliance issues, including a lack of concern for patron safety and noise complaints from residents.

The nightclub announced recently it was relocating temporarily to nearby premises on Oxford Street while soundproofing and renovations took place.

Police cited overcrowding and a fire exit obstructed by garbage when they opposed the application for the trading hour extension, which ended last year.

An affidavit from Sergeant Peter Mort stated that on one occasion police counted more than 800 people above the official figure of 178 recorded by security guards. During another inspection, it was found that a security guard was unlicenced.

Commissioner Jan Murrell said the club had not "consistently demonstrated a commitment to concern for patrons" in her decision not to grant an extension of the trial first granted in July 2006.

"In particular, the non-compliance with the requirement of the rear fire emergency exit and stairs to be clear of obstructions in the event of the need for evacuation in an emergency," the judgment read.

"Potentially endangering lives cannot be tolerated."

The trial period, which allowed the club to trade for 24 hours on weekends rather than close at midnight, ended in July last year. This was a month after police put the venue on a bikie illegal activity watch list and two months after three men were shot outside the club.


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